As we approach the start of Period 9, this is an opportunity to gain clarity on the direction of our lives. Essentially, where are we heading?

The prosperous Water in the November 2023 chart represents an uptick in Influence energy for the Fire Day Masters. This a chance to clarify your direction in as concise a manner as possible. Let’s call it your ‘elevator pitch’. How would you introduce yourself? This is mine, “Hi! I’m Paulynne! I help people transform their lives by empowering them with information and foresight using Chinese Metaphysics.”

It’s easy to talk about clarity of direction. But in our everyday lives, with our myriad of responsibilities, it’s not that easy to achieve. Before you start pressuring yourself to come up with a direction right-the-eff-now, relax! Discovering our life direction is a process and a journey, not an end to itself. Perhaps, with the flood of Influence energy coming into the November 2023 Bazi Chart, your journey to finding your clarity of direction begins this month?

Bear in mind that this direction need not be fixed in stone. It can change along the way as you grow. You, as a Fire Day Master, should know that! We can detour, we can sidetrack, but please don’t u-turn!

Most of us will already have a rough goal in mind. For example, a very common goal is to create financial freedom or security. Finding clarity of direction in November 2023 requires you to start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

“What am I doing to start heading towards this goal?”

“What needs to happen first in order for me to start walking on this path? Is there something I need to learn? Is there something I need to practice? Is there a certain type of person I need to build a relationship with?”

“What action do I take daily towards the achievement of this goal?”

The last question is the most important. The action that furthers your journey towards the direction that you have set must be embedded into your daily routine. Because what we give energy to, is what we will reap in return.


2023 November Bazi

Bing Fire Day Masters, in particular, will benefit highly from this conscious and intentional use of time and energy. Of the 10 Day Masters, the Bings are the ones who are most routine-driven. While this can be quite a constraining way of living, the upside of this Bing Fire attitude is that things that have been scheduled and baked into the daily timetable, inevitably gets done.

To change a Bing Fire Day Master’s life, we must first tweak the daily routine. So for the Bing Fire Day Masters, November 2023 is a good month to take a hard look at your daily schedule and ruthlessly evaluate and eliminate the activities that are not taking you one step closer to your direction.


2023 November Bazi

On the other hand, Ding Fire Day Masters will probably face a significant level of stress as November 2023 comes around. Already saddled with a 7 Killings in the year, here comes the 7 Killings month. This level of Water energies may dampen your passion, enthusiasm and perhaps even self-confidence. Take heart, it’s only a month.

While it would be hard to control what’s coming in from the inside, there is still something you can do to self-care through a potentially challenging month. Your mission, for November 2023, is to identify, challenge and replace your innate negative self-talk with self-compassion. For example, instead of “What’s the use?”, replace it with “How can I make this goal smaller so that it can be more easily achievable?”.

The 7 Killings is the nemesis of the Ding Fire Day Master. Think about it. The Bing Fire cannot really produce Earth. It is the Ding Fire that directly does it. Similarly, the Bing Fire can’t forge metal, you’d need the Ding Fire to transform Metal into another form of energy. The Bing Fire does not need Wood to keep shining. It is Ding Fire that consumes the Wood to aid the process of transformation. For the Ding Fire Day Master, this 7 Killings is most likely represented by the presence of negative self-talk and constant self-critique.

Therefore, in November 2023, the Ding Fire Day Masters could use the month’s energy positively by eliminating the “I can’t” with “I will” so that you can begin that first step of your journey towards your direction.


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November 2023 may feel rather ‘wishy-washy’ for the Wood Day master as you are poised to receive a strong wave of emotional energy.

Perhaps, you experience an uptick in exciting and amazing ideas caused by an inundation of information and data. Suddenly, lights bulbs seem to be popping up in your head all the time. Some of these ideas may even be given to you by other people – literally making November 2023 feel like people are feeding you with opportunities. But along with this, on the negative spectrum, it may feel like there are too many opinions around you.

So many, in fact, that you find yourself at a loss. Which idea should you work on first? At best, nothing much got done due to the many distractions. At worst, you experience fatigue as you are buffeted by the many ideas and opinions.

