Of the 5 Elements, Fire is the only one that can transform the nature of the other Elements. Think about it. Fire can evaporate Water, incinerate Wood, scorch Earth, and melt Metal. That is why, Fire is known as the Star of Change.

Bazi Basics – Series Overview

The art and science of Bazi is fascinating and multi-layered. Most people are fixated with the familiar Bazi relationships – the 6 Combo, 3 Harmony, 6 Clashes, Punishments, Harm and Destruction. However, the study or use of Bazi is predicated upon deep understanding of 4 main components – the 5 Elements, the 10 Heavenly Stems, the 5 Structures, and the 10 Gods.

Each has a role to play in the overall makeup of your chart. In this new Bazi Basics series, we will deep dive into the myriad parts that make up each component. We will begin, of course, with the most basic of the basics – the 5 Elements.

Fire | The Star of Change

The nature of Fire is to spread. It is impatient. Fire brings light and hope to the darkness. Therefore, the following keywords are often attributed to the Fire Element:

  • Impatience
  • Spreading
  • Passion
  • Liberal/Identity
  • Generosity
  • Innovation
  • Joy
  • Inspiration
  • Transformation
  • Egoism
  • Beauty

If Fire is the dominant force in your Chart, you are driven by your passions. You take pride in your ability to change and break old patterns. Beauty, elegance, dignity and plain old happiness are important to you.

In terms of the liberal nature of Fire (which is often linked with open-minded thinking), this interpretation can be challenged. In essence, this liberal nature of Fire is more deeply connected to a sense of identity. Hence, it is common to see people with strong Fire in their chart who are either super-liberal or super-conservative.

Fire | Too Much; Too Little

A Chart with too much Fire typically reflects an individual who is literally driven by their ego. Driven by a need for admiration so strong, that he or she may resort to scorch-earth tactics to get what they want. When a Chart has too much Fire, it is common to find a person willing to burn the candle at both ends because their ego has driven them to take on more responsibilities than is possible within a span of 24 hours. And of course, with Fire too strong, there is always the risk of being hot-tempered.

Conversely, the absence of Fire in a Bazi Chart is easy to spot. People whose Bazi Charts are lacking in Fire tend to be gloomy and pessimistic. The absence of Fire translates into a psychological resistance to change.

Fire | How To Use

How then, can you use this element that revolves around the concept of passion and change? How do you ‘activate’ Fire in your life? Let’s examine the role that Fire plays in your Chart.

Fire As The Companion Element

With Fire as your Companion Element, the two main key words that come into play are: 1) Identity and, 2) Inspiration.

In my previous two posts, people with the Water Companion element flow into different social circles with ridiculous ease. Those with the Wood Companion element were encouraged to become a bridge between communities.

For you, with Fire as your Companion Element, your Fire needs to shine so bright that you draw people to you. Using Fire as the Companion Element, requires you to be inspirational, so inspirational that your message spreads far enough to attract those who identify with you.

Fire As The Output Element

If Fire is your Output Element (which means you are a Wood Day Master), this is where the Transformative nature of Fire is most apparent. Wood transforming into Fire is equated with brilliance! Simply put, your creativity and the value you create, must be transformative in nature.

This sounds pretty vague, I know. As an example – think of someone who works in the Digital Transformation Industry. The value you create, helps transform how others run their businesses and helps businesses keep up with trends.

With Fire as your Output Element, it is almost your job to lead innovations.

Fire As The Wealth Element

Strong Fire as the Wealth Element easily translates into an impatient and energized personality. Typically, someone with little patience for the slow accumulation of Wealth. As such, to activate your Fire Wealth Element, train yourself in the skills of big-picture thinking. Learn to spot (and take action on), opportunities.

Fire As The Influence Element

Activating Fire as your Influence Element requires the use of self-discipline. Again, we’re back to the concept of ‘Identity’, but in this case, it translates into a willingness to employ self-discipline to forge yourself into the best that you can be. In other words, ‘no pain; no gain’.

An easy way to activate Fire as your Influence Element? Head on over to the gym and start sculpting your body.

Fire As The Resource Element

When Fire is your Resource Element, the open-minded and forward-looking nature of Fire is of prime importance. Activating Fire as your Resource is pretty straight-forward. Be willing to open yourself to new values and perspectives. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, move out of that social media algorithm-induced silo, and explore new directions. It will be fun, it will be fascinating… and more, the more you consume new information and integrate them into your life, the bigger a boost to your self-confidence.

Fire Industries | The Classical Interpretation

A discourse on the 5 Elements would be incomplete without a nod towards the classical interpretation of the 5 Elements in terms of industry. Therefore, please find here, a non-exhaustive list of industries related to Fire:

  • Oil and Gas
  • F&B
  • Airlines
  • Futuristic Tech
  • Metaphysics/Spirituality
  • IT
  • Firearms
  • Promotions
  • Services

In a nutshell: any industry that promotes ‘transformation’.


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