In the Bazi calendar cycle, the Chou (丑) month always represents the end of winter. The ice is melting but it is still cold, and dark. Sloshing about in that murky darkness can be pretty tiring. But what if there were to be a bonfire glowing in the horizon? Would you not walk towards it? That’s the picture the Ding Chou (丁丑) represents – a veritable beacon of hope.

Maximizing The Ding Chou (丁丑) Day Master: The Beacon of Hope

Like the bonfire, the Ding Chou Day Master is always welcoming, kind and friendly to all. But hidden beneath the gentle exterior is an original thinker with the ability to spot opportunities while others see challenges and the drive to see things through.

This is a pillar that, when awakened, can become a trail blazer. This is especially so when it is fired up by its own strong convictions to make the world a better place.

However, there is a dichotomy inherent in the Ding Chou that you must be aware of. The Ding Chou is always caught between your own powerful talents and your own sensitivity towards the feelings of others.  As long as the chasm between these two traits are not bridged, the Ding Chou is likely to lack the high rate of ambition and drive exhibited by the other Ding pillars.

Therefore, the key to success for the Ding Chou is to maintain a positive and singular focus. This is the very persistence and tenacity you need to embody the real beacon of hope for those around you.

Where Is The Ding Chou (丁丑)?
Pick The Right Environment (Ding Chou In The Year Pillar):

Friendly and affectionate, the Ding Chou accepts one and all without prejudice. People are drawn to you by the compassion that radiates out of this pillar.

There is a need to learn how to discern and filter out those who truly need help or are just there to take advantage of your compassion. The Ding Chou is very much affected by the company they keep and their environment. Make a conscious effort to place yourself in a supportive and encouraging environment. This is where the Ding Chou shines the brightest. Avoid, at all costs, toxic and negative environments. Negativity affects all of us in various degrees. But the sensitivity of the Ding Chou means that prolonged exposure to toxic environments will leave you discouraged and fearful.

Staying Ahead of Progressive Trends (Ding Chou In The Month Pillar):

The Ding Chou pillar is deeply imaginative. Making a conscious effort to stay ahead of progressive trends is the best way to help this pillar shine. Go in-depth into emerging new trends, research, follow up on the work of thought leaders, and as you do so, you will find that you have what it takes to become a trail blazer in your own right.

The sheer dynamism of the Ding Chou, when found in the Month Pillar, creates a dynamic yet compassionate leader with the ability to see opportunities where others see only obstacles.

Intellectually Inquisitive (Ding Chou In The Hour Pillar)

The Ding Chou pillar brings a gift of intellectual inquisitiveness as well as a budding spirituality that is the fountain of all hope.

There is a natural inclination towards decoding the mysteries of life, a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. Burnishing these traits, and literally feeding your inquisitive mind is how you can hone the intuitiveness of this pillar.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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This is the pillar that started this entire quest for the gifts endowed by the 60 Jia Zi. Pillar No. 13, the Bing Zi (丙子), the joker of the pack, undoubtedly brings with it the gift of humour.

Allow me a paragraph (or two), to deviate and explain why the Bing Zi sparked off the idea of this series. In the Chinese Metaphysics classes that I have attended, the Bing Zi is often the butt of many jokes. Lecherous, clueless, nothing good is ever said about this pillar. Yes, the quest became personal because I was convinced that every single pillar brings a unique something-something to the table.

This general confusion about the Bing Zi, however, is completely understandable. Because the pillar by itself is confused! It brings together, two conflicting elements – the Bing, the most Yang, and the Gui the most Yin. However, in the Bing Zi pillar, these two elements represent dual qualities that complement each other, a little like the sunlight reflecting off the white clouds on a sunny day.

The Bing Zi carries the image of a bright sun hidden behind a bank of clouds. Once in a while, the rays peep through. The immediate connotation of this imagery is that of someone intelligent and talented who is either unaware of their true potential or is deliberately hiding these qualities behind a façade. This façade, is usually, humour.

Maximizing The Bing Zi Day Master: The Gift Of Humour

People with Bing Zi, especially for the Day Master, is often blessed with a great sense of humour and a razor-sharp wit. With awareness, you can turn this ‘silly exterior’ from a disadvantage into a competitive edge.