Basically, with so much Water in the November 2023 Bazi Chart, the Jia and Yi Wood Day Masters may find it a little hard to think straight.

The trick therefore, is to filter before you become overwhelmed in order to be more intentional about how you handle information and make your priorities clear and simple.


2023 November Bazi

Jia Wood Day Masters can use simple techniques like journaling or art to filter through your thoughts. Of course, it would be great if we have a pensieve. But we’re not all of us Dumbledore! So we have to create our own version of the pensieve. If journaling sounds too labour intensive to you, sometimes a good ol’ brain dump can also be helpful to keep yourself on track.


2023 November Bazi

Both Wood Day Masters are a high risk of over-analysis paralysis in November 2023. But for the Yi Wood, the prosperous Water energies may have you particularly indecisive, swaying back and forth at the whims of the tide. Should I go left? Or should I turn right? Can’t decide!

I would like you to be aware of this if you have a particularly important and urgent decision that must be made in November. Because you must have a strategy on hand to filter out the unnecessary noise. However, if you do not have anything of particular importance to decide, why not make use of the energy of the month to get out of your comfort zone and try something new?


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I want to preface the Rabbit post by stressing that the Chinese Zodiac stars are not prophetic in nature. They are neither promises, guarantees nor ultimatums. We have human agency. Choice! The annual forecast stars are just telling us that these are what has been given to us in a certain timeframe. In this case, a year. What we do with these energies, is really up to us. Because the Rabbit is heading towards a rather slow and steady year in 2024. So how can we get lucky in such a year? Read on…


2024 Rabbit

The Rabbit was the Grand Duke in 2023. Some Rabbits I know had a fantastic year. Recognition after recognition followed by accolades and opportunities. Some Rabbits revelled in the limelight. Others, maybe did not enjoy it that much.

Now comes 2024. I think here, when you read other social media sharings for the Rabbit, you will find a lot of diverging opinions. All will agree that the stars in the Rabbit are not great. But the onward analysis and interpretation will depend on the practitioner’s view of life – cup half full or half empty.

Your Grand Duke Year leads to the Surpassing Path. This star is supposed to bring you opportunities and improve your social status. It’s supposed to represent another upward trajectory. Over the past few years, the Surpassing Path had always been categorized as a positive star. Things are a little different now.

The Surpassing Path is a neutral star. In the presence of positive stars, it has a positive effect. But when it comes together with the Sickness and Goat Blade star, it carries health warnings. In this case, the most obvious reason, putting all three together, is burnout.


You may have overtaxed your physical capabilities in 2023. The Sickness star represents minor health issues, poor health and poor immune system.

What happens when we feel physically unwell? Cue the Goat Blade. Bad mood. Short tempered. Short fused. Irritable. Basically, not pleasant to deal with.

Which inevitably leads to the Six Harm. This brings a feeling of betrayal. Either you feel that your body has betrayed you or you may have taken on more than you can chew.

From a psychological perspective, the stars can also tell a compelling story. In 2023, the Rabbit was revelling in the spotlight. Suddenly, the spotlight is switched off. No more attention. Like what the hell just happened? Are we experiencing a blackout? Cue the Goat Blade and Frighten Goat together. Yes, some plotters show the presence of the Frighten Goat. These two together, creates ‘main character syndrome’.  Acting out to get attention. Feeling betrayed because somebody flipped the switch on the spotlight. So where’s the solution?


Your one positive star, the Rest God, is the solution. This enhances your ability to rejuvenate and replenish your energy, provided of course, you work with it. The Rest God talks about being aware of how you nourish your body, mind and spirit.

This can counter the burnout, the low energy, and the poor immune system. This is permission to chill and Netflix.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


It’s not so bad if the Rabbit in the Year Pillar which governs your industry, social network, and market.

Through the lens of social network, you may notice a lot more whining, grumbling and complaining. May be a good idea to temporarily unplug from the matrix.

The Year Pillar also governs our family elders and like grandparents. Therefore, you may want to be more vigilant about their health. Encourage them to be more active, for example. You be their Rest God!


Rabbit in the Month pillar  is a year to consolidate all your growth from the previous year. This is the time to work backstage and focus on creating systems that will help you maintain sustainable growth.

