Remember the Ren Chen pillar (壬辰) pillar with its poetic name ‘Ren Saddling The Dragon’s Back’? Well, it’s time to meet the ‘Ren Saddling The Tiger’s Back’ – the Ren Yin (壬寅). Typically gregarious and visibly intelligent, there is always a layer of mystery lurking beneath the surface that makes the Ren Yin Day Master a very intriguing person to know.


Think of a river, winding its way through a dense and dark jungle. Something like… the Amazon river, and you would be on the right track. Think of how this river flows in a strong yet controlled manner, but always heading in one direction. Come hell or high water, this river is intent upon reaching the sea! This river will flow over any obstacles, rush headlong down any heights, break down any barriers, as long as it meets its objective. That’s how strong the Ren Yin can be.


In Bazi, we like it when the Qi produces each other in a single pillar. We can see this phenomenon clearly in the Ren Yin where the Ren Day Stem produces the Jia Wood Eating God in the Branch which then fuels the Bing Fire Indirect Wealth that eventually creates the Wu Earth 7 Killings. In classical Bazi, this is an indicator of potential wealth and prosperity.

  1. Ren Water Day Master. Ren Day Masters typically come equipped with naturally good instinct for people (whether you acknowledge it or not). The Ren Yin pillar calls up an image of the Ren Water being ‘controlled’. Unlike the splashier Ren pillars, yours is one where the Water element is more ‘orderly’. Externally, this presents as someone who is even-tempered. But the depths of this river cannot be underestimated. You are highly sensitive to changes in your environment, like the river negotiating the rapids to reach the sea, you have a subtle way of manipulating situations to your advantage.
  2. You, the Ren Day Master, sits on a Jia Wood Eating God. What gifts does it bring? Creativity, for one. The Ren Yin Day Master tends to be very well-informed. There is a thirst for knowledge in this pillar as well. This is also where you place a high premium on your relationships. Work-life balance is a must for you! It’s probably one of your non-negotiables.
  3. But before I have you thinking of the Ren Yin as a self-flagellating, self-punishing weirdo… luckily, we have the very useful and optimistic Bing Fire Indirect Wealth to bring some warmth and happiness. The nature of the Bing Fire is routine-driven. It has persistency. Here in the Ren Yin, it represents the ability to bounce back from setbacks, just like how the sun always rises after it sets.
  4. Finally, the Wu Earth 7 Killings star brings stability, pragmatism and objectivity to the Ren Yin Day Master. This is a solid base which endows the Ren Yin with its risk-assessment capacities and its ability to confront and embrace new challenges and adventures.  

If the Ren Yin sounds amazing so far, that’s because it truly is! Now, if only I can convince the Ren Yin to accept that fact.


The Ren Water is the star of connectivity. It represents your ability to connect with people of all types and stripes. Additionally, Ren Water represents wisdom.

Along with the progressive leanings of the Jia Wood, the optimistic rays of the Bing Fire as well as the ability to generate trust from the Wu Earth, this pillar literally projects an outward persona of intelligence and charisma.

Your friends and social circle will know you as someone who is resourceful, knowledgeable and objective – the best counsel for those in need of advice.


If there is one weakness in this pillar, it is this tendency towards feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism. Let me explain why.

For your Jia Wood Eating God to be useful, it needs to be chopped by Metal which represents Resource for the Ren Day Master. This Metal, is the missing link to support the Ren Day Master as it continuously produces the Eating God, Indirect Wealth and 7 Killings in the Branch. This ‘missing’ Metal is also the reason why you can be such a tough task master towards yourself. At times, you may find it difficult to feel contentment in your achievements. You always want to do better. As such, it is normal to have a Ren Yin continuously striving towards self-improvement.

Just because it’s missing from the Day Pillar doesn’t mean that Metal is completely absent in your chart. Even if there is zero Metal, luckily, you don’t need to actually have Metal in your Bazi Chart to develop a love for life-long learning. Being aware of this need, and subsequently, ensuring that learning becomes a part of your day’s routine, is good enough. Pick up a new skill every year! Hone your observational skill!. Just 1% improvement every day, and by the end of a year’s worth of intentional learning, you would have made progress.

So give yourself a break, Ren Yin. There’s no need to be so hard on yourself. You’re further along than you think.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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