2023 Life Star 4

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

For those of you with the Life Star 4, 2023 and the arrival of the Beginning hexagram signifies the possibility of a fresh start. This fresh start could happen in various forms – in your career, relationships, health, personal wellness, lifestyle, anything.

But as exciting as a fresh start can be, it’s not without its rough patches. Let’s call them… teething problems!

The Beginning hexagram, with Kan (Water) on top, and Zhen (Wood) at the bottom, represents a tiny new seedling pushing its way up to the surface. This young and fragile seedling needs to make an extraordinary effort to push through the denseness of the earth before it can emerge into the sunlight.

The seedlings that lack the inner will to power past the obstacles will forever remain buried underground. But for the seedlings that make it to the surface, a time of flowering and abundance awaits.

Therefore, the Beginning hexagram is a lesson in perseverance. You’ve taken a bold step to make improvements in your life. But now you are encountering obstacles. And that tiny voice in your head is getting louder, asking you to run back to the ‘safety’ of your comfort zone. Be warned. That way lies stagnation!

Know that the current difficulties you are experiencing are nothing more than a blip in the grander sense of things. They represent a time of trial-and-error. They are… teething problems.

All that’s required, is to be patient, work steadily, have several routes mapped out, give it due diligence and attention, and most of all, be sure to nip the weeds in the bud. Work hard now, be willing to put in the hours, stay focused on your goal. You can enjoy life later.

And most importantly, don’t be shy to ask for a helping hand. The arrival of Star 3 into the life of a Life Star 4 can increase your Peach Blossom luck. So if nothing else, you’re a lot more likable in 2023!


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