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A Feng Shui monthly strategy chart can be used in two ways. This is even more nuanced than a Bazi strategy as Bazi tends to be Day Master specific. In Feng Shui, we can either apply the following directly to your Life Gua (a more straightforward way of predictive analysis), or we could apply this sectors to the person who spends the most time in that particular sector. This one’s for August 2023, based on the Month Replace Month Hexagram Chart.  

In this month’s series, I’ve endeavoured to layer the information with the personal 8 mansions to create an even clearer picture of what’s happening.  


In a world that glorifies leadership qualities, we sometimes forget that there would be no leaders if there are no followers. All of us, at certain points or areas of our lives, will need to take on the role of the follower.  

The Earth hexagram in the Northeast is the hexagram of the follower. It’s about the power of receptivity, the power of stillness. Two Kun guas stacked one on top of the other can represent fertile earth. The soil does not choose what it grows. Whatever seed lands upon it is what it will nurture and produce. Likewise, the soil does not plan how to grow the roots, stems and branches of the plants. It allows the natural flow of the seed to happen, in its own time.  

Yes, it’s a little zen. But the greater message from the Earth hexagram is about trust. Trusting ourselves enough to allow the bigger picture to unfold.  

Wu Gui Sector (Life Gua 1)

Spiritual growth cannot be ‘chased’. When we go in conscious pursuit of spiritual growth, this journey becomes an ego-centric journey. The arrival of the Earth hexagram in the Life Gua 1’s personal Wu Gui sector can be a reminder to cease the intentional ‘chase’ for spiritual growth, and allow the development to happen in its own time.  

Relentlessly chasing something can be exhausting. Case in point: I’ve heard plenty of people sharing about how they feel when they achieve sage mode as they do a Qimen manifestation. Equally, I’ve heard plenty of people feeling FOMO for not being able to achieve sage mode. At this point, a confession is apt. I’ve been manifesting for years, I’ve never once achieved ‘sage mode’ to the point of how it has been described.  

If you’re one of those who find it hard to meditate, try something different. Instead of going for the high level meditation techniques, simply sit back and be still for a short period of time, and observe your thoughts. Don’t try to control them. Just observe any thought that pops into your head. Even if it is ‘what shall I have for dinner tonight’.  

Sheng Qi Sector (Life Gua 2 and Life Gua 5)  

The Earth hexagram in your personal Sheng Qi sector can be a reminder to put some focus on asset and resource management. Specifically, to diversify your asset and resource management.  

Alternatively, the Earth hexagram with its overtones of receptivity and stillness, can be a warning that you may be over-planning. By that, you may be inadvertently stifling your creativity by imposing rigid structures and limitations on the imaginative process. While planning is essential for organizing tasks and setting goals, excessive and detailed planning can suffocate the flow of creative ideas.  

Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of spontaneity, exploration, and flexibility, where unconventional thoughts can emerge and innovative solutions can be found. Over-planning can create a sense of pressure and restrict the freedom to explore uncharted territories, limiting the potential for groundbreaking ideas.  

Embracing a balance between structure and spontaneity allows room for serendipity and unexpected connections to foster the growth of originality and imagination. By leaving space for improvisation and embracing the unknown, creativity can flourish beyond the confines of excessive planning.  

Liu Sha Sector (Life Gua 3)  

Embracing stillness and receptivity can significantly enhance our physical and mental defenses. In a world characterized by constant stimulation and overwhelming demands, finding moments of stillness allows us to recharge and restore our energy.  

The Earth hexagram can also talk about being defensive. About taking the time to stop reacting, and just let things be. Through practices like meditation, mindfulness, or simply taking quiet breaks, we can cultivate a state of calmness that strengthens our resilience against stressors.  

Additionally, being receptive involves tuning into our bodies and minds, paying attention to signals of discomfort or imbalance. This awareness enables us to respond proactively to our physical and mental needs, taking necessary steps to maintain our well-being. By prioritizing stillness and receptiveness, we create a solid foundation for improved self-care, self-awareness, and the overall defense of our physical and mental health.  