First, we must acknowledge that this so-called silly exterior leads to a perception of the Bing Zi as someone who is easily overlooked or dismissed. The humour becomes a cloak that makes the Bing Zi non-threatening and almost invisible. In certain situations, this can be an advantage, allowing the Bing Zi to effect change from behind the scenes.

There will come a time, however, when being perceived as non-threatening becomes an encumbrance rather than an asset. When this happens, it is up to you to learn to use that same humour to your advantage and take centre-stage.

Like everything else, humour needs to be trained. Light self-deprecating is always good, as it is unoffensive. I stress the word ‘light self-deprecating’ because overdoing this may lead to a perception of a low self-esteem. Using humour is not without its pitfalls. A lot of it has to do with comedic timing. Sometimes, humour can come off as being too sardonic, sarcastic, mean or just plain bizarre. But don’t let past misjudgements inhibit you from trying better the next time! What we’re looking for here, is a well-timed and good natured humour.

You see, hidden beneath the Gui, the Bing is still a Bing – consistent, persistent, optimistic, vibrant and super-confident.

People have often asked me, why would the Bing Zi bother to hide? Here’s what I want you to know. The Bing Zi naturally shuns competition and confrontation. This unrooted Bing craves security above all else. When unencumbered by the nitty-gritty politicking of other people, the Bing Zi can literally fly high and soar above the clouds.

In other words, it’s not that the Bing Zi is unequipped to deal with competition and confrontation. Rather, the Bing Zi would prefer to not get bogged down or derailed by the clamouring of others. Among the 60 pillars, the Bing Zi has the in-born ability to ignore unwanted details. The phrase ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ was probably coined by a Bing Zi, for whom almost everything is categorized under the term ‘small stuff’.

Therefore, the best way for the Bing Zi to turn their goals into reality is to use their ability for big picture thinking by being future-forward and constantly challenging themselves to greater heights.

Seated solely on its Direct Officer, this pillar could manifest in two possible ways. Either the Bing Zi becomes obsessed with rules and order, or becomes someone who creates their own rules and courageously charts their own path.

Where Is The Bing Zi?
Likeable You (Bing Zi In The Year Pillar):

Seated on Zi, a Peach Blossom star, this is an immensely likeable pillar. Having the Bing Zi in the Year Pillar gives you a warm and cheerful exterior. Again, the great sense of humour is an advantage here. People find you to be an enjoyable companion. They are often drawn to you because of your unique way of encouraging the best in people around you.

There is a need, however, to be aware of the changeability of this pillar. Bing one minute, full of laughter and joie-de-vivre; Gui the next, over-serious and moody. While this may not present a problem to you, sometimes it can make it hard for others to connect with you as they are often unsure who they will meet – the Bing or the Gui.

Success Behind The Scenes (Bing Zi In The Month Pillar):

The Bing Zi has a strong inclination to work in the background. At the same time, the Bing Zi pillar also exhibits a willingness to help everyone around them find success in life.

These two traits, coupled by the Bing Zi’s innate creativity and boundless energy, makes the Bing Zi ideally suited for businesses or professions where you help other people excel and shine. This means that the Bing Zi can excel at roles like being a movie producer, screen writer, talent agent, or yes, at the risk of sounding like I am self-promoting, even a Bazi coach. This is a scenario where the Gui sets the stage for the talent, and the Bing becomes the spotlight.

An Idealistic Mindset (Bing Zi In The Hour Pillar)

Bing Zi in the Hour Pillar brings the gift of an idealistic and generous mindset, one that is constantly working to rise above the standard. Here, again, the Bing Zi’s craving for a safety net and stability is paramount.

This translates to someone who is driven to build a strong foundation for their ideal life. In this case, the topic of investments come into the picture. With the Bing in the Hour Pillar, it is advisable for you to learn as much about investment as possible. Knowledge will bring competence and prevent a headlong dive into the wrong investment channels.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Pictured as flowering aquatic plants, think lotus, water lillies or even those magnificent underwater kelp forests, the Yi Hai (乙亥) pillar is undoubtedly one of the more attractive of the 60 pillars. If there is to be one word to sum up the Yi Hai, it would be the gift of Grace.

Stripping away all spiritual or religious connotations off the word, the verb grace very simple means to have a certain finesse or poise or an attractive manner of behaving. So… physically attractive, intelligent, daring and possessing of an almost incurable wanderlust… what can we do with this pillar?

