Driven by our survival instincts, most people are resistant to change. That is what’s so unique about the Ji You (己酉) or the Earth Rooster. This pillar has the capacity to not only accept change, but also to readily initiate it. This single trait alone sets your apart from the rest of the 59 pillars and puts you in a unique position for success.


Come with me to the desert, to a land of vast and shifting sand dunes. Miles upon miles of fine, golden sand lie before us. Sand, so fine that it trickles through your fingers and feels velvety smooth beneath your feet. But before we dismiss this sand as worthless, let’s dig a little deeper. For beneath this barren and brutal landscape, lies precious minerals waiting to be uncovered – just like the Ji You (己酉) pillar.

The Ji Earth, by its nature, is resourceful. In the case of the Ji You, this dry earth has the capacity and intelligence to absorb an enormous amount of information. At this point, allow me to digress just a little. I’m sure this is not the first Ji You web article that you have read. Every single one of them will surely remark upon your intelligence. But where does this intelligence come from?

Explained easily, this is because, this Ji Earth (己) Day Master is sitting on your own Growth and Intelligence star. Of the 60 Jia Zi, only six pillars sit on their own Intelligence Star. These six are the Bing Shen (丙申), Ding You (丁酉), Wu Shen (戊申), Ji You (己酉), Ren Yin (壬寅), and the Gui Mao (癸卯).

So you, the Ji You Day Master, is one of that fortunate six. From there, we deduce that this Ji You Day Master is likely to display an enormous amount of intellectual curiosity. Thanks to your endless curiosity on a wide range of subjects, very often, the Ji You Day Master can seem to be ahead of your times.  


It’s always an easy write when a Day Master sits on a Cardinal Branch. There is only one hidden stem to focus on. Sometimes, less is really more.

  1. Acute Intelligence. This Ji You sits on its own thriving Eating God star. This Xin Metal (辛) Eating God is almost hitting its zenith. This Xin Metal Eating God star is the seat of your sharp intelligence and acute observational skills. Imaginative and detail-oriented, this particular Eating God star can make you a pioneer in your field purely from its audacity to dream big and ability to constantly innovate.
  2. Always In Motion. Like the constantly shifting sand dunes, changing shape from one hour to the next, this Ji You pillar craves freedom. Being confined can literally feel like hell and when stagnant or stuck, a Ji You becomes unproductive. This pillar needs constant mental and physical stimulation, the more you move, the happier you are.
  3. Independent. Ji You Day Masters have a propensity towards working slowly but independently to achieve success on your own. That’s a natural outcome of this pillar. For one, you are usually ahead of your time, so nobody else can keep up. Secondly, any Day Master as resourceful as the Ji Earth will tend to find the support of others to be rather negligible.
  4. Appetite For Change. In the introduction of this post, I touched briefly on the Ji You’s appetite for change. I’m sure you are curious where that comes from. It’s rather technical but let me explain it as succinctly as I can. This You Branch has a silent-pull relationship with the Chen (辰) or Dragon Branch that carries the energies of your Wu Earth (戊) Rob Wealth. This You-Chen silent pull is the reason why you enjoy the adrenaline rush of risk-taking. What is scary to others, is thrilling for you! This is where your adventurous bend comes from, and it is also the reason why the Ji You does not sit around waiting for change to happen. Instead, the Ji You has the courage and ambition to effect big changes.


To others, the Ji You can present externally as someone who is highly confident but of a serious and rather forbidding personality. Like how water is filtered through sand, you too will filter the people in your life. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, the Ji You is rarely one who will waste time with empty conversations.


Most of the weaknesses of the Ji You pillar will be more apparent during your formative and childhood years. You see, this Ji Earth can be delicate at the beginning of life. It takes time for this earth to solidify. This translates to insecurity and self-doubt. If unchecked, these insecurities may even lead to a proclivity for over-indulgence and escapism. In essence, the question to ask yourself is this: are you effecting change to improve your life, or are you creating change to run away from existing problems?


There are two particular elements that will bring a lot of stability and allow the Ji You pillar to shine bright. Since they are not found within the Day Master, you will need to consciously activate them.

  1. Use the Bing Fire () Direct Resource star. This Bing Fire will help to continuously produce the Ji Earth Day Master. Additionally, this Direct Resource star can also activate your inner compass that lets you know intuitively when you are on the right track. This star can be activated easily by ensuring that you benefit from quality education. Conversely, you can also use this star when you seek to grow spiritually and put focus on your self-development.
  2. Let your intelligence shine through, use the Jia Wood () Direct Officer star. The biggest drawback of the Ji You pillar is that this Earth is covering up the Intelligence star. To let your light shine through, we will need to employ the Jia Wood Direct Officer star. So now you’re wondering, how on earth should you activate this star? Easy! Either find a mentor or two, or learn the skills of the Direct Officer which are diplomacy and discipline.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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