Yi Chou: The winter bloom

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the global economy, the word ‘Resilience’ has been chucked around like so much confetti at a cancelled wedding. Just google the word and you will find at least 100 web posts vying to teach you how to be more resilient. This is not one of them. Instead, let’s talk about…

The Resilience DNA – Yi Chou (乙丑)

What exactly is resilience? In a nutshell, it’s the rubber-ball effect. It represents the ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity. Of course, it’s a good trait to have as it helps you learn and adapt to changing conditions in pursuit of your goal.

Now, imagine this with me. Winter is coming to an end. The snow still lies thick on the ground, soft, melting snow. Here and there, tiny little hardy green shrubs are poking their early leaves through the ground. As we continue wandering the last of the winter wonderland together, we stumble upon a rare sight – a low-growing shrub of bright orange pansies in full bloom, their velvety colours a burst of sunshine against the pristine white snow. It has not just survived the winter, but thrived. How hardy does this plant need to be?

This is the same spirit of resilience represented by the Yi Chou (乙丑) pillar.

Maximizing the Yi Chou Day Master

Yi Chou as the Day Master: Irrepressibly charming, the Yi Chou individual has a lively and infectious energy that helps them convince others to see things their way.

Known as one of the Six Elegant Day Masters, the Yi Chou individual is undeniably attractive, elegant and intelligent.

Their sheer enthusiasm and spontaneity may come across as domineering and demanding. But it’s difficult to stay irritated at a Yi Chou for long, no matter how pushy they seem. Completely social creatures, the Yi Chou is masterful at creating harmony with everyone in their network. These diplomatic skills come from the Yi Chou’s firm belief that they are always a part of a larger whole.

Always young-at-heart and ready for any challenge, they have tremendous self-reliance and determination at their disposal to overcome any obstruction.

Like how a plant craves sunlight, this is a pillar that will truly thrive in the limelight. To become really extraordinary, the Yi Chou must find out what truly inspires them. If the cause, goal, or as we call it now, the Big Why, is compelling enough, the Yi Chou will dig deep to find the self-discipline needed to counter their preference for the easy route and instant gratification. Frequently, until the Big Why is found, the Yi Chou may never truly understand their full potential.  

Where Is The Yi Chou?

Not a Yi Chou Day Master? Worry not, as long as you have the Yi Chou anywhere in your natal Bazi Chart, you have the resilience code baked into your DNA.

Resilience as a Personal Brand (Yi Chou in the Year Pillar): The Year Pillar governs the first impression you give to the outside world – be it your social media contacts, your first time meeting with a new client or even at a first job interview.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether you intended it or not. It’s about being intentional with respect to how you are perceived by the world at large. If you had not done anything about a personal brand, you leave others to form their own impressions of you which may or may not work to your advantage.

If the Yi Chou is in your Year Pillar, it will be easy for you to incorporate resilience into your personal brand. Do this by sharing your personal stories of not only how you were able to get around obstacles but also your key learnings from those experiences. At the same time, embody the core essence of the Yi Wood by being gracious, enchanting and charming. Make an effort to interact with people from all walks to life and be ready to provide encouragement and emotional support.

The Corporate Lattice Model (Yi Chou in the Month Pillar): The business environment is changing so rapidly these days that the old ‘corporate ladder’ model no longer works. With the need for businesses to respond to emerging situations quickly, a new framework called the Corporate Lattice Model is beginning to surface. This model, as its name suggests, promotes lateral movement instead of just upward movement. This model allows for a free flow of ideas and career mobility by providing more opportunities and possibilities to be successful. When you are no longer focused on just one direction… up!… career resilience becomes automatic. Think of how a trellis plant grows its way up a lattice frame.

If the Yi Chou is in your Month Pillar, adopting a Corporate Lattice model or mindset in your own career strategy will align you to the energies of this pillar. Even if your employer does not practice the Corporate Lattice Model (yet), you can still use this framework to guide your career decisions. Just be extra cautious that your proclivity to be overconfident does not cause you to fall for get-rich-quick-schemes.

Cultivating Mental Resilience (Yi Chou in the Hour Pillar): Yi Chou in the hour pillar endows you with the ability to become truly resilient in every way. The first step to maximizing this pillar is to get in tune with yourself, your body responses, your emotions and reaction, as well as your thoughts and thought patterns. Try to nurture some ‘distance’ from your thinking and the narratives playing in your head. This is a must-have in order to gain choice and control. Otherwise, your thoughts and feelings control you when they operate outside of your awareness.

Zero Yi Chou in the Bazi Natal Chart: What if you don’t have Yi Chou in your natal Bazi Chart? Does that mean you are doomed to be not resilient forever? Relax. There are a few more pillars that are equally as resilient as the Yi Chou. Even if you have none of the resilient pillars, these skills can still be learned through conscious effort and application.

There is, however, such a thing as being over-resilient. This is when the person becomes overly accommodating and tolerant of toxic situations. They continue to adapt even when their ultimate goal is leading them nowhere. Learn to take a step back and re-evaluate your plans and objectives. There are always some situations where it is better to call it quits and move on.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Author: Paulynne Cheng

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