Maximizing The Yi Hai Day Master: A Lifetime Of Self Discovery

The hidden roots of the aquatic plant, buried deep underwater, represents a person who is unaware of the talents and potential hidden beneath the surface. For the Yi Hai, much of your life journey is spent discovering yourself through education, exploration, and new experiences.

This pillar exhibits great humility and sincerity, which is an integral part of the Yi Hai’s graceful exterior. It makes it easy for the Yi Hai to accept help from all quarters, and is a key factor in their success.

The humility is genuine, as is the deep intelligence hidden below the surface. The Yi Hai is versatile and inventive, almost a creative genius with the ability to learn new skills effortlessly. This sharp intellect must be continuously trained either through formal or informal education to make the most of the immense potential of this pillar.

The flexibility that is a core characteristic of the Yi Wood, is enhanced in the Yi Hai. They say that only dead fishes go with the flow. Not so with the Yi Hai who naturally knows how to thrive in uncertain waters. This is the ultimate survivalist whose soft approach to life gives them a high level of adaptability and the knack for making the most out of any given situation.

This versatility can manifest as a certain type of wanderlust within the Yi Hai. Always eager to travel, to find new experiences, and able to adapt to any environment, the Yi Hai has the ability to let go and move on with such ease that it almost becomes too easy for them to impulsively keep moving whenever boredom, frustrations or disappointments sets in. There is a need here, to develop a persevering attitude, an anchor if you will, to conquer such impulsive behaviour long enough to achieve their goals.

Where Is The Yi Hai?
An Ever-Changing Social Landscape (Yi Hai In The Year Pillar):

Yi Hai in the Year Pillar allows you to slip effortlessly into new friendships. This leads to a constantly changing social landscape that represents unbounded possibilities. Fun loving and creative, Yi Hai in the Year Pillar represents the ability to float in and out of diverse social environments and still thrive with grace, poise and finesse.

From the perspective of personal brand management, the sheer attractiveness of the Yi Hai can be best used to tap into new markets and different types of social networks.

A Wide And Varied Career (Yi Hai In The Month Pillar):

Yi Hai in the Month Pillar will never be content doing just one thing for the rest of their lives. Here, the restlessness of the pillar will manifest as a tendency to explore different types of occupations. No career niches for the Yi Hai! Therefore, your formal education must be broad enough to allow you to segue from one industry to another. It must also complement this pillar’s natural managerial and organizational abilities as well as its gift for learning on the job.

Careers in travel-related industries that require a peripatetic lifestyle would appeal to the Yi Hai. Alternatively, with borders closed in our post-Covid world, Yi Hai in the Month Pillar would be advised to at least find a career that offers a variety of duties.

A Craving For Freedom (Yi Hai In The Hour Pillar)

Yi Hai in the Hour Pillar could represent a strong craving or desire for freedom. Freedom by itself is an abstract term. Here, a little more reflection is required – what exactly does freedom mean to you and your decisions?

Are you driven by a craving for freedom to control and decide when and how things happen? Or is it the freedom to experience new things often? Do you desire freedom from judgement and an open environment?

For the Yi Hai in the Hour Pillar, the most likely, is the craving for freedom to educate yourself and immerse yourself in new ideas and thoughts. Used wisely, Yi Hai in the Hour Pillar can enrich your life with a broad swath of knowledge and insights, resulting in an independent and original thinker.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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This may not be the lushest of the Jia pillars, but the Jia Xu (甲戌) carries with it something that much more valuable, the gift of tenacity.

Maximizing The Jia Xu Day Master: Beneath the Passion, There Must Be Tenacity

Imagine with me, a tree growing high on a craggy mountain. Exposed to the elements, buffeted by the unceasing winds, lashed by torrential rain, it clings on. How much tenacity, how much will-power and determination must this tree possess to take root under such harsh conditions?

If the Jia Xu is found in your Day Pillar, like the tree, sheer determination is one of your greatest attributes. This combines perfectly with your innate independence, resulting in an assertive, strong and dynamic personality.

The world we live in today puts a lot of premium on passion. Yes, passion can help build your personal brand. But passion can only take you so far. Beneath the passion, there must be a willingness to persevere through the challenges.

