2022 And The Bing Fire Day Master

What would a Bing Fire Day Master see in the 2022 Year of the Ren Yin (Water Tiger)? Regardless of clashes, combinations or any other punishments, what gifts do the year bring to you? In this series, we explore the possibilities for each of the ten Day Masters.

[Paulynne’s Note: My sincere apologies for the long gap between posts. It’s been a crazy month! We’ll get back on track, I promise!]


The Bing Fire is often imagined as the Sun. But in traditional interpretations, this element is known as the most Yang of all the elements. Imagine a fire so hot it burns white-blue.

What happens to this self-fueling nuclear reactor when Water comes into the picture? In the classical 5-Elements Bazi, when Fire meets Water, ‘something’ comes to an abrupt stop. Basically, the ‘something’ stopped because an explosion happened! In today’s world, this explosion aptly describes the fluctuating uncertainties of the post-Covid marketplace.

Therefore, getting the most of a 7 Killings year requires some preparation. The 7 Killings year can be a double-edged sword. If you had prepared for it, if you have had strategies in place to take advantage of the so-called explosion, this might very well be your best year yet! In other words, you must be in the game to reap the rewards.

Becoming a bystander is not going to work well here. If all you have ever done was dread the coming of a 7 Killings year, then you leave the ‘explosion’ to random chance.

In fact, the traditional ‘Useful God’ to quell a 7 Killings year is the Eating God. By deploying your Useful God, you need to have literally two strategies in place. The first (Plan A), to prolong the effects of the 7 Killings year when things go well. The second (Plan B), for when things don’t go according to script.


No doubt, the theme of a 7 Killings year is a problem-solving year. If you are a great problem-solver, this will be a great year for you.

Let’s examine the interactions of the Ren Yin pillar in relation to the Bing Fire Day Master:

  1. Your 7 Killings star produces your Indirect Resource. This is akin to the school of hard knocks. It’s time to learn as you go, and hone your skills by putting them to use.
  2. The Indirect Resource produces your Friend star, inadvertently creating ‘rooting’ for the Bing Fire Day Master. In other words, this experience you earned by getting involved, creates self-confidence.
  3. The Friend star produces your Eating God star which represents your ability to create more Wealth. As you practice, so will you learn. As you learn, your confidence grows. Along with it, new ideas spark.


Plan A above describes when all the elements are balanced and are in a co-producing relationship. However, note that the Ren Yin pillar itself is not the most stable of pillars. Within this single pillar, from the perspective of the Bing Fire Day Master, your Ren Water (壬) 7 Killings star clashes with your Bing Fire (丙) Friend star while your Jia Wood (甲) Indirect Resource clashes with the Wu Earth (戊) Eating God. When we put these clashes together, it indicates a lack of self-confidence and a fear of expansion or growth.

Ironically, the second Useful God in this instance, will be your Geng Metal (庚) Indirect Wealth Star. How would this work? Basically, Metal is the go-to element to mitigate a Wood-Earth clash. But what about the Fire-Water clash? Well, think of the Geng Metal as a shield that you put between the cascading Ren Water and the Bing Fire.

Obviously, it would be easier for a business owner to use the Indirect Wealth star. Using the Indirect Wealth star requires you to hustle! Something that business owners are really good at! You can upgrade, downgrade, bundle, unbundle, transport, mass-market, narrowcast, think big, think small, mess with your price point… all these are governed by the Indirect Wealth star. For business owners, using the Indirect Wealth star will require you to deploy a flexible business plan that will allow you to shift your value proposition in response to changes in the market.

What about career professionals then? Using the Indirect Wealth as a career professional requires you to become a part of the solution instead of the problem. Get involved in large-scale multi-departmental projects that are aimed at driving more business. Think about how you can make things better. Think about how you can leverage on the talent of others. Regardless, the bottom line is: get involved!


In conclusion, for the Bing Fire Day Master, a 7 Killings year is one that must be handled with flexibility. Yes, I know. It’s not easy for the routine-driven Bing Fire Day Master to be 100% flexible.

Making the best of a 7 Killings year will require time, effort and energy. But it will be worth it. If you are not convinced yet, I leave you with one final encouragement: don’t forget, your Output sees Wealth this year!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single Day Master.

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  1. Thanks Paulynne,

    This is very useful information for me as i feel like losing my direction in 2022, i am a Bing Wu with my career pillar of Yi Si and my HP is gui si, my LP is Geng Zi. Thank you once again, at least i know what i need to focus on now.

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