My friends and I do a weekly Facebook live Chinese Metaphysics sharing. We spent the last month going into details with the positive and negative stars coming into each Chinese Zodiac sign in 2021.

Instead of the conventional countdown, we started with the Horse and the Monkey… because these two animal signs bore the brunt of the pressure in 2020.

But hope is in sight after a tumultuous 2020.

The Horse will benefit from nobleman help and a problem-dissolving star while the Monkey can use the lessons it learnt from 2020 to gain authority and power in 2021.


Have you ever wondered what are the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs? Is it religion? Tradition? Mere superstition?

As a recap, basically, the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are nothing more than symbols/logos representing different quadrants of the sky. This is the same principle on which the 12 signs of Western Astrology – Leo, Pieces, Scorpio, Cancer, etc – are based on.

In Chinese Metaphysics, we use the Bazi Chart to connect the energies of the heavenly bodies with an individual human being. As the stars move through the quadrants in their respective orbits, that is how we derive the positive and negative influences entering into a person’s chart. From those information, it is possible to map out an overview of the year’s strategy, taking into account any changes of mindset that is required to achieve those goals.

Recently, I shared some fundamentals about the 12 Chinese Zodiac in my Facebook Page. You can watch the 15-minute knowledge sharing here:

Here’s a free resource to plot your 2021 Bazi Chart (registration required): https://bazibz2021.masteryacademy.com/.

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