July 2023 Qimen

The dynamic art of Qimendunjia is excellent for short-term tactics and strategies. While monthly Bazi strategies are great for activities aimed at the strongest energy of the month, Qimen brings a psychological layer into the picture. In short, my chart; my perspective. Read on for the July 2023 Qimen Strategies for the Southwest palace.


  1. Plot your personal Qimen Destiny Chart here: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
  2. Take particular note of the labels inside your own chart and determine the sectors/palaces for each of your key palaces. For example: your Destiny Palace may be in the East palace. You will see a red box inside the East.
  3. I would highly recommend that you keep your focus strictly on just a few key palaces – the Destiny Palace, the Career Palace, the Wealth Palace, and perhaps the Relationship Palace.
  4. The following description is the likely opportunities or challenges that you may experience in those sectors of your life in July 2023.


July 2023 Qimen

If the Southwest holds one of your key palaces, learning the flexibility to react appropriately in different situations will be called for in July 2023. This requires self-awareness, empathy, and a focus on maintaining positive and constructive interactions rather than going on an ego trip.

Practice self-awareness: Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations when faced with different situations. Notice any signs of defensiveness, anger, or the urge to assert yourself. Being aware of your ego-driven tendencies is the first step towards managing them. Only through self-mastery can you then successfully influence other people.

Seek multiple perspectives: With the Scenery Door comes the opportunity to seek multiple perspectives instead of immediately asserting your own opinion or viewpoint. Actively listen to others and seek to understand their perspectives. Engage with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. Recognize that there can be multiple valid viewpoints, and embracing this mindset helps you avoid ego-driven reactions.

Cultivate empathy: With the arrival of the Black Tortoise comes the opportunity to be more empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of others and try to understand their feelings, needs, and concerns. Developing empathy allows you to respond with greater compassion and consideration, reducing the chances of ego-driven reactions.

Choose your battles: Not every situation requires a reaction or response from you. Sometimes it’s better to let go, avoid unnecessary conflicts, and focus on maintaining harmonious relationships. Learn to distinguish between situations where your ego is pushing for a reaction and those where it’s best to remain calm. The worst that could happen? You find yourself provoked into a trap!


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