The Bing Zi (丙子) is pictured as the sun riding high above a sea of clouds.

This is the pillar that started this entire quest for the gifts endowed by the 60 Jia Zi. Pillar No. 13, the Bing Zi (丙子), the joker of the pack, undoubtedly brings with it the gift of humour.

Allow me a paragraph (or two), to deviate and explain why the Bing Zi sparked off the idea of this series. In the Chinese Metaphysics classes that I have attended, the Bing Zi is often the butt of many jokes. Lecherous, clueless, nothing good is ever said about this pillar. Yes, the quest became personal because I was convinced that every single pillar brings a unique something-something to the table.

This general confusion about the Bing Zi, however, is completely understandable. Because the pillar by itself is confused! It brings together, two conflicting elements – the Bing, the most Yang, and the Gui the most Yin. However, in the Bing Zi pillar, these two elements represent dual qualities that complement each other, a little like the sunlight reflecting off the white clouds on a sunny day.

The Bing Zi carries the image of a bright sun hidden behind a bank of clouds. Once in a while, the rays peep through. The immediate connotation of this imagery is that of someone intelligent and talented who is either unaware of their true potential or is deliberately hiding these qualities behind a façade. This façade, is usually, humour.

Maximizing The Bing Zi Day Master: The Gift Of Humour

People with Bing Zi, especially for the Day Master, is often blessed with a great sense of humour and a razor-sharp wit. With awareness, you can turn this ‘silly exterior’ from a disadvantage into a competitive edge.

First, we must acknowledge that this so-called silly exterior leads to a perception of the Bing Zi as someone who is easily overlooked or dismissed. The humour becomes a cloak that makes the Bing Zi non-threatening and almost invisible. In certain situations, this can be an advantage, allowing the Bing Zi to effect change from behind the scenes.

There will come a time, however, when being perceived as non-threatening becomes an encumbrance rather than an asset. When this happens, it is up to you to learn to use that same humour to your advantage and take centre-stage.

Like everything else, humour needs to be trained. Light self-deprecating is always good, as it is unoffensive. I stress the word ‘light self-deprecating’ because overdoing this may lead to a perception of a low self-esteem. Using humour is not without its pitfalls. A lot of it has to do with comedic timing. Sometimes, humour can come off as being too sardonic, sarcastic, mean or just plain bizarre. But don’t let past misjudgements inhibit you from trying better the next time! What we’re looking for here, is a well-timed and good natured humour.

You see, hidden beneath the Gui, the Bing is still a Bing – consistent, persistent, optimistic, vibrant and super-confident.

People have often asked me, why would the Bing Zi bother to hide? Here’s what I want you to know. The Bing Zi naturally shuns competition and confrontation. This unrooted Bing craves security above all else. When unencumbered by the nitty-gritty politicking of other people, the Bing Zi can literally fly high and soar above the clouds.

In other words, it’s not that the Bing Zi is unequipped to deal with competition and confrontation. Rather, the Bing Zi would prefer to not get bogged down or derailed by the clamouring of others. Among the 60 pillars, the Bing Zi has the in-born ability to ignore unwanted details. The phrase ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ was probably coined by a Bing Zi, for whom almost everything is categorized under the term ‘small stuff’.

Therefore, the best way for the Bing Zi to turn their goals into reality is to use their ability for big picture thinking by being future-forward and constantly challenging themselves to greater heights.

Seated solely on its Direct Officer, this pillar could manifest in two possible ways. Either the Bing Zi becomes obsessed with rules and order, or becomes someone who creates their own rules and courageously charts their own path.

Where Is The Bing Zi?
Likeable You (Bing Zi In The Year Pillar):

Seated on Zi, a Peach Blossom star, this is an immensely likeable pillar. Having the Bing Zi in the Year Pillar gives you a warm and cheerful exterior. Again, the great sense of humour is an advantage here. People find you to be an enjoyable companion. They are often drawn to you because of your unique way of encouraging the best in people around you.

There is a need, however, to be aware of the changeability of this pillar. Bing one minute, full of laughter and joie-de-vivre; Gui the next, over-serious and moody. While this may not present a problem to you, sometimes it can make it hard for others to connect with you as they are often unsure who they will meet – the Bing or the Gui.

Success Behind The Scenes (Bing Zi In The Month Pillar):

The Bing Zi has a strong inclination to work in the background. At the same time, the Bing Zi pillar also exhibits a willingness to help everyone around them find success in life.

These two traits, coupled by the Bing Zi’s innate creativity and boundless energy, makes the Bing Zi ideally suited for businesses or professions where you help other people excel and shine. This means that the Bing Zi can excel at roles like being a movie producer, screen writer, talent agent, or yes, at the risk of sounding like I am self-promoting, even a Bazi coach. This is a scenario where the Gui sets the stage for the talent, and the Bing becomes the spotlight.

An Idealistic Mindset (Bing Zi In The Hour Pillar)

Bing Zi in the Hour Pillar brings the gift of an idealistic and generous mindset, one that is constantly working to rise above the standard. Here, again, the Bing Zi’s craving for a safety net and stability is paramount.

This translates to someone who is driven to build a strong foundation for their ideal life. In this case, the topic of investments come into the picture. With the Bing in the Hour Pillar, it is advisable for you to learn as much about investment as possible. Knowledge will bring competence and prevent a headlong dive into the wrong investment channels.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Author: Paulynne Cheng

A Business and Career Consultant-Coach who melds Chinese Metaphysics techniques with modern day Coaching to help you become the best that you can be. A lifelong reader who cannot imagine life without books; a 25-year Communications professional with an expertise in sports communications, sports marketing and broadcasting.

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