Give your child the gift of knowing themselves today.

We all want our children to live their best lives. The Hidden Sun’s Gift of Love is a downloadable pdf e-book, custom-written to tell the unique story of your child.

In it, you will find:
* The many facets of your child’s personality
* Words of encouragement to hold on to in the process of growing up
* Descriptions of their strengths, potential and capacity

How will your child benefit from this?
Imagine growing up knowing exactly who you are and your true potential. Imagine learning to be mindful at an early age. Imagine knowing, at an early age, that you have the resource and creativity to handle any obstacle. That level of self-confidence is how your child will benefit from this gift of love.

I’ve often heard parents say that they wish their children came with a user manual guide. Well, here you go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many pages will there be in the e-book?
Because each story is unique, I cannot commit to an exact number. In general, expect to receive between 7 to 10 pages per e-book.

How age-appropriate is this e-book?
The language is written for pre-teens and teens. However, you can still order the Gift of Love for younger children and keep it as a gift to be presented to them as they get older and are able to understand the contents of the book.

Can I download this e-book immediately?
No. Every single e-book is custom-written for your child. Therefore, please expect to receive the e-book within 7 working days of your order.

Do I need to pay upfront?
No. You pay only when the e-book has been completed. Here’s how it will work:

Step 1: Fill in the order form at the bottom of this page

Step 2: You will receive an email from me confirming the receipt of your order and enquiring if you would like to reply with a photo of your child to be included in the e-book.

Step 3: Once the e-book is ready, I will email you with a sample completed page as proof, along with a payment link. The full e-book will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

Special Package (E-Book Only)

Here’s what you will get when you order a Gift of Love for your child:

* A one-of-a-kind e-book, as unique as your child
* A single-page parent’s guide
* A one-hour online consult to discuss the findings

Order A Gift of Love For Your Child Today!

Your child’s date of birth. Time of birth is optional but will result in more accuracy. Please indicate if time of birth is AM or PM.

About The Hidden Sun

A professional storyteller by trade, I have spent decades working in the Asian motorsports industry.

My journey into Chinese Metaphysics began four years ago when I finally decided to explore this topic that had been a lifelong fascination. Since then, I have used my skills to help my peers create successful second careers.

The idea of the Gift of Love sparked when my clients asked me to help them get to know their children better.

This was when I thought how nice it would be for a child growing up to know exactly who they are. To have the audacity of hope before it is tempered by the veracity of the stakes. To learn their true potential before idealism caves in under cynicism. To understand their real capacity before creativity is shackled by pragmatism.

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