The iron shield represents the raw power of the Geng Chen 庚辰·pillar

In the study of the 60 pillars, there are four super powerful pillars known as Fui Kong/Hui Gang 魁罡. The raw power of the Geng Chen (庚辰) numbers as one of them.

First, a paragraph on the concept of Fui Kong. Sometimes translated as ‘Bright Star’, these four pillars are viewed the General Pillars. These pillars are infused with nobility. They represent toughness, hardiness, and a huge capacity.

Of all the Geng pillars, the Geng Chen is the only one that emits Noble Qi. Think of the durability and toughness of an iron shield. This is someone who values action over words, an extremely driven survivor.

Maximizing The Geng Chen (庚辰) Day Master: The Gift of Raw Power

The raw power of the Geng Chen is such that this is a daring and original thinker who believes in achieving success on their own terms. Like the iron shield it represents, the Geng Chen becomes dull when it is not challenged. Under pressure, it shines.

Like all Geng Day Masters, the Geng Chen is never shy about boldly pursuing their goals. There is a firm determination to do things their own way, the uncompromising and tenacious Geng Chen will never shy away from uphill battles.

This is a very gutsy pillar. The Geng Chen can be very vocal with the courage to go against the norm and change the rules.

But… as per the Peter Parker principle, ‘with great power comes greater responsibility.’ The sheer capacity of the Fui Kong Geng Chen is such that there will always be challenges in life. Welcome those challenges as a way to polish the iron and reveal its true form.

Where Is The Geng Chen (庚辰)?
Power and Influence (Geng Chen In The Year Pillar):

Geng Chen in the Year Pillar is drawn to power and influence, the desire to rise to the top of your social circle. Your external circle gravitates towards your loyalty and how protective you are of those around you.

The General At Work (Geng Chen In The Month Pillar):

Geng Chen in the Month Pillar is literally akin to having a General at work. There’s no taking the back seat for this General. You lead from the front, and you prefer to take control.

The Geng Chen gives you the durability and toughness to innovate in overcoming obstacles.

On the plus side, this is a leadership pillar that is progressive and insightful. I would, however, caution against taking up any role that is too restrictive. Should that happen, the negative aspects of the pillar may manifest – the domineering and argumentative side of the Geng Chen.

Iron Willpower (Geng Chen In The Hour Pillar)

The Geng Chen has the tendency to believe that money in itself, is power. Here, there is a danger of applying that iron will in the pursuit of material things, to the exclusion of everything else.

Yet, for all its rough edges, the protective instincts of this pillar will bring out the altruistic aspects of the Geng Chen. This same drive and willpower is such that you will find great success in championing humanitarian causes.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

Want to find out if you have the Geng Chen pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/. Photo by N I F T Y A R T ✍🏻 on Unsplash

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