2023 August Feng Shui

A Feng Shui monthly strategy chart can be used in two ways. This is even more nuanced than a Bazi strategy as Bazi tends to be Day Master specific. In Feng Shui, we can either apply the following directly to your Life Gua (a more straightforward way of predictive analysis), or we could apply this sectors to the person who spends the most time in that particular sector. This one’s for August 2023, based on the Month Replace Month Hexagram Chart.  

In this month’s series, I’ve endeavoured to layer the information with the personal 8 mansions to create an even clearer picture of what’s happening.  


Li on top, Zhen at the bottom, the two hexagrams combined looks like a mouth with something stuck in the middle. It verily looks like teeth! Hence the name, Biting! While not a very pleasant hexagram, it’s a reminder to Bite The Bullet. That sometimes, it’s necessary to confront a thorny issue and cut through it.  

With the Biting hexagram, decisive action is called for. It’s confrontation in nature. How it affects us personally would depend on our personal Life Gua  

Liu Sha Sector (Life Gua 1)

Unpleasant as the Biting hexagram can be, for the Life Gua 1 individual, the appearance of this hexagram in your personal Liu Sha sector brings an opportunity to improve your personal branding by championing a social cause that aligns with your values and goals.  

By actively supporting and advocating for a cause, you can position yourself as an authentic and socially responsible leader in your respective field. Engaging with a social cause demonstrates a genuine commitment to making a positive impact beyond personal success, fostering trust and respect from both peers and stakeholders.  

By actively sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources related to the cause, you too can build a strong personal brand that is synonymous with purpose and social consciousness. Through consistent and meaningful involvement, personal branding can be elevated to a higher level, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond individual achievements and resonates with a larger community, ultimately attracting like-minded individuals and opportunities that further enhance one’s personal and professional growth.  

Yan Nian Sector (Life Gua 2 and Life Gua 5)  

As explained, the biting hexagram consists of the Li Gua at the top, and the Zhen Gua at the bottom. Both are aggressive and assertive guas that bring about swift action. With the arrival of this hexagram in your Yan Nian sector, you may be called upon to act swiftly in the face of political intriguing and inter-personal tensions that may be blighting your immediate environment.  

In such a situation, going by the book and allowing yourself to be guided by the principles of fairness and equality would be a better approach to calm the troubled waters. Using fairness and equality as guiding principles to address political situations and workplace tension can foster a more inclusive and harmonious environment.  

In political contexts, treating all individuals and groups with fairness and equality ensures that everyone’s perspectives and interests are acknowledged and considered. By promoting open dialogue and actively seeking diverse opinions, conflicts can be resolved through respectful and equitable means, encouraging collaboration and compromise.  

Similarly, in the workplace, embracing fairness and equality helps to alleviate tension and create a sense of belonging. Treating colleagues and employees with equal respect and providing fair opportunities for growth and development cultivates a positive work culture where individuals feel valued and empowered.  

Emphasizing fairness and equality in political and workplace contexts not only promotes social justice, but also enhances cooperation, productivity, and overall well-being, leading to more cohesive and successful communities and organizations. Beyond that, this can also cement your reputation as an effective leader. After all, the Northwest which is the home of the Qian gua, is the sector of leadership.  

Wu Gui Sector (Life Gua 3)  

The Biting hexagram in a Life Gua 3’s personal Wu Gui sector brings a window of opportunity to confront and defeat one’s inner demons. In doing so, we reclaim our personal power and inner peace.  

These inner demons manifest as negative patterns, self-destructive behaviors, or unresolved emotional wounds that weigh heavily on our psyche. By mustering the strength to face them head-on, we gain the opportunity to unravel their grip on our lives.  

It will require deep introspection, self-compassion, and a willingness to explore the depths of our emotions. Confronting our inner demons demands honesty, as we acknowledge and take responsibility for our past choices and actions. Through therapy, self-reflection, or other healing modalities, we can gradually unearth the root causes of these inner demons, understanding the wounds or traumas that gave rise to them.  

By doing so, we can develop strategies and coping mechanisms to heal and transform these aspects of ourselves. This process of confronting our inner demons is not easy, but it allows us to reclaim our authentic selves, liberating us from self-sabotage and unhealthy patterns. It paves the way for personal growth, self-acceptance, and the cultivation of a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  

Huo Hai Sector (Life Gua 4)  

From inner demons to inner fears, the arrival of the Biting hexagram in the Huo Hai sector of a Life Gua 4 individual may bring about an opportunity to confront (and more importantly, defeat) your inner fears.  