Just as the Year pillar can represent our grandparents, the Month Pillar also represents our Parents. But remember, this is not an ultimatum. Your Chart, your perspective. From your perspective, your parents are getting on in age and getting weaker. So you need to be more vigilant about their health, be their Rest God, and monitor their wellbeing.


If the Rabbit is in the Day, either you yourself is experiencing burnout, or your significant other. In either case, permission to chill and Netflix!

More importantly, be more mindful about how you nourish your body, mind and soul.  In 2024, focus on getting your energy level up again.

See, the Day Pillar can represent the physical body. If the energy level is not high, no matter what great stars you have outside in the Year or Pillars, you may not have the energy to go out and grab it. So, prioritize self-healing first for both yourself and your partner.


The Rabbit in the Hour can be summed up into one word: ennui. Listlessness, boredom, dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. Procrastination at its best.

How can we break out of an ennui mindset? We try new things. We learn new things.

Because of the presence of the Goat Blade, be wary of reckless decision making where investments are concerned. This is the year to be very strategic and long-term about investment decisions.

Of course, in terms of family relationships, the Hour Pillar represents the younger members of your household. This is the year to be more strategic about what the family consumes.

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For the Ren and Gui Water Day Masters, November 2023 is a good time to turn your focus on establishing clarity in your various collaborations.

In Chinese Metaphysics, Water represents or governs a number of keywords or abilities. One of them, is collaboration. Of the 5 Elements, Water is the only one that can easily meld into each other. While there are stark differences between a Ren Water Day Master versus a Gui Water Day Master, they both possess the ability to easily assimilate into diverse social ecosystems. Just like milk easily dissolves into coffee!

Regardless if you are a business owner or career professional, collaborative efforts is something we all engage in to a certain extent in our daily lives. This could be a business collaboration, a work-related collaboration, or maybe even a side project among friends! But how many times have you sat in on a meeting wondering why on earth are you there?

Ever walked into a packed meeting room where only three people are actively engaged while the rest are secretly (or not so secretly) thumbing through their mobile phones? Isn’t this a common scenario?

Teams require clarity to stay motivated and focused. To be more specific, team members require clarity about why their shared work matters. This is especially true when you are trying to rope a bunch of individual achievers from different departments to work together. Clarity about why the collaboration matters.

Without this clarity about the importance of their contribution towards the greater goal, it will be difficult to get the group moving in the right direction. When done masterfully, this level of clarity can even help you overcome personality differences among the team members.

However, given the fact that this is a one-month energy tilt in November, it would be suffice if you could focus on establishing clarity on what requires collaboration and what doesn’t. In essence, focus on establishing clarity about the roles in your collaborative efforts.


2023 November Bazi

The above is especially true for the Ren Water Day Master experiencing a Rob Wealth month where some form of leadership is required of you to overcome arguments, conflicts, gossips, and rumour mongering.

Alternatively, you could use the energy of the month to either crowdfund ideas by initiating brainstorming sessions where you get to pick the brains of the other professionals around you.

Can we find another use for this Rob Wealth month? When your competitor rises up to the Heavenly Stems, it’s a good month to spend some time studying their strategies.


2023 November Bazi

Gui Water Day Masters, on the other hand, can turn this energy inwards to create internal clarity especially with regards to improving your personal relationships. A month ago, the October 2023 Bazi chart brought a sense of rivalry to the Gui Water Day Master. In November, there is a high chance that this feeling of rivalry may continue.

However, with this influx of Companion energy comes the opportunity to further enhance your pool of social contacts, acquaintances and friends.

Under such circumstances, having the clarity to filter the quality of your contacts is important. The energy is just bringing you a stream of contacts. It does not guarantee that every single person in that stream will be beneficial to you. Filtering them is your job! Along with this flood of new friends, might come those whom, from your perspective, are there solely for wanting something from you.

Therefore, having the self-clarity of what you are looking for in your personal relationships can help you navigate these waters. What type of support are you looking for? What type of support are you willing to give? What type of role do they play in your life? Similarly, what type of role do you play in theirs? Spending some time in November 2023 to create that internal clarity can be helpful as you expand your influence base while heading towards the excitement of the coming Period 9.


