2023 Life Star 7

The Small Livestock hexagram is like a bright blue sky on a scorching, stifling summer day. The Xun (Wind) on top, the Qian (Heaven) at the bottom. Plenty of puffy white clouds, a tiny breeze is blowing, but not a drop of rain in sight.

This hexagram represents a period of time when the wind is ebbing, when it does not even have the momentum required to gather the clouds together. This is a time to focus on the small details, as opposed to pushing for a big move. This is the time to put the final details of your plans together, small tiny successes that pile one on top of each other until eventually the momentum starts to pick up.

Please do not underestimate the power of these small successes. One small success every day will culminate inn 365 successes by the end of a year.

It’s obvious by now that you won’t be the ‘rainmaker’ this year. You may not have the resources on hand to take sweeping actions.  The solution: collaborations and partnerships.

Therefore, this is the year for a Star 7 person to employ the power of subtle influence and gentle persuasion.


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