Passion is the ability to get excited about something. Irrepressibility and tenacity is about the ability to stay with it. You get some success. You run into some walls. You try a formula for a new idea, a new innovation, it doesn’t work. And it’s how tenacious you are, how irrepressible, how ultimately optimistic and tenacious you are about it that will determine your success.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

This pillar also carries other gifts. Let’s go back to the example of our tree high up on the mountain. From its vantage point, the tree observes the daily march of time. Like a general directing his troops from the top of the battlements, the tree discerns changes in the environment, spots new growth and detects upcoming threats from its surroundings.

This quality gives the Jia Xu Day Master the ability to adopt rare viewpoints as well as a deep level of strategic thinking that becomes your competitive edge.

Like most everything else in life, gifts can be a double-edged sword. There is an almost invisible line between tenacity and sheer stubbornness. Jia Xu individuals have the tendency to commit fully to situations, even when there are no benefits to be gained. This is a trait that a Jia Xu Day Master must be aware of.

Where Is The Jia Xu?
Beacon of Hope (Jia Xu In The Year Pillar):

Curiously, the Jia Xu in the Year Pillar has the tendency to give the impression of someone who is quite shy, at least on the surface level. Which can be a bit of a pity because Jia Xu in the Year Pillar is a little akin to Jia Zi in the Year. There is a capacity to become a thought leader.

But in the case of the Jia Xu, people are drawn to you for your ability to offer rare insights and unique viewpoints gleaned from your broad horizons. Which is exactly the reason why you need to overcome your natural reticence and tendency to be dubious and uncertain of forging new friendships.

Against All Odds (Jia Xu In The Month Pillar):

Jia Xu by itself carries a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the intuitive ability to spot opportunities, the imagination to sell ideas and the sharp negotiation skills to clinch the deal. Add the Jia Xu’s tenacity into the mix and success inevitably follows. That’s a good thing, because if there is one thing the Jia Xu fears, it is failure.

Regardless of your day master, the best use of the Jia Xu in the month pillar is to cultivate that extraordinary drive to succeed against all odds. Here are five ways:

  1. Know your goal. Everything starts from knowing exactly what you want. Because with a goal in mind, the Jia Xu is virtually unstoppable.
  2. Be curious. Use that Jia Xu’s thirst for knowledge to constantly push yourself to learn and develop.
  3. Focus hard. The Jia Xu has the ability to balance big picture thinking with fine details. Now that you are aware, find ways to enhance that ability.
  4. Ground your work in meaning and purpose. For the Jia Xu, the stability of the Earth element on which it sits is very important. Remember our earlier analogy of the tree at the top of a craggy mountain? Without stability, the tree will likely collapse and fall. This translates to a need to keep your actions grounded and aligned to your purpose.  
  5. Reframe setbacks.
Mental Tenacity (Jia Xu In The Hour Pillar)

What have we learned about the Jia Xu so far? Determination is its biggest asset and fear of failure is what fuels that determination. Here’s a curious thing about the Jia Xu, though, for all its ruggedness, this can be a rather emotional pillar.

This is a tree that is constantly battling against the elements, which in human terms, translates into a whirlwind of emotional extremes. While Jia Xu in the Hour Pillar bestows the gift of mental tenacity, you must also be aware of the need to find emotional equilibrium.

Find courage in your own convictions. This will overcome this pillar’s sensitivity which makes it easily discouraged by even the mildest of disparaging words.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Of the 60 pillars, the Gui You (癸酉) is the more inquisitive and curious Water pillar. They say curiosity kills the cat. But you’re not a cat, are you? So let’s talk about the gift of being curious.

Maximizing The Gui You Day Master: Never Stop Asking Why

Sometimes viewed as an invigorating and cleansing autumn rain, sometimes described as a clear stream flowing over mineral rocks, the Gui You is curiosity personified. There is a wonderful sense of child-like wonder within this pillar that brings with it the initiative to explore new concepts and the fearlessness to tread new paths.

A sensitive Water pillar at its core, the Gui You is often guided by feelings and intuition. But don’t let this apparent softness and the polite and noble exterior fool you. When roused by justice and righteousness, the Gui You pillar can possess relentless motivation.

The Gui You sits on Xin Metal, its Indirect Resource. The result is an unconventional learner with a craving for knowledge and new experiences.

And what a wonderful gift to have! Curious people learn and retain information better. It is also one of the hallmarks of creative thinkers, implying the ability to creatively look beyond the present and imagine possible futures for yourself by coming up with out-of-the-box insights and ideas.

Curiosity also brings with it a greater capacity for personal development, resulting in an individual who is open to other’s point of view.