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In my previous post, we discussed how this waterfall of Water energies can lead to a wave of creativity and ideas in November 2023. This applies most to the Metal Day Masters (Geng or Xin Day Masters). You may find your creativity energized with big ideas and ambitious designs, schemes and projects.

But ideas are nothing without action. Yet so many ideas, so little time! In that case, let’s use the overflowing Water energies of the November 2023 Bazi Chart to seek out your clarity of intention. This is not just about going on a creativity overdrive, it’s about our own understanding of why we want to create what we want. It’s about understanding the principle linking your ideas.


2023 November Bazi

For the Geng Metal Day Masters, come an additional opportunity. When we stop to think about it, Metal does not really produce Water, does it? Instead, Water condenses around Metal. Given that this is your Hurting Officer month, searching out opportunities to give voice to your ideas can attract more opportunities your way.

Does that sound too abstract for you? OK, here’s something concrete: for November 2023, focus on improving your sales pitch. What else can you do? Along with November comes the stars in the Pig branch – among which is the Heavenly Chef. Use this wisely to network by having meals with your friends, contacts and acquaintances.


2023 November Bazi

Xin Metal Day Masters will be going through a month of creative Eating God energy in November 2023. In your case, know that clarity of intention is vital and liberating in the act of creation. It helps us filter out the little noisy ideas that can detract us from our main purpose. A mind map is great, and highly recommended, for this process.

Do be mindful, however, that the Heavenly Chef that activates with the November Pig branch can result in comfort eating and other eating disorders.


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With the November 2023 Bazi Chart comes yet another tide of Water energies Riding the waves of November 2023 will require intelligent use of the Water element.

At first glance, you will notice the sheer strength of Water in this Chart, both in terms of seasonality as well as location. But let’s dig a little deeper.

This Geng Metal (庚) Day Master is extremely weak. It is in the wrong season, with limited support, and is constantly exerting strength to produce prosperous Water and control the strong Wood. This Metal is being submerged and rusted by too much Water. Translated to human behaviour, you may notice a general tendency for the people around you (or maybe even yourself), to be more introspective and melancholy.

Too much unrestrained Water also represents a lot of ideas, but little opportunities to take action. While we see a Bing Fire (丙) in the Hour pillar, this midnight sun does not have much impact on the overall chart which presents as misty, cold and wet. For those of you who are vulnerable to depression (especially the Wood Day Masters), please be mindful that you will must have some coping strategies on hand.

From a public or market perspective, this tidal wave of Water energies represent misplaced passion, drive and creativity that may be focused on frivolous activities. For the investors among us, brace for an onslaught of rumours and unfounded theories. But on the positive side, we can expect to see the introduction of even more innovations.

This describes the overall ‘mood’ of the November 2023 energy. Therefore, managing expectations, whether you are a career professional or business owner, is one of the keys for November 2023.

In Bazi, there are two sayings that frequently come up when Metal meets Water. The first and most common is 金水多情 where Metal meeting Water creates a tidal wave of emotions. The second and lesser known is 金白水清, where Metal is pure, there is clarity of emotions. In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, Water can represent many things, one of them is Clarity! Here lies the opportunity of November – to seek or establish Clarity!

So how can we use this Water energy to our advantage? In the upcoming posts, we will examine the Water energy with respect to the different types of Day Masters.


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With the Tiger in your Bazi Chart, you can’t afford to stay still in 2024. There is a need to keep hustling.

2024 Tiger Zodiac


2023 may have left you feeling a little under-whelmed. There were opportunities, but you had to work very hard for it! Feeling exhausted, but if you still have some fight left in you, then great!

Because the biggest threat from 2024 may possibly come from the Funeral Guest. This star carries a double warning.

One, it signifies lowered immunity. Basically, you may have over-worked yourself and you are now exhausted and feeling depleted. Of course, if that is the case, it’s completely OK to allow yourself time to re-charge.

The other threat of the Funeral Guest is the ‘follow-the-crowd’ mindset that it creates. In this case, you might feel a temptation to just follow the crowd and do whatever everyone else is doing. If this is your strategy for 2024, then at least please make sure you are following the right crowd.


