2023 Life Star 1

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. There comes a time when a revamp is required. An internal revolution, if you will, to improve our lives.

The Reform hexagram carries the Dui (Lake) on top, and Li (Fire) at the bottom. Like a geyser or hot water springs, pressure is building up to the point where something’s gotta give.

It’s a time of transformation and evolution.

This is especially true if you have been on cruising mode for the longest time. Consider the Reform hexagram as a firm nudge forward. You are being challenged to step up and leave your comfort zone, re-asses your situation and re-evaluate what can be done differently.

And the most significant change will happen if this creates an internal revolution, if you successfully reform your thinking patterns and attitude. So with the arrival of the Reform Hexagram in your life, it’s time to take stock and review old habits or methods. Reform how you view changes in your life. When that switch happens, better things will come.

On a side note, the 9-7 is a Peach Blossom combination. So if you don’t know what else to change, at least consider changing your marketing methods or how you promote yourself professionally.

The arrival of Star 9 in a Life Star 1 life also creates a ‘Combo-10’ which makes 2023 a good year for collaborative efforts and partnerships.


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2 thoughts on “2023 AND LIFE STAR 1: REFORM”

  1. Hi. Some I-Ching schools consider 2023 triagram as 家人 (Family), and not 革 (Reform) – may I ask how you arrive at this triagram for 2023? Thanks.

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