Finally, we come to the ‘doer’ of the Universe – Metal, the Star of Decisions and Responsibilities. Tough and practical, yet curiously romantic, healthy Metal in the chart conveys the abilities to be decisive. No waffling about for this one!

Bazi Basics – Series Overview

The art and science of Bazi is fascinating and multi-layered. Most people are fixated with the familiar Bazi relationships – the 6 Combo, 3 Harmony, 6 Clashes, Punishments, Harm and Destruction. However, the study or use of Bazi is predicated upon deep understanding of 4 main components – the 5 Elements, the 10 Heavenly Stems, the 5 Structures, and the 10 Gods.

Each has a role to play in the overall makeup of your chart. In this new Bazi Basics series, we will deep dive into the myriad parts that make up each component. We will begin, of course, with the most basic of the basics – the 5 Elements.

Metal | The Star of Decisions

Think of an axe or a pair of scissors. Either way, these tools are created to ‘do’ something. An axe left lying around will rust. Unused scissors will probably go the same way. Tough and practical, Metal literally governs:

  • Action-taking
  • Decisiveness
  • Righteousness
  • Pride
  • Execution Abilities
  • Relationships
  • Connections
  • Contributions
  • Responsibilities
  • Practicality
  • Toughness

If Metal is the dominant force in your Chart, you pride yourself on being a go-getter, an action taker. Sitting around and waiting for things to happen to you is like kryptonite to Superman. Control matters a lot to you, along with your sense of personal responsibility.

Metal | Too Much; Too Little

But what happens when there is too much Metal and the element becomes unhealthy? When iron is too strong, it is difficult to forge. In that case, the sense of responsibility and contributions conveyed by Metal shifts to irresponsibility and a resistance to advice or instructions from others. Metal that is too tough can be extremely stubborn – your way or the highway. Therefore, instead of action-taking, suddenly there is a tendency to blame and complain. When things go wrong, you blame the environment, your boss, your colleagues, your clients, the economy, the political situation, your Bazi Chart!

On the flip side, lack of Metal in the Chart points to a rather indecisive person. Because Metal also governs relationships, lack of Metal in the Chart could also point to this person having fleeting relationships and friendships.

Metal | How To Use

How then, can you use this element that revolves around the concept of action, decisiveness and responsibility? How do you ‘activate’ Metal in your life? Let’s examine the role that Metal plays in your Chart.

Metal As The Companion Element

With Metal as your Companion Element, your potential to forge long-term connections and relationships is the biggest prize of all! Imagine, having clients or friends who stick with you for years, or even decades!

Because Metal also governs pride, your innate sense of personal responsibility will shine through in everything that you do. Use that, to forge your long-term relationships.

However, because Metal is an extremely tough element, please keep in mind that you can present as someone who is rather intimidating.

Metal As The Output Element

Think of the Geng Metal as a samurai sword. During the forging process, the Metal is folded again and again to produce a sword that is strong, flexible, and sharp! Similarly, think of the Xin Metal as ornate jewelry, perfect in every sense of the word. In both cases, one phrase comes to mind – perfection!

This means that, with Metal as your Output Element, you literally have a large streak of the perfectionist in you! Your ideas and contributions are at once valuable yet practical. However, do be aware of the all-consuming need to keep tweaking and tweaking and tweaking.

Metal As The Wealth Element

The Wealth element is literally an attacking force. When your Wealth Element is made up of the Metal Element, the action-taking and execution abilities of Metal will surface. At the same time, because both the Wealth element and Metal are oriented towards the idea of responsibility and control, to you, how you feel about a task is irrelevant.  Once a task is given to you, you just do it, regardless of how you feel about it.

Metal as the Wealth Element sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? There is just one caveat: you expect the same of others too.

Metal As The Influence Element

When Metal plays the role of Influence in your Chart, its time to level up on your ability to make decisions. Yup, the decisiveness of Metal has a big role to play here. How do you make decisions? What does your decision-making process look like? To use Metal as your Influence Element to the max, you must first learn to set your own parameters of success.

Let me give you an example. You’ve just accepted a new job in a new role within an industry that is foreign to you. First 100 days on the job, your role is to figure out what are the parameters of success in that job. These parameters can be discussed with your supervisors, bosses or colleagues. In the absence of such feedback, you need to create your own parameters – your own set of rules to define what success means to you in this new role. Do you need new knowledge? Knowledge takes time to assimilate. Then in that case, do you have access to other people’s knowledge? Remember, Metal also governs relationships/connections!

The same applies to any other parts of your life – defining what a successful relationship, friendship, personal well-being, creativity, family, or even financial life – looks like to you.

Without this definition, you may end up setting too many rules for yourself, to the point that you deny yourself your fullest potential.

Metal As The Resource Element

Metal as your Resource Structure literally means that you are a Water Day Master (of course). When a solid material (Metal), creates a fast-moving element (Water), you have literally been gifted with a sharp mental acuity that can cut through a lot of nonsense, and reveal the core of any matter presented to you.

Using Metal as your Resource requires you to help others gain clarity and understanding. Given such clarity, you can also draw different ideas together, forge them together and create something new. In short, you have the potential to be a catalyst of change in your chosen field.

Metal Industries | The Classical Interpretation

A discourse on the 5 Elements would be incomplete without a nod towards the classical interpretation of the 5 Elements in terms of industry. Therefore, please find here, a non-exhaustive list of industries related to Metal:

  • Metal Industries
  • Finance
  • Jewelry
  • Automotive
  • Heavy Metal
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Fields

In a nutshell: any industry that promotes ‘decisiveness and execution abilities’.


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