The presence of the Sky Cry makes you susceptible to other people’s negative energy. Physical energy is a bit low, ergo, mental resilience is also low. It’s easy to feel discouraged and defeated.

Again, self-care is the key here. I’m not going to minimize the effects of the Funeral Guest and Sky Cry. In extreme cases, when you have taken one hit too many, the two together can morph into anxiety attacks. So if you feel the need for a mental health break, please do so! It doesn’t make you weak. In fact, having the strength to seek help makes you far stronger than you know.


Another negative star is Sky Dog. This one warns of possible injuries and accidents. You may be more accident prone in 2024 because your physical and mental energy is being depleted.

On a separate note, be extra careful about your big purchases in 2024. The Sky Dog can denote loss, wastage, defects or blemishes.


But if you still have some chutzpah left inside you, a little spark of audacity still flickering, let’s continue to hustle. This is the Thriving Star in action. Traditionally interpreted as wealth opportunities from friends, this is a signal to keep networking. More importantly, be helpable! Have the courage to ask for help!

You also have the support of the Sky Horse. This is a wealth star. It’s a moving wealth star. It requires movement. With the Sky Horse, some element of travel is required. Of course, you can physically travel. But beyond that, think of strategic expansions or forays into new markets.

Secondly, let’s think about what the horse represents in the olden days. It’s a mode of transport. A vehicle! So what it’s telling you is that you need to find or create a vehicle that can help with your expansion.

This vehicle could come in the form of… social media platforms, franchises, foreign investors, networks. That’s just off the top of my head. The shape of the vehicle depends on what business you are conducting.

To summarize for the Tiger, if you are going to follow the crowd, then please make sure you follow the right crowd. And to the best of your ability, do try to hustle and keep moving. It’s important because you have Wealth stars coming to you in 2025. So there is hope on the horizon!

For 2024, if your energy level has been depleted, please take the time to re-charge. Self care is important.

Here, I’m going to borrow a quote from Tony Robbins – No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of others who aren’t even trying.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


Potential for travel is pretty high if you have the Tiger in your year. Here is the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, culture, countries, experiences and gain a new perspective.

If we look at the Year pillar from the lens of industry, from your perspective, your industry is stagnating in 2024. Remember, your chart, your perspective. Taking advantage of the low energy levels in your industry, there is room for expansion and growth for those who have the audacity to hustle. Because when others are not taking action, but you are, you have a distinct advantage.

Unfortunately, with the Funeral Guest, I’m afraid there is also the possibility of hearing bad news from within your social network or distant friends. So do make the effort to re-connect with those whom you may have fallen out of touch with.

And since you have the Thriving star which translates as wealth opportunity from friends, please at least maintain your networks! But please make sure you network with the right people, ok? If you detect low energy, run!


If the Tiger governs your month pillar (career and business), try to find opportunities to be a part of projects where you can either travel or work with colleagues from other departments, divisions or countries.

Again, please do your due diligence if you are making a big purchase. The Sky Dog can be warning about defects. This goes double to those of you who are in the position to approve purchases for your organization. Be extra careful.

But here’s the thing, the lack of positive stars simply means that, for one year, you don’t have external support. Nothing here says that you are helpless. In a year with limited support, you need to create your own opportunities. Yes, that word again – hustle! That’s how you use the Thriving and Sky Horse stars to the limit.


If you have the Tiger in your Day, do invest the time and effort in self care. Forewarned is forearmed. Personal energy – physical and mental energy – is a little low. Time to retreat into your cave and prioritize your personal well being.

How else can we inject some pizzazz into our lives? Travel! Yes, go and play! Have fun with your friends! Shake off the doldrums.


If the Tiger rules your Hour, please do not blindly follow what other people are doing where investments are concerned. This may backfire. Take the trouble to learn the system yourself and really understand the investment vehicle before you commit.

The Hour Pillar can also represent children. Their physical and mental resilience may be a bit low in 2024. You may want to pay some attention to that.

If we view the Hour pillar from the lens of staff – people who work under you – you may find yourself dealing with a rather unmotivated bunch. You need to do something to light the fire under them again.