This can be a transformative and courageous journey that opens the door to personal growth and fulfillment. The Biting hexagram requires us to step out of our comfort zones and face the uncomfortable emotions and limiting beliefs that hold us back.  

By acknowledging and embracing our fears, we gain the opportunity to understand their origins and root causes. Through introspection and self-reflection, we can challenge and reframe these fears, replacing them with empowering beliefs and actions.  

Confronting our inner fears allows us to expand our boundaries, discover our true potential, and overcome obstacles that may have hindered our progress. It fosters resilience, builds self-confidence, and cultivates a sense of empowerment as we realize that we have the capacity to overcome even the most daunting challenges.  

By embracing the journey of confronting our inner fears, we embark on a transformative path that leads to personal liberation and a greater sense of authenticity and fulfillment in all aspects of life.  

Fu Wei Sector (Life Gua 6)  

Life Gua 6 individuals are not exactly the most flexible creatures in the universe. Guided by a strong moral compass about right and wrong, about fairness and equality, about social laws and order, flexibility can be a bit of a challenge for you.  

The Life Gua 6 person tends to be a bit of a lone wolf. You prefer to take independent action as opposed to waiting for others. By now, you would have already established a reputation as a swift action taker. Now it’s time to tread that fine line between being flexible and staying true to your principles.  

This will require the ability to navigate changing circumstances and evolving perspectives without compromising the core values that define who we are. With the Biting hexagram, things can change very quickly. Blink, and you may miss it! New developments might just sweep you up, surprising you with its abruptness.  

In this situation, flexibility will allow you to embrace new ideas, listen to diverse viewpoints, and adjust your approach when necessary.  

However, it is equally important to hold steadfast to your principles, as they provide you with a moral compass and a sense of integrity. By maintaining a clear understanding of your values, you can make informed decisions and take actions that align with your authentic self.  

This balance requires introspection and self-awareness, as you continuously evaluate your principles in light of new information and experiences.  

Sheng Qi Sector (Life Gua 7)  

Taking decisive action and implementing corrective measures is vital for addressing challenges and fostering improvement. As events unfold at a breakneck speed with the Biting hexagram, it is essential to act promptly and decisively to mitigate the impact and find solutions.  

By identifying the root causes of the issue, we can develop effective strategies to address them. This may involve implementing changes in processes, systems, or behaviors to prevent future occurrences.  

Taking corrective measures requires a willingness to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions. It may also involve seeking input from relevant stakeholders, learning from past mistakes, and adapting our approach accordingly. Swift and decisive action not only demonstrates leadership and initiative (a very Qian gua area of expertise), but also instills confidence and trust in those affected by the issue. By proactively addressing challenges and implementing corrective measures, we create an environment that encourages continuous improvement, fosters resilience, and paves the way for long-term success.

Tian Yi Sector (Life Gua 8 and Life Gua 5)  

Having the courage to say what needs to be said is a testament to personal authenticity and a catalyst for growth and change. It requires the willingness to step out of our comfort zones and express our thoughts, opinions, and concerns openly and honestly.  

By speaking up, we give voice to important perspectives and contribute to constructive dialogue. This courage is particularly crucial when addressing difficult or sensitive topics that others may avoid. By having the bravery to communicate the truth with tact and empathy, we can foster understanding, build stronger relationships, and promote positive transformation.  

However, it is important to consider the context and timing of our words, ensuring they are delivered with respect and genuine intentions. By embracing the courage to speak up, we empower ourselves and others to face challenges, resolve conflicts, and create meaningful change. Our voices can be catalysts for progress, enabling us to shape a more authentic and inclusive world.  

Jue Ming Sector (Life Gua 9)  

When faced with adversity, the normal human reaction is to either give up and run away, or to face down the difficulties with courage.  

Courage in the face of adversity is a remarkable quality that enables individuals to rise above challenges and embrace resilience. When confronted with difficult circumstances, it takes inner strength and bravery to confront adversity head-on.  

Courage allows us to confront our fears, push past our limits, and navigate through uncertainty. It involves acknowledging the obstacles before us and summoning the determination to persevere. By embracing courage, we cultivate a mindset that sees adversity as an opportunity for growth and transformation. It empowers us to take calculated risks, make difficult decisions, and remain steadfast in the pursuit of our goals.  

Courageous individuals inspire others by their unwavering spirit, showing that challenges can be overcome and setbacks can be turned into stepping stones towards success. They become beacons of hope, encouraging others to find their own reservoirs of courage in the face of adversity.  


Simply, stand in the middle of your house. Face the door. Use the compass app in your mobile device and turn to look for the relevant sector that you intend to use. Once identified, just do the activity related to the objective.  


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