In the study of Chinese Metaphysics (Bazi, Qimen, Feng Shui, YiJing, and all other variants), the Water Element is known as the Star of Thoughts.

Bazi Basics – Series Overview

The art and science of Bazi is fascinating and multi-layered. Most people are fixated with the familiar Bazi relationships – the 6 Combo, 3 Harmony, 6 Clashes, Punishments, Harm and Destruction. However, the study or use of Bazi is predicated upon deep understanding of 4 main components – the 5 Elements, the 10 Heavenly Stems, the 5 Structures, and the 10 Gods.

Each has a role to play in the overall makeup of your chart. In this new Bazi Basics series, we will deep dive into the myriad parts that make up each component. We will begin, of course, with the most basic of the basics – the 5 Elements.

Water | The Star of Thoughts

The nature of Water is to flow. That is why Water governs:

  • Wisdom
  • Emotions
  • Thinking
  • Mental Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Creativity
  • Ideas
  • Knowledge
  • The ability to co-operate with others

If Water is the strongest element in your Chart, you take pride in your creativity and wisdom. Emotions and feelings (your own and others) are of most importance to you. 

Water also flows downwards. Turn on a pipe… if the water flows upwards, break out the mops, we’re all in for a big ol’ mess. Therefore, on the negative spectrum, the Water Element also governs Fear. This describes the condition known as over analysis-paralysis. When there is too much Water in the chart, there is a strong tendency to think yourself out of doing something. Or worse, think yourself into a depression cycle! Yikes! Basically, this is the ‘curse’ of too much knowledge.

Water | Too Much; Too Little

Most Bazi Charts will need Water. A Bazi Chart without Water basically describes a person who is more driven by the primal needs of survival. The concept of emotions and feelings are of less importance to them. How they ‘feel’ about something is no longer a primary factor in their decision-making process.

Additionally, because Water governs Fear and therefore, governs our ability to assess risks, the absence of Water in an individual’s chart could result in a rather reckless attitude. In this case, external influences play a big role. You see, even if your natal chart is completely absent of Water, the element can still come into your life via your Luck Pillars, Annual Pillars, and at a push, even through the Month Pillars of every year.

Water | How To Use

While the above descriptions are fine and dandy, this article will be pointless without answering the most important question of all – how can I rock my Water Element? That will depend on what Water means to you (or more specifically, the role that Water plays in your Chart).

Water As The Companion Element

Making the best use of your Water Element is to ensure that you flow into as many types of social circles as possible. In today’s digital world where online communities flourish, we are no longer constrained to our physical locality. With Water as your Companion Element, blending and assimilating yourself into different types of communities is something that comes more naturally for you than any other.

Water As The Output Element

The Output Element represent our thoughts, creativity and ideas. It is what the Day Master creates, and therefore, represents the value that we create. The Water Element also governs exactly this function – thoughts, creativity and ideas. When the two conflate, this is someone with very fluid imagination. With Water as your Output Element, put yourself in the position to play in the strategic and ideas field. We’re talking about creating strategies that can be used by a multitude of industries.

Water As The Wealth Element

The Wealth Element represents our sense of responsibility and productivity. With Water as your Wealth Element, optimal use of this would be to create/attract as many income streams as possible, all flowing to you, of course!

Water As The Influence Element

The Influence Element is what controls us. In a way, we can view the Influence Element as our thinking system or our thoughts. If Water is your Influence Element, that could literally mean that your thoughts are Water! Oops! There is more red flags here than in any other place. It can mean that you are quite forgetful, or you may have a tendency for emotional gratification. But there is some good news. Water as the Influence Element also brings the gifts of intelligence, as well as the ability to assess risks and regulate emotions.

Water As The Resource Element

Your Resource Element governs knowledge. Water also governs knowledge. With Water as your Resource Element, you have a strong ability to blend theory with practice. Much like how Water reacts as the Output Element, you are able to absorb information from myriad sources and turn them into practical use.

Water Industries | The Classical Interpretation

A discourse on the 5 Elements would be incomplete without a nod towards the classical interpretation of the 5 Elements in terms of industry. Therefore, please find here, a non-exhaustive list of industries related to Water:

  • Aquatics
  • Fishery
  • Sailing/Shipping
  • Tourism
  • Trading
  • Transport
  • Journalism
  • Laundry/Sewage
  • Strategist
  • Thinker

In a nutshell: any industry that moves people and goods from one location to another.


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