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In the practice of Qi Men Dun Jia, the Grappling Hook deity has a bad rep. Like a really, really bad rep! So bad, in fact, that most practitioners would shy away from using the Grappling Hook (me included!) It’s mysterious. And enigmatic. Worse, it has a number of very visible character flaws.

Before We Go Any Further, I Am Talking About Your Subconscious

For the benefit of those who may not have been exposed to QMDJ, allow me a couple of sentences to explain. Qi Men Dun Jia is the Art of War. It is a tool designed for strategy and tactics (forecasting and execution). However, there is a spiritual side to Qi Men Dun Jia which believes that we are, each of us, naturally connected to one of ten universal energies.

The ten QMDJ deities are basically ten different manifestations of the universal energy. They are neither demons nor angels. Like all energy forms, they are neutral. Think of your personal deity as your subconscious. It is yours to command. It doesn’t rule you.

So, expect a series of 10 articles around the 10 QMDJ deities. Since I am a sucker for self-punishment, I start with the hardest – the Grappling Hook.

How To Know Which Of The 10 Represents Your Subconscious

1. Plot your Bazi Chart here: https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/

2 At the top of your Chart, on the right (see diagram), there is a box containing your QMDJ destiny information.

3. Look at the information under ‘Guardian Deity’

What’s So Bad About The Grappling Hook?

Since the Grappling Hook has a bad rep, let’s get the negative stuff out of the way. The easiest way to visualize a powerful Grappling Hook behaving at his or her worst is to look at how this guy operates:

Narcissistic, ostentatious, and enamored with power, an uncontrolled Grappling Hook excels at causing confusion. Forget about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing! When it comes to an uncontrolled Grappling Hook, the right hand doesn’t even know about the existence of the left hand. This is a master of disinformation and panic.

But notice, I stressed on the adjective ‘uncontrolled’. The negative traits manifest when the person succumbs to the sweet allure of power.

The Gifts Of The Grappling Hook

One of the biggest gifts of the Grappling Hook is an exploratory mind and mental resilience. For all the Grappling Hook’s stubborn insistence of doing things their way (and only their way), the Grappling Hook individual is curiously open-minded about alternative solutions.

In a way, this power is like the mixologist of the universe. It has the ability to bring techniques from different fields, mix them together, and come up with a brand new cocktail of solutions. This one has out-of-the-box thinking down pat!

The Grappling Hook also comes with a strong precognition about what works and what doesn’t. You just ‘know’!

Given the relentless grit gifted to the Grappling Hook individual, when you bend the powers of the Grappling Hook to your will, you become endowed with one of the most important universal gifts of all – mental resilience! The trick to using this gift is to stay in control. Never allow yourself to be trapped in the past.

The Grappling Hook also has the strongest affinity with nature, medicine, food, herbs, land, property and agriculture. What if you were to contribute this ability to find alternative solutions to the medical world or to environmental issues? Under such circumstances, when the lust for power is no longer self-serving, but serving a greater good instead, somehow it doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Although, I admit, this description is sounding a bit like Thanos!

How To Awaken Your Grappling Hook Powers?

The easiest way to awaken your Grappling Hook powers is to cultivate its biggest gift – your exploratory mind. Consciously widen your knowledge base. Get curious about… well, everything! Research!

Another way would be to use the journaling technique. Journal every experiment – what you did, the outcome and learnings. This journal is for keeps. When stumped by a seemingly unsolvable problem, flip through the journal. You’d be amazed at the solutions that suddenly seem ‘obvious’.

Lastly, the intent of using this subconscious power is the most important. Use it for the greater good or with the right intentions!

Tongue Firmly In Cheek…

And for those who are curious about what happens if you use it for the wrong cause…

Sorry, that was just me being snarky! Haha! Until the next article… hope you enjoyed this.

Plot your Qimen Destiny Chart

Does the Grappling Hook rule your subconscious mind? Plot your Qimen Destiny Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx


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  1. I have Grappling Hook as my Guardian Deity and was curious about it. You explained everything so well and even added a bit of humour, it was easy to understand and enjoyable to read! Thank you for sharing!

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