Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the global economy, the word ‘Resilience’ has been chucked around like so much confetti at a cancelled wedding. Just google the word and you will find at least 100 web posts vying to teach you how to be more resilient. This is not one of them. Instead, let’s talk about…


What exactly is resilience? In a nutshell, it’s the rubber-ball effect. It represents the ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity. Of course, it’s a good trait to have as it helps you learn and adapt to changing conditions in pursuit of your goal.

Now, imagine this with me. Winter is coming to an end. The snow still lies thick on the ground, soft, melting snow. Here and there, tiny little hardy green shrubs are poking their early leaves through the ground. As we continue wandering the last of the winter wonderland together, we stumble upon a rare sight – a low-growing shrub of bright orange pansies in full bloom, their velvety colours a burst of sunshine against the pristine white snow. It has not just survived the winter, but thrived. How hardy does this plant need to be?

This is the same spirit of resilience represented by the Yi Chou (乙丑) pillar.


First thing you need to know – this pillar is known as one of the Six Elegant Days, which means that the Day Master is usually attractive, intelligent and elegant. Along with these traits come oodles and oodles of charm and energy. You are lively, assertive and persuasive!

Like how plants crave the sunlight, so does the Yi Chou naturally crave the limelight. Therefore, fame and money would tend to be a big part of your internal motivation. I’m not being ‘judgey’! So you like being in the limelight, what’s wrong with that?

Now that we’ve give the Yi Chou a quick run through, let’s talk about your strengths next!


One of the Yi Chou’s biggest strength is your ability to convince others to see things your way. You are able to see yourself within the grand scheme of things and the combination right here of the resourceful Ji Earth, the ability to act quickly of the Xin Metal and the excellent insights of the Gui Water is where your persuasive skills come from.

When you tap into this… because in a way, this Yi Chou pillar can also represent as a pillar of untapped potential (we’ll get into that later)… but what I want you to know right now is that when you tap into this –you have the resourceful ability to spot opportunities, the willpower to take action, and the insights to create the right strategies for success.


When we look into the cycle of this single pillar, we see  (1) the Ji Earth producing the  (2) Xin Metal which then produces the (3) Gui Water and finally produces the Yi Wood Day Master. Which is great, because this Day Master is being produced.

However, this Yi Wood Day Master has no roots. What does that mean? It means you are so busy seeking for external validation that you have forgotten that if you just sink your roots down, look inwards, and you will find a lot of potential waiting to be used. That is why I say that this pillar can also be seen as a pillar of untapped potential.

Also because of this formation, the  Yi Chou pillar has the tendency to display a liking for instant gratification.

So… what to do?


To become really extraordinary, the Yi Chou must find out what truly inspires them. If the cause, goal, or as we call it now, the Big Why, is compelling enough, you will dig deep to find the mental discipline needed to counter your preference for the easy route. Frequently, until the Big Why is found, the Yi Chou may never truly understand your full potential.

In the case of the Yi Chou, and I cannot emphasize this enough… the MINDSET determines the OUTCOME!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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