In this series, we’ve covered the fluidity of Water, the fastest of the 5 Elements; the diversity of Wood; and the passion of Fire. What’s missing? We need some stability. Enter: Earth, the Star of Stability.

Bazi Basics – Series Overview

The art and science of Bazi is fascinating and multi-layered. Most people are fixated with the familiar Bazi relationships – the 6 Combo, 3 Harmony, 6 Clashes, Punishments, Harm and Destruction. However, the study or use of Bazi is predicated upon deep understanding of 4 main components – the 5 Elements, the 10 Heavenly Stems, the 5 Structures, and the 10 Gods.

Each has a role to play in the overall makeup of your chart. In this new Bazi Basics series, we will deep dive into the myriad parts that make up each component. We will begin, of course, with the most basic of the basics – the 5 Elements.

Earth | The Star of Stability

Think of a mountain. Its base is always firm and strong. Even silt from the river will settle down on the banks where it can be productive. Therefore, Earth prioritizes stability. Always! Earth is slow and steady. Therefore, Earth governs:

  • Stability
  • Security
  • Slow and Steady
  • Trustworthiness
  • Durability
  • Dedication
  • Productiveness
  • Self-Cultivation
  • Abundance

If Earth is the dominant force in your Chart, your decision-making process will typically centre around creating stability and security in your life. A reputation of being trustworthy and independent is important to you. More, you expect the same from people around you as well.

Earth | Too Much; Too Little

But what happens when there is too much Earth and the element turns negative? Stability and security taken too far, turns into rigidity. Your demand for trustworthiness in those around you become suspicions. Instead of an abundance mindset, suddenly, there is scarcity and along with it, comes feelings of unworthiness.

On the flip side, lack of Earth in the Chart simply means that the idea of stability, security and trust rarely comes to mind when a decision is required from you. Less rooted to one way of living, you are more open to going with the flow. In today’s world, that could be the enviable lifestyle of a digital nomad. In the olden days, this describes the life of a vagabond.

A Chart that is completely devoid of Earth is quite rare. Statistically possible, of course. It means that your Chart must comprise of the Rat (子), Rabbit (卯), Rooster (酉), or Pig (亥).

Earth | How To Use

How then, can you use this element that revolves around the concept of security and stability? How do you ‘activate’ Earth in your life? Let’s examine the role that Earth plays in your Chart.

Earth As The Companion Element

Let’s go back to the example of visualizing Earth as a mountain. The mountain does not rush about helter-skelter looking for action. We’d all be in big trouble if a mountain does that. Instead, the mountain, seeking stability and security, sits… and waits for the action to come to it.

Convert this into human terms, with Earth as your Companion Element, you are almost like a sage sitting on top of a figurative mountain. People come to you for advice and assistance. Therefore, your reputation, especially your reputation of being trustworthy subject-matter expert, plays a big role in this area.

Now, I’m not just talking about career development or business. In terms of personal growth, your reputation is a big part of your self-confidence. As far as friendship and relationships are concerned, friends come to you because you are ever reliable.

Earth As The Output Element

The Output Element can sometimes be quite far-fetched and impractical. Not so when your Output Element is Earth. Slow Earth as the Output Element for impatient Fire is great for long-term planning and strategic executions. To use this, make sure that your ideas are well thought-out and based on solid existing principles. The goal is to create ideas or value that are immediately practical and directly usable.

Earth As The Wealth Element

When Earth is your Wealth Element, slow and steady is the name of your game. You have a preference for long-play, where you build up your business, career or your personal development in a step-by-step manner.

Earth As The Influence Element

The Influence Element is what controls our Day Element. Think of this as your thought process. With steady Earth as your Influence Element, you are typically very principled and uncompromising where those principles are concerned. In other words, your moral high horse can be pretty high!

Meeting someone with firm and non-negotiable principles is quite a rare delight these days. Don’t you agree?

I personally know someone like this. He is a renowned motorsports journalist, known for his strict principles about what he writes. In a PR-driven world where articles and social media postings are available ‘for sale’, he is the only one I know who routinely refuses to accept money for ‘paid’ articles. Instead, he banks on people’s trust for his personal reputation as an expert in the industry to sell articles to magazines and his many books. This guy, is a gem of a friend!

Earth As The Resource Element

The self-cultivation and resourceful nature of Earth plays a big role when this element is your Resource Element. Because of the Earth Element’s propensity to keep, you will tend to be quite a multi-faceted person with knowledge in a wide field of subjects.

To use Earth as your Resource Element, you only need to take one step further – instead of just keeping your knowledge, start using that knowledge!

Earth Industries | The Classical Interpretation

A discourse on the 5 Elements would be incomplete without a nod towards the classical interpretation of the 5 Elements in terms of industry. Therefore, please find here, a non-exhaustive list of industries related to Earth:

  • Property
  • Real Estate
  • Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Insurance
  • Building Materials
  • Antiques

In a nutshell: any industry that promotes ‘stability and security’.


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