The Xin Metal, on which the Gui Water rests, also brings with it a gift for strategic thinking. Do be aware, however, of the Xin Metal’s penchant for being critical to themselves and others.

Where Is The Gui You?
Curious, Not Nosy (Gui You In The Year Pillar):

Regardless of your day master, having a Gui You in the Year Pillar means that you are frequently perceived as a curious person by your public, industry, and social network. Friendly, charming and enthusiastic, this pillar easily attracts friends and acquaintances.

Here, you need to be aware of the fine line between curiosity and nosiness. Asking someone for their opinion of a shared experience (a speaker at a convention, for example) is curiosity; asking a virtual stranger if they have any children is just plain nosy. I guess what I’m trying to get at (diplomatically), is that there is a big difference between being curious about a person, or just asking irrelevant questions.

You usually exhibit a calm, composed and gentle public persona. Remarkably easy to talk to, having the Gui You in the year pillar can enhance your social standing especially if you can highlight your interest in the wellbeing and motivation of others.

Being Curious At Work (Gui You In The Month Pillar):

Believe it or not, curiosity is now a marketable skill. Behavior scientists are now recognizing that curiosity is a powerful characteristic because it helps keep you engaged and sharp at work. Some of the best entrepreneurs are curious and creative thinkers. Having the Gui You in the month pillar gives you the vision and the drive to create growth in your organization without having to be told what to do.

This trend becomes even more apparent in start-ups where everyone needs to think beyond the role they are hired for to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the growing company.

Quote: “When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

In the post-Covid19 world, even larger corporations with a reputation for structure are now looking to instill this very trait across departments. The curious will dig a little deeper and take the time to look at things from a different angle.

Letting your curiosity shine through at work can improve your reputation as an innovation, position you as a leader and open up new roles for your career or business growth.

There is one key drawback of the Gui You month pillar that you should be aware of. You tend to have high expectations of yourself and your colleagues. When disappointed by their failure to meet your high standards, you have a tendency to react instinctively with blunt speech and overcritical analysis. This stems from your high expectations of yourself, but it is not something that others would be aware of. Therefore, it would be advisable to intentionally scale back on the aggressiveness and instead, rely more on the inherent people skills of the Gui Water.

A Curious Mindset – Never Stop Asking Questions (Gui You In The Hour Pillar)

Let’s think about it for a minute. Our entire education system, regardless of which country you reside in, was shaped by the first industrial revolution. That’s 200 years ago! It was a time where the priority was to train workers for factory jobs with heavy emphasis on obeying orders and not questioning. This worked well for the mass production era, but it is a poor fit for our current environment where creative thinking is the X-factor.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us graduate from our respective universities, the innate curiosity we were all born with has been completely and effectively stamped out.  

So I hope you never lose that curious mind and ideals bestowed by the Gui You Hour Pillar. Because a curious mind is never bored. It brings creativeness into your life and opens up a new vista and a wider perspective.

Promise me, today, that you will become more interested in the world around you. Make a conscious decision to explore new things and enjoy the rewards the new experience will bring.

Quote: I have no special talent… I am just passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Sorry to scare you with such a dramatic (read: scary) photo to lead off this post. I wanted something that could best capture the dramatic essence of the Ren Shen (壬申) pillar. I bet I got your attention though, didn’t I?

The Ren Shen is often portrayed as sunken metal. I prefer to compare the characteristics of this pillar to a shark. Think Jaws, or Meg. A shark usually swims in stealth mode, blending in perfectly with its environment, and then… strike!

Maximizing The Ren Shen Day Master: Activate Stealth Mode

Reserved on the outside, the Ren Shen pillar has endowed you with a graceful and charming personality. However, the calm waters belie the churning emotions and ambitions below the surface. You view life itself as a competition. There is a strong desire to win, always.

To make the best use of this pillar, let’s use the analogy of a shark again. Think of how a shark circles and observes its prey before moving in for the kill. Similarly, the Ren Shen Day Master must learn to ramp up your powers of observations. Like the shark, learn to trust your instincts, your capacity and willpower to know the optimum time to zoom in on your goal.

The Ren Shen can sometimes be indecisive and aimless, but super efficient once they have their target locked down.

