March 2023 Xin Metal

For the Xin Metal Day Master, the conditions are ripe in March 2023 to sow the seeds that will eventually help you increase your earning potential. In short, hustle! Here are some suggestions for micro-activities that will further this goal in March 2023:

  1. Brainstorm money-making ideas. With the unconstrained creativity provided by the March 2023 Bazi Chart, this is a good time to bring some friends together to brainstorm wealth-creation ideas.
  2. Launch! Don’t wait for perfect. If you have a side hustle ready to launch, March 2023 is the time to do it. With the market open to new innovations and ideas, the time is ripe for you to make an impact.
  3. Make connections. By nature, Xin Metal Day Masters are also natural networkers. But the question is, who are you networking with? Consider making new connections especially with potential investors.
  4. Make time. All of us are constrained by 24 hours in a day. Making the most efficient use of your time will also help you increase your earning potential.

I agree, hustling has a bad rep. But it’s not about shaking people down for what you want. When you understand that there is a need to treat people well, maintain authenticity in your relationships and treat everyone fairly, hustling becomes an art form!

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