The Jia Xu is like a tree growing high on a craggy mountain. This pillar carries with it tremendous tenacity.

This may not be the lushest of the Jia pillars, but the Jia Xu (甲戌) carries with it something that much more valuable, the gift of tenacity.

Maximizing The Jia Xu Day Master: Beneath the Passion, There Must Be Tenacity

Imagine with me, a tree growing high on a craggy mountain. Exposed to the elements, buffeted by the unceasing winds, lashed by torrential rain, it clings on. How much tenacity, how much will-power and determination must this tree possess to take root under such harsh conditions?

If the Jia Xu is found in your Day Pillar, like the tree, sheer determination is one of your greatest attributes. This combines perfectly with your innate independence, resulting in an assertive, strong and dynamic personality.

The world we live in today puts a lot of premium on passion. Yes, passion can help build your personal brand. But passion can only take you so far. Beneath the passion, there must be a willingness to persevere through the challenges.

Passion is the ability to get excited about something. Irrepressibility and tenacity is about the ability to stay with it. You get some success. You run into some walls. You try a formula for a new idea, a new innovation, it doesn’t work. And it’s how tenacious you are, how irrepressible, how ultimately optimistic and tenacious you are about it that will determine your success.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

This pillar also carries other gifts. Let’s go back to the example of our tree high up on the mountain. From its vantage point, the tree observes the daily march of time. Like a general directing his troops from the top of the battlements, the tree discerns changes in the environment, spots new growth and detects upcoming threats from its surroundings.

This quality gives the Jia Xu Day Master the ability to adopt rare viewpoints as well as a deep level of strategic thinking that becomes your competitive edge.

Like most everything else in life, gifts can be a double-edged sword. There is an almost invisible line between tenacity and sheer stubbornness. Jia Xu individuals have the tendency to commit fully to situations, even when there are no benefits to be gained. This is a trait that a Jia Xu Day Master must be aware of.

Where Is The Jia Xu?
Beacon of Hope (Jia Xu In The Year Pillar):

Curiously, the Jia Xu in the Year Pillar has the tendency to give the impression of someone who is quite shy, at least on the surface level. Which can be a bit of a pity because Jia Xu in the Year Pillar is a little akin to Jia Zi in the Year. There is a capacity to become a thought leader.

But in the case of the Jia Xu, people are drawn to you for your ability to offer rare insights and unique viewpoints gleaned from your broad horizons. Which is exactly the reason why you need to overcome your natural reticence and tendency to be dubious and uncertain of forging new friendships.

Against All Odds (Jia Xu In The Month Pillar):

Jia Xu by itself carries a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the intuitive ability to spot opportunities, the imagination to sell ideas and the sharp negotiation skills to clinch the deal. Add the Jia Xu’s tenacity into the mix and success inevitably follows. That’s a good thing, because if there is one thing the Jia Xu fears, it is failure.

Regardless of your day master, the best use of the Jia Xu in the month pillar is to cultivate that extraordinary drive to succeed against all odds. Here are five ways:

  1. Know your goal. Everything starts from knowing exactly what you want. Because with a goal in mind, the Jia Xu is virtually unstoppable.
  2. Be curious. Use that Jia Xu’s thirst for knowledge to constantly push yourself to learn and develop.
  3. Focus hard. The Jia Xu has the ability to balance big picture thinking with fine details. Now that you are aware, find ways to enhance that ability.
  4. Ground your work in meaning and purpose. For the Jia Xu, the stability of the Earth element on which it sits is very important. Remember our earlier analogy of the tree at the top of a craggy mountain? Without stability, the tree will likely collapse and fall. This translates to a need to keep your actions grounded and aligned to your purpose.  
  5. Reframe setbacks.
Mental Tenacity (Jia Xu In The Hour Pillar)

What have we learned about the Jia Xu so far? Determination is its biggest asset and fear of failure is what fuels that determination. Here’s a curious thing about the Jia Xu, though, for all its ruggedness, this can be a rather emotional pillar.

This is a tree that is constantly battling against the elements, which in human terms, translates into a whirlwind of emotional extremes. While Jia Xu in the Hour Pillar bestows the gift of mental tenacity, you must also be aware of the need to find emotional equilibrium.

Find courage in your own convictions. This will overcome this pillar’s sensitivity which makes it easily discouraged by even the mildest of disparaging words.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Photo by Anna O’Connolly on Unsplash

Author: Paulynne Cheng

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