Jue Ming Sector (Life Gua 4)  

When we feel ourselves stuck in a rut, it’s very human to want to jump ship. Immediately! A common example is how people quit their jobs without an onward plan in hand. This happens because we just want the feelings of unhappiness about our career stagnation to end.  

Stop! The Earth hexagram is also about understanding. Before you jump the gun, take some time to truly understand the source of your unhappiness. Taking action that does not truly address the cause will inevitably lead to an endless cycle of restarts.  

Tian Yi Sector (Life Gua 6)  

You can only be helped when you are ‘helpable’.  

The notion of being “helpable” suggests that one must be open and receptive to receiving assistance in order to truly benefit from it. Accepting help requires a certain level of humility, vulnerability, and willingness to acknowledge our limitations. When we recognize that we cannot accomplish everything on our own and are open to support, we create an opportunity for growth and progress.

Being helpable involves setting aside pride, letting go of the fear of judgment, and embracing the understanding that seeking help is a sign of strength rather than weakness. By being receptive to the assistance and expertise of others, we open ourselves to new perspectives, insights, and solutions that can lead to positive outcomes.  

Yan Nian Sector (Life Gua 7)  

Compassion serves as a powerful catalyst for fostering stronger relationships and building deeper ties with others. When we approach interactions with genuine care, empathy, and understanding, we create a safe and supportive space for individuals to be themselves. Compassion allows us to see beyond surface-level differences and connect with others on a deeper, more authentic level.  

It enables us to listen attentively, validate emotions, and offer support without judgment. By extending compassion, we create a sense of belonging and trust, nurturing relationships that are built on mutual respect and kindness. Compassion also promotes forgiveness and understanding, helping us navigate conflicts and challenges with grace and empathy.  

Fu Wei Sector (Life Gua 8 and Life Gua 5)  

As the official start of Period 9 approaches, a vague but unnameable feeling of pressure grows inside many of us. Because Period 9’s energy is so future-focused, it’s inevitable that we all feel the same pressure to be future-forward. Constantly thinking about what we want to be next year, or the next five years, or the next 10 years.  

The question from the Earth hexagram is: are we becoming so future-oriented that we have forgotten to be present in the moment?  

Being present in the moment can be a transformative practice that brings profound depth and richness to our lives. It involves consciously immersing ourselves in the current experience, fully engaging our senses and awareness.  

By letting go of past regrets and future worries, we embrace the beauty and significance of the present. Being present allows us to savor the simple pleasures, appreciate the nuances of our surroundings, and connect deeply with others. It fosters a heightened sense of mindfulness and awareness, enabling us to make intentional choices and respond more authentically to the world around us.  

Moreover, being present cultivates a profound sense of gratitude and contentment, as we recognize and cherish the blessings that unfold in each moment. By practicing presence, we unlock the potential for joy, fulfillment, and a profound connection with the intricate tapestry of life.  

Huo Hai Sector (Life Gua 9)  

The arrival of the Earth hexagram in your personal Huo Hai sector is a timely reminder that now is the time to concentrate more on the realities of your situation rather than the potentials. For a short while, you are required to sit back, observe, and respond instead of constantly trying to direct or manipulate the outcome.  

By focusing on the realities, we acknowledge the current circumstances, limitations, and opportunities that exist in our lives. This approach allows us to assess the situation realistically, make informed decisions, and take practical actions that move us forward. It also helps us appreciate and make the most of the resources, strengths, and opportunities that are available to us in the present.

By embracing the realities, we build a solid foundation for growth, progress, and the eventual realization of our aspirations.  


Simply, stand in the middle of your house. Face the door. Use the compass app in your mobile device and turn to look for the relevant sector that you intend to use. Once identified, just do the activity related to the objective.  


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