Jia Shen Bazi

The Jia Shen (甲申) pillar offers a unique gift – the gift of compartmentalization.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to go on a descriptive bend. But with the Jia Shen, I can. Shall we take a hike of imagination together?


It’s Autumn. The perfect weather for a long trek in the woods. The air is cool and crisp. Meandering down the trails, we come upon a lake. Beside it, a majestic tree in full autumn foliage – emerald greens mixed with gold and ruby red. Drawn to its beauty, we go closer, only to realize that there is an axe-head embedded deep in the trunk. But wait, the axe does not look to have harmed the tree in any way. Instead, the tree has just simply… grown over it.

This ability to envelope any foreign objects with scar tissue and keep growing is something inherent in all trees. Scientifically, botanists call this ability – compartmentalization.


Strong communications skills is the hallmark of the Jia Shen (甲申) or Wood Monkey Day Master. Seated on its own 7 Killings, Indirect Wealth and Indirect Resource, the Jia Shen is a dynamic and fearless pillar that crave challenges. To you, obstacles are nothing more than delightful puzzles to be solved. In traditional Bazi, this trio – the 7 Killings-Indirect Wealth-Indirect Resource – are known as the Wealth-Officer-Seal formation. What it means is that this Jia wood is sitting on a continuous production/re-generation cycle. This phenomenon brings out the true quality of the Jia Wood, consistent growth.

Jia Shen Bazi
  1. Your Wu Earth (戊) Wealth Star makes you a powerful and visionary leader. The Jia Shen is endowed with strong business and strategic instincts. But I must add that having it is not enough. This just means that you have a natural talent for business. You must, on your own effort, develop these skills. Learn to spot opportunities, train yourself to become more effective and efficient, learn to leverage!
  2. Your Geng Metal (庚) Killings star endow an already-competitive Jia Wood with an appetite for risk. Dynamic and fearless, challenges are fun because you truly enjoy the process of taking on new challenges, learning new things, and the satisfaction of solving new problems. 
  3. Your Ren Water (壬) Resource star represents regeneration, the ability to bounce back from disappointments.

Armed with this 7K-IW-IR combination, the Jia Shen will have the courage to take on projects or businesses that may be a loss-leaders in the short-run, with the sure knowledge and confidence in their ability to turn that loss-leader into further profitable businesses.

However, money may not be the driving factor for the Jia Shen. Instead, it is motivated by the thrill of the hunt, and perhaps, more accurately, by the delicious satisfaction of having proven a point!

Along that journey, there will undoubtedly be many painful lessons to be learnt. Here, let’s refer again to the example of our majestic tree. In-bred into the Jia Shen’s personality, is the ability to absorb the blows, incorporate the lessons and bounce back stronger and smarter as a result.


In most cases, it is normal for the Jia Shen Day Master to experience hardship early in life. Any success must be self-made. The Jia Shen pillar typically does not receive much noble help. So learning to bootstrap and hustle early in life will go a long way towards helping you to achieve your dreams.


Boisterous with a capital B! Anytime Metal meets Wood in a single pillar, we can expect the Day Master to be a bit of a chatterbox. The Jia Shen Day Master is no different. The Jia Shen is one of the more flexible of the six Jia pillars. In this respect, your articulate communications skills is one of your biggest assets.


However, for all your outgoing façade, there is a secret part of the Jia Shen Day Master who needs regular me-time to spend in quiet contemplation. This is your ‘thinking time’. This me-time is super important because this is how the Jia Shen regenerates.

Therefore, being Jia Shen But Better could be as simple as scheduling regular thinking time for yourself. Take time off from being the centre of attention for a while. Hit that ‘Do Not Disturb’ button, and allow yourself to dive inwards and lose yourself in the pleasure of stimulating your mental prowess.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Are you a Jia Shen Day Master? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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