There is a strong introspective streak in the Ren Shen pillar. The presence of Water and Metal, if not managed properly, can bring about a penchant for melancholy. Too much dwelling in the past, getting stuck at some point in time leading to an unwillingness to move forward can be self-defeating. Awareness of this trait will be the first step to overcoming this weakness. From this new awareness, identify a concrete goal, create a step-by-step plan and schedule towards its realization, and most importantly, focus your energies on the plan regardless of your emotions.

Flying below the radar will make it much easier for you to protect your ideas. It can also protect you from external pressures and potential naysayers while you are working towards your goal.

Where Is The Ren Shen?
Inconspicuous You (Ren Shen In The Year Pillar):

Ren Shen in the Year Pillar makes it easy for you to adopt the characteristics of your public. You are able to mix well with any company. Working on the principle that the nail that sticks out gets hammered down, you can segue yourself into the lives of others effortlessly, waiting for the right time to take action.

Respect and trust find their way easily to you. People sense that there is something lurking beneath the surface and will not be so quick to pull a fast one. Trust comes as you prove yourself to be a worthy confidant.

With Ren Shen in the Year Pillar, make the conscious effort to take part in more group activities or social gatherings. These interactions will help hone your skills in analyzing people.

Eyes On The Prize, Stealth Mode At Work (Ren Shen In The Month Pillar):

Operating on stealth mode at work may run contrary to the current career strategy trends, but with Ren Shen in the Month Pillar, you can make this work for you.

The most obvious benefit, of course, is to protect you from being distracted by incessant office politics. A veneer of reserve can also be your shield. Your opponents would be less inclined to go on the offensive if they have no clue about your plans and ideas.

The trick is to balance the stealth mode and ensure that you do not fly too low below the radar to the point that it stymies your career. Use this little bubble wisely to work towards your career goals, and once achieved, be sure to make your achievements known.

(not for web: The presence of the Yin (Tiger) branch in the chart could lead to an easy-come easy-go type of situation. You can remedy this by being embracing the persona of a Rob Wealth, by being outgoing, resilient, and tough go-getter).

Dynamic Mental Energy (Ren Shen In The Hour Pillar)

The Ren Shen in the Hour Pillar endows you with wisdom, a restless mind that loves mentally stimulating activities and the ability to soak up knowledge like a sponge.

As the Hour Pillar governs your ideals, dreams and desires, it is all the more important to be aware of the melancholic make-up of the Ren Shen. This pillar can be extremely useful if you figure out a way to harness all that intellectual power.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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In Bazi consults and writing in this blog, I try very hard to stay neutral. I honestly believe that the strength/weakness spectrum is often a matter of perspective and it is not my place to impose judgement or values on a chart. For example, the resilience of the Yi Chou (乙丑) pillar can be both a strength and a weakness, depending on how the trait is used. Similarly, the thespian-like characteristics to the Wu Chen (戊辰) pillar can result in a very classy person if activated properly or just a downright drama-queen. But every once in a while, a pillar comes along that tests my resolve to stay neutral to the limit. The Xin Wei (辛未) pillar is one of them.

I’ve thought long and hard on how best to structure this post. It quickly became obvious that my preferred structure of using the location of the pillar is not going to work this time.

Let’s start with the obvious. All Xin Metals love being in the spotlight. For the majority of Xin Metals, commanding attention is as natural as breathing. But there is one particular Xin Metal type who will find it a little hard to shine. This is the Xin Wei pillar. 

What Happens When The Xin Wei Is Not Used Properly

Allow me to spend three paragraphs on the negative aspects of this pillar. Because it is important. But bear with me for just a little while, because the Xin Wei is absolutely more than meets the eye.

Think of buried treasure that had just been excavated from the ground. This pillar calls to mind the image of the Terracotta Warriors in China. The gleam and sparkle of the precious metals and gems, caked with earth and covered with dust. The pillar appears to be unrefined on the surface. I stress, appears to be.

What this means is that, if you have Xin Wei anywhere in your Bazi Chart, people may view you as a dull and drab person. While conflicting outward persona and true inner personalities can be a big advantage for many day masters, this is a source of emotional insecurity and inner conflict for the fame-loving Xin Wei.

Unchecked, these self-image issues may manifest as a conniving personality with an insatiable appetite for power. It would be a pity if this were to happen because the Xin Wei has so much going for them.

Now For The Good

The key to making the most of the Xin Wei pillar is to adopt an attitude of non-comparison with others. When you can accept that everyone has a different measure of success, you can focus on what’s good in the Xin Wei.

