If your boss has a habit of referring to himself as an artist, chances are, you are working for an Eating God boss. He tends to be profoundly idealistic, sometimes even a tad bit impractical. Ask him about the ideal outcome, and he will paint you a picture with words.

Recognizing Your Eating God Boss

Your Eating God boss would be someone who is a bit of an intellectual. He considers learning to be an essential part of every human being and he loves to spend hours mulling over new concepts or far-flung possibilities.

The Eating God profile may be hard to pin down, because it can manifest in so many different ways. Essentially, this profile has to do with creativity – the art of creation. Many people instinctively jump on the obvious such as drawing, painting or writing. The Eating God cannot be strictly boxed in that way. This profile actually refers to an ability to visualize and create a product, a service, or a system.

In the world of the Eating God boss, there is no system perfect enough that cannot be rebuilt. He will be constantly thinking of reinventing the wheel, tweaking and changing.

He would be a service-oriented leader who puts a premium on collaboration, trust and empathy. His objective will be focused on supporting the individuals within the team.

Your Eating God Boss Under Pressure

When pressured, your Eating God boss is likely to display a tendency to analyse a problem to death. He will spend a lot of time thinking and discussing, but without an action plan at the end of the brainstorming.

How To Deal With Your Eating God Boss

To be indispensable to your Eating God boss, you need to play tactician to his strategist.

Keep learning. Eating God profiles get frustrated by people who refuse to grow. You need to display intellectual curiosity to match his.

Be his sounding board. Eating God profiles love to examine problems from multiple angles, especially when he has someone to bounce his ideas on. However, he must consider you to be his intellectual equal before you can take on this role.

Help him achieve perfection. The idealistic nature of the Eating God profiles very often leads to a broad streak of perfectionism. If you are the person who can bring a shine to his ideas, that is when you truly become indispensable to your Eating God boss.

Note: If you’ve missed my first post for this series, plot your Boss’s Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) Key in the name, gender and date of birth. You don’t need to key in the time of birth. That information is not relevant for this purpose. Scroll right down to the bottom to find the profile.

In all this, I must stress that you cannot ‘fix’ another person’s chart. Only the owner can do so, if he or she wishes to. The strategies offered here are designed to put you in a position that either complements the strengths or fills in the blind spots of that particular profile.

Disclaimer: The Bazi Technical terms (Eating God and Hurting Officer) are copyright property of the Joey Yap Mastery Academy. If you wish to learn the art of Chinese Metaphysics for yourself, please visit for more information.

Author: Paulynne Cheng

A Business and Career Consultant-Coach who melds Chinese Metaphysics techniques with modern day Coaching to help you become the best that you can be. A lifelong reader who cannot imagine life without books; a 25-year Communications professional with an expertise in sports communications, sports marketing and broadcasting.

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