July 2023 Qimen

The dynamic art of Qimendunjia is excellent for short-term tactics and strategies. While monthly Bazi strategies are great for activities aimed at the strongest energy of the month, Qimen brings a psychological layer into the picture. In short, my chart; my perspective. Read on for the July 2023 Qimen Strategies in the Northwest


  1. Plot your personal Qimen Destiny Chart here: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
  2. Take particular note of the labels inside your own chart and determine the sectors/palaces for each of your key palaces. For example: your Destiny Palace may be in the East palace. You will see a red box inside the East.
  3. I would highly recommend that you keep your focus strictly on just a few key palaces – the Destiny Palace, the Career Palace, the Wealth Palace, and perhaps the Relationship Palace.
  4. The following description is the likely opportunities or challenges that you may experience in those sectors of your life in July 2023.


July 2023 Qimen

If the Northwest governs one of your key Qimen palaces, the Sun Follows Moon Turn formation presents you with a month brimming with optimism. This formation is best for those seeking more achievements or even a promotion. But to get there, you need to put aside your trust issues, and bank on your leadership skills to bring a diverse group of people together and convince them to follow your dream. After all, success is given to us by others!

Vision: With the Sun Follows Moon Turn, clearly articulate your dream and the vision you have for the future. Paint a compelling picture of what could be achieved and the positive impact it can have. A strong vision inspires others and gives them something to rally behind.

Effective communication: Master the art of communication to effectively convey your vision and inspire others. Clearly articulate your ideas, actively listen to others, and adapt your message to different audiences. Use storytelling techniques to make your dream relatable and emotionally resonant. This is especially important when presented with the noisy Pillar Star. Your leadership skills are needed to cut through the noise, bring everyone back to the same page, and start taking action.

Build relationships: The 6 Harmony presents you with the opportunity to establish strong relationships with those around you. Cultivate a sense of trust, respect, and empathy. Take the time to understand others’ perspectives and align your dream with their values and aspirations. People are more likely to follow someone they feel connected to and understood by.

Foster collaboration and empowerment: Similarly with the 6 Harmony, encourage collaboration and involve others in shaping the dream. Create opportunities for input, feedback, and shared decision-making. Empower others to take ownership and contribute their skills and expertise. When people feel a sense of ownership, they are more likely to invest themselves in making the dream a reality.


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