The Hour Pillar is very much connected to our mental wellness. Because it also represents our thought patterns. With two types of conflicting stars – one wants to expand, the other wants to contract – paying attention to your self-talk is also very important.

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If you have the Ox in your Bazi Chart (be it Year, Month, Day, or Hour), brace yourself for a long read ahead. But a long article is worth the while when there is good news to share!

2024 Ox Zodiac


First, let’s recap 2023. The stars in the Ox for 2023, few as there may have been, encouraged mastery and an increase in self worth. For the Ox, 2023 was about getting yourself to the point where you can literally say, “I’m ready!”

And if you are really ready, in 2024 comes three major blessings stars. These are coveted stars that we always try to activate. The Fortune Virtue is a wealth star that enhances all other wealth stars. With this supporting you in 2024, it is very important to learn to recognize opportunities when they come knocking.

The Heavenly Virtue, also a positive blessings stars, dissolves the other negative stars that haunt you. This removes the obstacles in your way. You find that if you take action to remedy certain problems or obstacles, somehow, the problems are just easier to resolve. Ever experienced that? Like you have been plagued by a problem for a number of years, and then suddenly things just resolve themselves? That’s the effect of the Heavenly Virtue.

The third positive star is the Prosperity Star. This too brings opportunities. Be warned though, the Prosperity star could cause eating disorders. If you are not careful, you may find yourself growing sideways!

How would we interpret the presence of these three in the Ox for 2024? Basically, having invested the effort and time to upgrade yourself in 2023, opportunities are now presenting themselves because you are ready.


All these opportunities are meant to help you grow. This is the function of Pulling Saddle. To help you grow or head into a new direction. It’s exciting, albeit a little uncomfortable. It’s taking you out of your comfort zone by presenting new opportunities and experiences to explore. With the help of the Pulling Saddle, a lot of growth can happen for the Ox in 2024.


What could stop you? Irritants! See the bunch of negative stars encircling the Pulling Saddle? Looks like it’s getting bingo-ed, doesn’t it? Like petty people trying to stop your growth, holding you back. That’s exactly what they are. Nay-sayers and saboteurs.

Let me quickly describe their effect. Broken Star can represent sabotage or a breakdown in communications. It causes a negative impact to your image brought about by fake rumours.

Curled Tongue is an arguments star caused by petty gossip. Solid Killing represents obstacles created or put in your way by other people. Crossing Sha refers to relationship problems.

It feels like you want to fly, but there are weights around your ankle, dragging you down.

However, the Fortune Virtue and Heavenly Virtue both can dissolve these issues. Your job, is to not let them get to you. Do not allow yourself to become embroiled in petty arguments and pointless power plays. No need to play power games when you have the Fortune Virtue and Heavenly Virtue on your side. Focus on getting the most of the opportunities.


What happens if you start listening to the naysayers? The Lonesome star will then engender a feeling of being ostracized. Invalidated. Self-doubt. Succumb to the Lonesome star, and the Drapes is waiting. Drapes is depression.


The Ox also enjoys additional support in the form of two nobleman stars – the Heavenly Yi and the Sky Noble. Despite the naysayers and petty politics, there are noble help available to you. Your job is to recognize their presence.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


With such powerful blessings stars in your Year Pillar, you’d better be networking! Use the Pulling Saddle to broaden your social circle. With all the argument stars, it’s pretty noisy out there. A lot of differing opinions. That’s fine. Let them talk. This is about finding opportunities in chaos.

And most importantly, learn to recognize your noble people when they show up. To do this, you yourself must first have a clear idea of the type of help you need. For example, if you are a Gui Water Day Master, this noble person may come with a specific problem-solving skill. Without this criteria, it would be impossible to recognize your noble person.


When the Ox governs your Month pillar, do be careful of the perils of internal politics. Here, there might be no choice but to learn to play the game.

There are opportunities, but many people wanting to get in on the action and put their finger into the pie.

It would be wasteful to dumb yourself down just because of the presence of petty people. In this case, you need to cover your behind, and learn to act fast when opportunity presents itself. In all seriousness, these petty people are a small price to pay given the opportunities being presented to you.

Here’s one way they can’t catch you. Be willing to try out new ways of doing things. Be willing to explore. Because the negative stars are petty people who are still caught up in the old way of doing things. So if you can advance faster, that will help trigger the positive stars in the picture.


