Ox 2023

If you were given a year to master a skill, what would it be? That is the question posed to the Ox in 2023.


In creating this new series, I’ve endeavoured to shift your perspectives of the positive and negative stars. They are neither promises nor guarantees. Instead, these are tools given to you for 2023, and it’s up to you to choose which one works better for you. The results become more obvious when we match our actions to the effects.

And when we learn to use these stars, that is when life happens for you, instead of happening to you.

Therefore, this post will include descriptions of the effects of the stars, followed by some ideas (or suggestions, if you will), on how the stars can be used. Please note that critical thinking is required on your part. Because without looking at the full information from your unique Bazi Chart, the ideas cannot be customized and must be kept as broad as possible.

THE OX IN 2023

Ox 2023

In 2022, the Ox had a choice to make – to build in public, or to work silently in the background. If you had been visible, and I’m assuming that you were, the visibility from 2022’s Golden Carriage and Surpassing Path would have brought you some growth opportunities.

Now, with those opportunities in hand, it’s time to focus on the task at hand. When I look at the list of stars in the Ox for 2023, I see a Japanese sword master, spending a year perfecting a single katana. He folds the metal again and again and again, honing the steel into a formidable weapon

This mental picture of a Japanese sword master at work, is the picture I ask you to carry in your head as you go about 2023.


The presence of the Fortune Nobleman and the Sky Bright denotes mastery. To metaphrase, the Sky Bright represents fame through one’s talents and knowledge. To attain that fame or recognition, one must first develop those skill and talents.

In many cases, mastery can only be attained when we have time alone – hours upon hours of study, research, practice, and more practice. The Sky Bright is not talking about a hidden talent that suddenly pops up. Instead, the Sky Bright supports the talent that is acquired through dedication and practice.

Therein lies the problem. We live in a world of instant gratification. With the advent of technology, we have lost the ability to wait. And we have forgotten that sometimes, the things that are worth doing, requires time and effort.


And because we have lost the ability to wait, we get upset when we don’t see instant results. To make things worse, because the process or journey of mastery is a solitary journey, there may be instances when we feel unsupported. This is what the Lonesome and Peeling Head is pointing to. Both are emotional stars, denoting that we feel unsupported in our quest to master this certain skill.


Not only are we feeling lonely in this journey, but it seems we also need to learn to deal with naysayers coming in the form of the Leopard Tail. These are like trolls, they’re petty people who seem to take delight in undermining our efforts. Here we are trying to master a skill, and here is this group telling us that we’re wasting our time. What to do about them? Ignore!


The Funeral Guest hints at the possibility of hearing bad news. When we see this star, it’s always a good idea to make the effort to re-connect with distant friends or family members. Ironically, the Funeral Guest can sometimes serve as a reminder to us that life is short and it can actually galvanize us into action.


Finally, the Sky Dog. This is a pretty minor negative star. It means the potential of experience a scar or blemish to our skins. So be careful when handling sharp objects. It can also point to the possibility of loss and wastage caused by defective products. Therefore, make sure to always examine a product thoroughly before you buy.

If you’re planning to buy big purchases like a car or property – make sure to get it independently assessed before making the purchase decision


Using the Ox stars for career development is fairly simple. Spend the year mastering a skill… not acquiring a new one. An existing skill.

And as for the negative stars? If you feel unsupported, be pro-active about it and seek out the support you need. Perhaps you could buddy up with a friend and act as accountability coach for each other?


Ox 2023

For the Business Owners, solopreneurs especially, will be vulnerable to the effects of these negative stars. Because a solopreneur works… alone! We’re the ones delivering the product, we’re the ones doing the marketing, we’re the boss, we’re the cleaner, we’re everything!

But with the coming of the Sky Bright especially, 2023 would be a good year to start assembling your dream team. People will hard skills who can make your life a little easier. They don’t need to be in your permanent employ. They can be talented freelancers!

And as mentioned, get your support network in place!


Because the negative stars in the Ox for 2023 talks a lot about the psychological issues such as loneliness and depression, here’s some extra content just for the Ox!

One suggestion is to learn to love the journey, not the outcome.  When you love the journey, the chances of getting the outcome is higher.

On this note, pick a skill that you want to master. No ‘shoulding’ here. What’s shoulding? ‘ I should do this, I should do that!’ Once the ‘shoulding’ starts, the judging begins, and then maybe the shaming tags along. And what happens to our self-worth when that starts? So pick a skill you want to master so that you can love the journey.

This way, the journey will contribute towards cultivating our self worth. What’s the difference between self worth and self esteem? Simple! Self esteem is reliant on external validations. Self worth is internal – how we see ourselves regardless of what’s going on outside.

And speaking of outside… let’s have a look at where is your Ox?



If you have the Ox in your Year Pillar, it seems like there are unrecognized talents or people in need of support within your industry, friend list, linked in connections, contacts, acquaintances, social media followers.

If you want to use these stars, then your job would be to get out there, network, discover who they are, and first of all, offer your support. Be the friend they need!


If you have the Ox in your Month pillar that governs career and business, this is a great year to focus on honing your proverbial sword. Gain mastery over a skill that will pay back for years and years to come.

Remember that image of a Japanese swordmaster? Be that! So focused on honing your craft that you are impervious to negative feelings and naysayers. Come 2024, that proverbial sword of yours must be ready to be launched! Because the positive stars will be coming back.

This is about using a year with negative stars as prep year. Some people will wait until the positive stars arrive before they start doing something. By then, it’s too late! If we use a year with negative stars for prep, by the time the positive stars return to our Ox column, the results we get will increase exponentially!


How about Ox in the day which governs yourself, and your personal relationships? Seems like you will feel a little unsupported in 2023. Why not be pro-active about this?

Communicate what you need to feel supported! If Significant Other is unable to provide the support you need, then get your own support network in place. This pillar is not just about your significant other. This pillar can also include your BFFs, or your immediate family.

Or perhaps, your Significant Other may be the one feeling unsupported. Either way, communication is the key.


Ox in the Hour will govern your children, your staff, investments, ideas, ideals, and ambitions.

Where your children and staff are concerned, this could be the right time to increase their self-worth by encouraging them to master a certain skill.

What about investments? Learn the skills you need to become a master investor! Sky Bright type of mastery requires hours of practice. I can’t stress that enough.


It’s been a long article, hasn’t it? If you’ve gotten this far, thank you!

A little about me. My name is Paulynne Cheng and I am a Bazi and Feng Shui practitioner with a bias for career and business development. Mind you, I’m not a business guru or some such. My role, is to interpret the energies of your Bazi Chart and the corresponding 2023 energies for you. To help you identify potential opportunities and possible threats, depending on your goal for 2023.

Should we meet for an onward conversation, my goal is to help you align your actions, not just to the effects of the stars, but also to the flow of energies in your unique Bazi Chart.

When we do that, you really go with the flow and things become easier because you are no longer fighting the energies, but using the energies.


Now, remember! The Annual Auxiliary Stars make up only about 20% of your Year. To understand and create strategies for a successful year ahead, hit me up for a personal consult. Let’s co-create your strategy together and make 2023 your best year yet!


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