Ren Shen is sometimes viewed as a clear stream flowing over mineral rocks

Of the 60 pillars, the Gui You (癸酉) is the more inquisitive and curious Water pillar. They say curiosity kills the cat. But you’re not a cat, are you? So let’s talk about the gift of being curious.

Maximizing The Gui You Day Master: Never Stop Asking Why

Sometimes viewed as an invigorating and cleansing autumn rain, sometimes described as a clear stream flowing over mineral rocks, the Gui You is curiosity personified. There is a wonderful sense of child-like wonder within this pillar that brings with it the initiative to explore new concepts and the fearlessness to tread new paths.

A sensitive Water pillar at its core, the Gui You is often guided by feelings and intuition. But don’t let this apparent softness and the polite and noble exterior fool you. When roused by justice and righteousness, the Gui You pillar can possess relentless motivation.

The Gui You sits on Xin Metal, its Indirect Resource. The result is an unconventional learner with a craving for knowledge and new experiences.

And what a wonderful gift to have! Curious people learn and retain information better. It is also one of the hallmarks of creative thinkers, implying the ability to creatively look beyond the present and imagine possible futures for yourself by coming up with out-of-the-box insights and ideas.

Curiosity also brings with it a greater capacity for personal development, resulting in an individual who is open to other’s point of view.

The Xin Metal, on which the Gui Water rests, also brings with it a gift for strategic thinking. Do be aware, however, of the Xin Metal’s penchant for being critical to themselves and others.

Where Is The Gui You?
Curious, Not Nosy (Gui You In The Year Pillar):

Regardless of your day master, having a Gui You in the Year Pillar means that you are frequently perceived as a curious person by your public, industry, and social network. Friendly, charming and enthusiastic, this pillar easily attracts friends and acquaintances.

Here, you need to be aware of the fine line between curiosity and nosiness. Asking someone for their opinion of a shared experience (a speaker at a convention, for example) is curiosity; asking a virtual stranger if they have any children is just plain nosy. I guess what I’m trying to get at (diplomatically), is that there is a big difference between being curious about a person, or just asking irrelevant questions.

You usually exhibit a calm, composed and gentle public persona. Remarkably easy to talk to, having the Gui You in the year pillar can enhance your social standing especially if you can highlight your interest in the wellbeing and motivation of others.

Being Curious At Work (Gui You In The Month Pillar):

Believe it or not, curiosity is now a marketable skill. Behavior scientists are now recognizing that curiosity is a powerful characteristic because it helps keep you engaged and sharp at work. Some of the best entrepreneurs are curious and creative thinkers. Having the Gui You in the month pillar gives you the vision and the drive to create growth in your organization without having to be told what to do.

This trend becomes even more apparent in start-ups where everyone needs to think beyond the role they are hired for to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the growing company.

Quote: “When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

In the post-Covid19 world, even larger corporations with a reputation for structure are now looking to instill this very trait across departments. The curious will dig a little deeper and take the time to look at things from a different angle.

Letting your curiosity shine through at work can improve your reputation as an innovation, position you as a leader and open up new roles for your career or business growth.

There is one key drawback of the Gui You month pillar that you should be aware of. You tend to have high expectations of yourself and your colleagues. When disappointed by their failure to meet your high standards, you have a tendency to react instinctively with blunt speech and overcritical analysis. This stems from your high expectations of yourself, but it is not something that others would be aware of. Therefore, it would be advisable to intentionally scale back on the aggressiveness and instead, rely more on the inherent people skills of the Gui Water.

A Curious Mindset – Never Stop Asking Questions (Gui You In The Hour Pillar)

Let’s think about it for a minute. Our entire education system, regardless of which country you reside in, was shaped by the first industrial revolution. That’s 200 years ago! It was a time where the priority was to train workers for factory jobs with heavy emphasis on obeying orders and not questioning. This worked well for the mass production era, but it is a poor fit for our current environment where creative thinking is the X-factor.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us graduate from our respective universities, the innate curiosity we were all born with has been completely and effectively stamped out.  

So I hope you never lose that curious mind and ideals bestowed by the Gui You Hour Pillar. Because a curious mind is never bored. It brings creativeness into your life and opens up a new vista and a wider perspective.

Promise me, today, that you will become more interested in the world around you. Make a conscious decision to explore new things and enjoy the rewards the new experience will bring.

Quote: I have no special talent… I am just passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar. To pinpoint specific issues or to co-create solutions tailor-made for you, please feel free to drop me a line.

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