Ox in the day pillar talks about being presented with opportunities to uplift yourself, experience personal growth, and become a better version of yourself.

The only problem is, you might not find support among your close circles or from your significant other. It may engenders a feeling of being invalidated. If nobody validates us, then let’s validate ourselves!

For those who are in committed relationships, you may find that with the presence of the argument stars, small disagreements explode into big fights. Work together to solve the problems, and grow together.

Here, the chances of the Prosperity Star morphing into eating disorder is the most apparent. Be careful of your stress eating. At least, learn to recognize your triggers. If you cannot identify the enemy, how to defeat the enemy?


Ox in the Hour can feel a little bipolar. There’s a push-pull between wanting to grow and a fear of taking risks. Essentially, you might be talking yourself out of taking advantage of the opportunities. The solution is certainly not to go ‘all-in’ and throw all caution to the wind.

Instead, why not identify the root cause of your fear, and take action to remedy it. At the very least figure out what’s holding you back.

Alternatively, the stars in the Ox could mean that you may receive very little support from among your staff or team members. They’re being particularly recalcitrant in 2024. Or maybe they’re just not getting along. Team-building exercises required.

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The Rat embarked on a new cycle in 2023. Come 2024, the Rat is set to continue on its upward trajectory. To make the year work for you, you need a sword!

2024 Rat Zodiac


In 2023, the Rat had the prized Heavenly Virtue, Fortune Virtue, Thriving and Prosperity stars. All of which, encouraged the start of a new flow of energy. Your mission, in 2024, is to maintain that upward trajectory.

In the Bazi auxiliary stars system, there are a number of stars that talk about leadership skills. Among which, are the Grand Duke, the Emperor Star, as well as the General Star. In today’s world, there is not much difference between the three. The one similarity amongst the three is an opportunity to improve on your social status. Which means, promotion luck is available.

That being the case, what type of tools would you need to use the General Star? Unlike the Grand Duke and Emperor Star, Generals are usually famed for their fighting prowess. Which means, there is a need for a symbolic ‘sword’. Nowadays, we call that your special skillset. To rock this year’s stars, you must have a sword – a special skill.

This does not have to be a hard skill. It can be a soft skill. Example: maybe you write fantastic copy. Or maybe, you are a great facilitator. Perhaps, your skill is the ability to train and develop other talents.


This skillset is important for the General Star because it is the one that draws in the Golden Lock. The Golden Lock is typically interpreted as investment luck. But beyond that, it can also draw business or career opportunities your way by giving you the chance to be recognized as a talent in your field. This sword, or skillset, is important for people to trust your brand.


Having a skillset and opportunities is one thing. Whether or not you are willing to take action, is a whole different ballgame. Enter the White Tiger and Sky Warrior.

But first, let’s get the bad news out of the way. When the White Tiger and Sky Warrior come together, they heighten the risk of injury. Basically, the Rat has become a little more accident-prone in 2024. Accidents can happen for many reasons. One of them, is recklessness.

Influenced by the White Tiger and Sky Warrior, the willingness to take action has increased. Which is a good thing. Too much of a good thing is when these two ramp up your native competitiveness, resulting in a do-or-die mindset.

When our actions are prompted by this do-or-die mindset, that’s when the negative effect of both these stars become apparent. White Tiger brings petty people and gossip. Sky Warrior can even cause a loss of reputation.


Before we talk about how to flip these two important action-taking stars into the positive, let’s see what the underlying motivations behind the recklessness could be.

The Salty Pool is not a completely negative star. It’s one of the Peach Blossoms. So just know that likability has also increased for you. However, the Salty Pool can engender a lean towards instant gratification.

This focus on instant results, coupled with feeling more competitive in 2024, results in the Peeling Head. The Peeling Head, by itself, is nothing! It’s just feelings of unease. Outwardly looking like a General, inwardly not feeling at peace. Something like imposter syndrome.

Therefore, the key to turning the White Tiger and Sky Warrior into positive stars for the Rat is to be very mindful of the intentions of your action. To be clear when you are chasing a fleeting high, or to be strategic about your goals. Pick a hill to die on. No need to die on every hill.