Endowed with a sharp entrepreneurial instinct with an unerring eye for unique opportunities, the Xin Wei is also shrewd, given to quickly assess the situations and people around them. This quality gives you an instinctive understanding of the needs and motivations of others, and the ability to turn group dynamics to your advantage.

Highly intelligent, this pillar has the business sense, executive abilities and drive to turn ideas into tangible reality.

In short, if you are a Xin Wei Day Master, I want you to know that you are supported by the inner drive, instinct and flexibility to succeed without relying on external presentations. Stay focused on your abilities, to hell with what other people think.

Maximizing The Xin Wei Pillar: Different Strokes for Different Folks

The optimum use of the Xin Wei pillar differs from one day master to another. Wood Day Masters can best use the Xin Wei by focusing on knowledge and hard work.

Fire Day Masters should try to create order in their lives to avoid impulsive and reckless action. Instead, focus on using self-discipline to channel your creativity. Create a plan of action and stick to it.

Earth Day Masters will need to tap into their well of self-confidence and organizational abilities to make full use of a Xin Wei pillar.

For the Metal Day Masters with Xin Wei in their charts, the key lies in bolstering your creativity through enhanced knowledge. As a side note, we are currently undergoing a period of time where Water Qi is at its strongest. Metal is polished by Water. In the example given above, how do you bring gleam back to newly unearthed antiques? Well, first, you need to wash the dust off. In other words, Xin Metal Day Masters, this is your time to shine.

Finally, the Water Day Masters will find it easiest to make the best use of a Xin Wei pillar. The Day Master has the ability to naturally polish the Xin Wei to allow the pillar to shine through. Learning the art of compromising will turn the negative aspects of manipulative tendencies into the positive manifestation of shrewdness.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

Want to find out if you have the Xin Wei pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.

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The chapter under Elite Forces talk about selecting only the best for your vanguard. The goal is to match your opponent one-for-one and take down their team.

Liu BoWen’s 100 Tactics states: ‘Whenever engaging in combat with an enemy, you must select courageous generals and fierce troops, forming them into an advance front. This will strengthen their resolve and supress the enemy.’

There is a similar chapter in the Art of War: ‘An army that lacks a properly selected vanguard is termed ‘routed’.’

Of course, as their employer, you would know your staff’s strengths well. But a Qi Men Dun Jia chart can offer a way to validate your choice. This is a way to assess, that given a particular situation, whom would be the most suitable person to lead your vanguard.

In Qi Men Warcraft, the Three Nobles – Yi (乙), Bing (丙), and Ding (丁) – represent the three types of skillsets required in warfare:

* Yi (乙) is the Strategist

* Bing (丙) represents your power base, your Network and Allies

* Ding (丁) represents your Manager and Executive

In any given situation, the qualities for each of the above, is assessed by examining the  various components in the residing palace.

In the hypothetical example given below, the Manager (represented by Ding) would be the better choice. The Strategist (represented by the Yi) is sitting with the Fear Door, not a very good sign while the Allies (represented by the Bing), is hidden behind the Delusion Door.

Sample Qimen Chart To Determine Quality Of Your Elite Forces

Unless you happen to be a student of Qi Men Dun Jia, deciphering a chart like this would probably be difficult. For that reason, if I can help you in any way to unravel the mysteries of a Qi Men chart, please feel free to drop me a line here.

The sample chart I have given was taken from a free resource by Dato’ Joey Yap. You can find the evolving hour charts for free here. Dato’ Joey has made it a little easier for unexperienced users to unscramble a Qi Men chart by colour-coding his version. Red is good, and black is… not so good.

The choice, however, depends very much on the outcome that you want. All’s fair in business and war. If your strategy depends on some wily, cunning or even a little bit under-handed tactics, then choosing a solution palace with black components may not be such a bad idea after all. The chart is neutral. It’s best use is dependent on the person taking action.

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What would you do if you held the legendary Excalibur in your hands? How would you use it? With a Geng Wu (庚午) in your Bazi Chart, that’s exactly the gift given to you by the universe.

Seen as metal forged by fire, the Geng Wu is often pictured as a sharp and shiny sword, gleaming with latent power and potency.

With this image comes four key descriptions for the Geng Wu pillar – Authority, Execution, Loyalty and the gift of Foresight.

