Wishing my American readers a very happy 4th of July. Hope everyone is still staying safe during the holiday.

I’ve filled my blog with quite a fair bit of Bazi information. I figured this would be a good time to show you how we use Bazi Profiling to showcase the many facets of a person.

For my first sample Bazi profile case study, I’ve chosen South Korean singer and actor Yoon Doo Joon. Why? Because it’s also his birthday today. And besides, why not K-Pop? It has catchy music, sharp choreography, and good looking young people. What’s not to like?

There’s also another reason for my choice. The music labels in South Korea have a lamentable tendency to force their talent into manufactured personalities calculated to appeal to different fan demographics/psychographics. Sometimes to the point of subsuming their true personalities completely. This is the cute one, this is the mysterious one, this is the funny one, and so on and so forth. It’s annoying, but those music moguls seem to think that it works. So, what the fans see may not even be the real person.

But a Bazi Chart doesn’t lie. So let’s take a look at Highlight’s DooJoon.

  1. I will start the analysis from the Year Pillar. Because the Year Pillar governs the external circle, this is what his legions of fans will see, barring any manufactured personality traits. They are attracted to a warm, caring and compassionate young man who enjoys a life in the limelight. They see someone who is resourceful, creative, articulate, and most importantly, able to mesmerize and inspire an audience.
  2. However, dig a little beneath the surface and his business partners, colleagues, subordinates or bosses will find that when it comes to his career, DooJoon is like metal forged by fire, literally, Excalibur! We see this through his Month Pillar which governs his career trajectory. They would describe him as someone who values discipline in creativity but also has a sharp business acumen. Unlike his outward persona, at work, he adopts a no-nonsense approach complimented by a clear and precise communication style which makes him a great leader. To be at his best, DooJoon will need an environment where he has a large measure of autonomy to act without censorship. Being naturally multi-talented, DooJoon tends to struggle to accept help and constantly needs to overcome this tendency in order to contribute in a group endeavour.
  3. Now we come to the Day Pillar. This is a facet of his personality that perhaps only his band mates will know. Eventually in the future, this is a part of him that his wife will come to understand. The Day Pillar represents the core of the person. In this, DooJoon is like a flowering plant that is tough enough to bloom even in the harshest of winters. If there is one word to describe this pillar, it would be ‘resilience’. There is an immense degree of self-reliance and determination that anchors him to his goals. There is virtually no stopping this young man once he finds a cause or a goal that truly inspires him.

This chart, like all others, is not without its weakness. He can be impatient and drawn to taking risky short cuts that may backfire. That would be his blind spot, jumping into projects without proper groundworks. He can be quite domineering, so it’s a good thing he is the leader of Highlight. He could be prone to bouts of loneliness. While things appear well on the outside, he hides feelings of insecurity and maybe even fear of betrayal. Once aware of these tendencies, reaching out to his friends for support will help him get through the rough patches.

In conclusion, life in the limelight generally suits DooJoon, so he has chosen the right career for himself. He has the innate toughness to overcome obstacles, the networking skills to connect with the right people, the business acumen to find leverage for himself and his group, as well as the creativity and talent to back it up.

I would like to see a little more self-confidence and a little less self-doubt. This is where his fans could play a role, by reminding him of his true worth.

I end by wishing DooJoon a very happy birthday and all the success in the future. As you can see, humans are complex creatures and we show different sides of ourselves to different people under different circumstances. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

To give you some background, a Bazi Chart is basically the energy imprint of the person, plotted based on the day and time of his or her birth. Follow this link to plot your own chart, but do note that while it is free to use, registration is required:

I’d be open to doing more of this – just profiling, not forecasts. If you have a suggestion, please drop me a note. But let’s stay away from politics. That’s too depressing!