The Taiji Nobleman star can help provide much-needed clarity. Unlike other nobleman stars, this is a spiritual nobleman. It improves wisdom and intuitiveness. If you allow it, it can change your perspectives and how you see things. With this in your quadrant, there is also a chance that you can learn from a guru or teacher. How can you help the Taiji Nobleman along? Practice mindfulness.

The presence of the Sky Bright is also a boon. This is an intelligence star that can support any of the other positive stars by enhancing your creativity, analytical skills, and talents.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


For those born in the year of the Rat, your industry is looking extremely vibrant this year. The industry is looking for leaders with specific skillsets. Your job is to sell your skills and start to build that trust.

If you were to focus on networking in 2024, who can you possibly meet? Perhaps a guru? Captains of industry? Creative people? Movers and shakers. People who can inspire you to take action.

If you are looking for a job, you must sell your sword – your skillset.

However, with the Salty Pool, the relationship with new people that you meet may be short-lived in nature. Be OK with that. It’s up to you to follow-up if you want to build the relationship.


If you are born in the month of the Rat, it’s time to sharpen your sword. Or even better, swords in the plural. Multiple swords. Multiple skillsets. Either acquire a new skill or enhance an existing skill – and then make sure you tell people that you have these skills.

The trick for the Rat in the month is to be alert for opportunities to showcase your talents.

Beyond that, physical wellness is also a factor. Because using these stars require physical and mental stamina. This bunch together can be quite exhausting. So if you already constantly feel fatigued, you may want to do something about your physical energy.


Courage is the key if the Rat governs your Day Pillar. The Sky Warrior and White Tiger are not necessarily bad stars if they can give you that fighting spirit to go after what you want. The courage to allow yourself to shine!

Growth for the Rat in the Day Pillar comes from your self development and personal growth as a human being. Growth can also come when you are able to gain that mindfulness to align your thoughts, words and action.

The caution here, where your personal relationships are concerned – your partner, your immediate household, people you see day in day out – don’t go picking fights for no reason to release stress. Find a different way to de-stress.

Or perhaps, from your perspective, your significant other is being nit-picky and fussy in 2024. Taiji nobleman is the answer – be the bigger woman or man.


Extra ambitious in 2024! Suddenly, there is clarity, thanks to the Taiji Nobleman. If you have always been interested in the metaphysical sciences, 2024 would be a good year for you to take up a course or two. Because metaphysics (Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Western, whatever) – at the end of the day – are all intuitive sciences. The presence of the Taiji Nobleman helps to take your understanding beyond the technical level, and to the intuitive level.

Of course, the Taiji nobleman can also help with clarity of thought. It helps you to see the bigger picture and understand patterns. So when this is in your investment pillar, you could also consider learning more about market psychology and market sentiments, for instance.

And finally, here’s the chance to become a subject-matter expert. In this case, where your knowledge is concerned, it’s time to deep dive.

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About me


Whenever the Indirect Wealth pops up on the Heavenly Stems, for a month at least, there is a probability of either attracting investors or at least increasing your income sources. For the Wu Earth Day Master, this is exactly what the October 2023 Bazi Chart represents.


Securing investment for your business can be a game-changer. Of course, the investor is not going to magically pop out of an old oil lamp. Which means that the Wu Earth Day Master will have some homework to do.

Your Ding Fire Resource star is a reminder to use the data advantage by compiling insightful and compelling data about your market. Next the Wu Earth Companion star is a reminder that you need to be out there talking to people and making connections to access the investors. And finally of course, with your Xin Metal Output star, the pitch had better be compelling!

But not everyone reading this will be in the market for an investor. I realize that. What’s another way to use the energy of the October 2023 Bazi Chart?

In this case, you could consider becoming a deal maker for a month. In today’s world, everyone is out there doing something. Your job, in October 2023, is to get out there, find out what’s going on, and see if you have the resources, connection or even know-how to help your contacts solve their immediate problems. And since you have the Indirect Wealth star on the Heavenly Stem, we are absolutely not going to do this for free. It’s perfectly ok to ask for a small commission. Even noble people deserves to get paid.


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About me