Maximizing The Geng Wu Day Master: Loyalty Begets Loyalty

The Geng Wu pillar endows you with a natural ability to pick up new skills without appearing to need much formal training. With a smorgasbord of skills to work with, you will need to activate that famed self-discipline to reach your full potential.

This naturally intimidating intellect can come across as being direct and domineering. But people who manage to get past the sharp exterior will find a loyal individual with unwavering idealism.

The Geng Wu Day Master is, above all things, a deeply loyal and righteous person with the unique ability to keep the ego at bay. Decisions are always made based on what’s right instead of what’s expedient or appealing to your self-image.

This is a trait best appreciated by those who truly understand the altruistic nature of your decisions. With that realization, they will return your loyalty with theirs. Sometimes, all we need are a thousand true followers.

 Where Is The Geng Wu?

The Benefits Of Being An Authoritative Leader (Geng Wu in the Year Pillar)

Geng Wu in the Year Pillar will mean that your public will view you as someone hardworking and ambitious. This trait, along with your interest in a wide variety of subjects and activities, will lend you an air of authority. The first impression you give is of someone who doesn’t think too much about being liked.

In recent years, there has been increasing resistance towards authoritarian styles of leadership. But there are some pros. Authoritative leaders are best at providing clarity towards a shared mission, motivating their followers by showing how their contributions come together in the final realization of the goal.

The Competent Executioner At Work (Geng Wu in the Month Pillar)

Geng Wu in the Month Pillar is someone with a no-nonsense approach to work and a direct communication style. This is someone who will take their responsibilities seriously

Direct in communication, this is someone who will take their responsibilities seriously. Creativity will not be your strong suit. Instead, you have a marked preference for the tried and tested route. People with this configuration in the Month Pillar are best at executing plans, able to structure resources in the most efficient and effective manner in pursuit of your business goals.

When energized, this is a pillar that has the drive to constantly improve and overcome any obstacle. The only drawback is an obstinate refusal to accept help. This stems from a desire to accomplish goals on your own and a belief that asking for help is a sign of weakness or heaven forbid, an admission of incompetence. Learning a little give and take will do wonders to smoothen your journey.

The Gift Of Foresight (Geng Wu in the Hour Pillar)

Geng Wu in the Hour Pillar can manifest as foresight, the ‘sixth sense’ for what’s coming. With this in the hour, you must learn to guard against negative thoughts, needless worry and anxiety. Learn to take satisfaction from the present instead of living too much in the future.  

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

Want to find out if you have the Geng Wu pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


Grappling with the need for staff training is an age-old problem that continues to plague both ancient generals and modern-day managers alike. As Liu BoWen says in his 100 Unorthodox Tactics, “Whenever the army is to be mobilized, the soldiers must first be instructed in combat.” As the war progresses and businesses change, one’s ‘soldiers’ cannot stay in stasis.

Moulding a group of people to a common understanding, values and predictable behaviour can only be accomplished through education. Confusius’s Analects described this best: “It is not in forming a battle array that is difficult, it is reaching the point that men can be ordered into formation that is hard. It is not attaining the ability to order them into formation that is difficult, it is reaching the point of being able to employ them that is hard. It is not knowing what to do that is difficult, it is putting it into effect that is hard.”

But among the smorgasbord of training programmes available, which one should you prioritize? Of course, the primary answer depends on your own business direction. However, if completely clueless, a Qi Men Dun Jia chart can provide you with a clue or two.

Using a Qimen chart to determine staff training

As always, the Hour Palace represents your staff (ie, a group of people). In this sample chart, the staff palace is located in the West (indicated by the number 1).

To determine training, we look at the palace that produces the staff palace. In the case of this example, that would be the South West palace (indicated by the number 2).

Finally, the Door and Star in the solution palace (2) provide the indication of the topic or field of study. In this example, we see the Hero Star and the Death Door. In the modern age, the Hero Star could represent Social Media Management, indicating that your staff needs to be trained in this field, while the Death Door indicates coaching, training or counselling skills would also be helpful.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and you are keen to prepare your staff for the exciting journey ahead, drop me a line here.

Permission Statement: The Qi Men Dun Jia Chart referred in this web article is copyrighted material belonging to, and is used with permission from Dato Joey Yap and Joey Yap Research Group Sdn. Bhd. For more information on services and courses offered by Dato Joey Yap and the Joey Yap Research Group Sdn. Bhd., please visit www.joeyyap.com