2024 Horse Zodiac

One of the more interesting zodiac signs in 2024 is the Horse. No doubt, there are plenty of challenges to resolve, but there is an out. To make the best of the Horse in 2024, you must be open to new solutions.


2024 Horse Zodiac

The Horse had nobleman luck in 2023 but also faced a lot of external pressure to hustle.

Now in 2024, comes three powerful problem solving stars. When you have these many problem-solving stars, obviously, you have problems to solve.

Both the Relief God and Sky Relief are problem dissolvers. They smooth over difficult events.

To support the Relief God and Sky Relief, you also have the Taiji Nobleman that enhances wisdom and intuition. Somehow, you just know what to do, when to do, how to do.

These three can’t work by themselves. They need your input. And the solution is very simple – just be open to solutions. Don’t dismiss anything out of hand. Give every idea due consideration – especially your own ideas!

It is very human to dismiss our own ideas. As humans, we tend to place more weightage on other people’s input as opposed to our own. With the Taiji Nobleman, you must be aware of this tendency in 2024.

These three together is about fostering a curious and open mind. Approaching problem solving with a sense of curiosity and eagerness to explore different perspectives, embrace diverse ideas and seek out alternative solutions.


What can stop this from happening? The Prison Inmate and Instability stars. When you plot your own Bazi Chart using any of the plotters, you might find the Prison Inmate and Instability further down the list. Naturally, most people will think that they are not too important.

But in 2024, being aware of their effects is very important. Because these two are the ones that can block the effects of the Relief God, Sky Relief and Taiji Nobleman.

As mentioned, using the Relief God, Sky Relief and Taiji Nobleman, requires us to be open to different types of solution. The Prison Inmate puts blinders before our eyes. It’s a feeling of being stuck – physically, mentally, emotionally. Of seeing things from a very limited perspective. It’s the urge to stand still when you should be moving. It causes inertia and a lack of motivation and helplessness.

What can we do to overcome this? Again, it’s all about the mindset. The marker for the Prison Inmate are two words: ‘No Choice!’ If you hear yourself thinking that, or even verbalizing those two words frequently, it’s time to encourage yourself to examine things from different perspectives. There is always a choice. Doing nothing is also a choice.

Next is Instability. Basically, from your point of view, things are not stable. Life is sometimes good, sometimes bad. This can cause emotional instability and mood swings. This one can be a drama queen. When added together with the Prison Inmates, there seems to be a lamentable tendency to catastrophize.


If you can overcome the Prison Inmate and Instability, the problems brought about by the rest of the negative stars become mere hassles. They can be solved.

Let’s examine the types of problems that you may be called upon to solve in 2024.

The Calamity Sha is a mishaps star. It can cause an outflow of wealth because there may potentially be small accidents, illnesses, maybe damage to your house, or damage caused by natural disasters such as floods. Make sure your insurance is up to date. It can also mean disharmony in the home – basically, Calamity Sha is hinting that you may have a Feng Shui problem.


Separating Edge also talks about relationship problems. It affects your ability to connect with other people. Basically, the Horse has become a little tone deaf in 2024. Diplomacy is the key.

Great Sha is a lot like the White Tiger. It calls for a more conservative approach to people. There is potential of petty people and petty gossip. Bad if their presence deviates you from your intended path. Basically, this represents obstacles that may stop you from moving forward. This can have a big impact if you are stuck in Prison Inmate mode.


The Flying Chaste and Blood Knife are blood-related accidents. This just requires presence of mind when you are driving or handling sharp objects. And as always, an easy out with the Blood Knife is to visit the dentist. Since blood has to flow… we might as well have nice teeth in return!


In general, the Funeral Door and Earth Funeral points at the possibility of hearing bad news. They can also mean that your immunity level or energy level is lower in 2024, so more care must be taken for your health and physical wellbeing.


And then we have the Red Chamber. Traditionally, this is a negative star because it represents scandals caused by lust and romance.

But here’s the thing, the Red Chamber can be a good Peach Blossom star. Good for sales. Because a Peach Blossom star is still a star of likability and attention. And Period 9 is the attention economy. Use this wisely, it can help improve your year.


All these problem solving are leading you towards the Eight Seats. It brings access to decision makers. It creates the opportunity to become a key person within an organization or an industry. Because apparently, you are the problem fixer!

And where are we heading towards for 2025? The ability to make an even greater impact.


But please remember, this is not prophetic in nature. Also, this way of presenting the Zodiac stars is just one possible permutation of how things can flow. It can happen in any way. The goal of these annual posts is not to scare you. The goal is to show you what you want to avoid. These are neither promises nor threats! They’re just here to show you possible outcomes. So I hope, that in reading this, you learn to accentuate the positives and sidestep the negatives.


With the Horse in your Year Pillar that represents your industry, market, social media and social networks, from your perspective, it’s a noisy world out there. A lot of arguments, conflicting opinions, controversies, scandals. There is also a danger that may accidentally trigger the trolls because of a tone-deaf post.

The answer – diplomacy. We use the Relief God and Sky Relief to pour oil over troubled waters. Be the voice of reason.

Horse in the Year Pillar in 2024 is also an opportunity to be known as a problem-solver. To earn a reputation as someone who can fix problems.


With the Horse in the month, you may find that miscommunications keep cropping up in your work environment. Basically, nobody is on the same page.

The problems to solve, apparently, are human-related problems. People not seeing eye to eye. Somebody not talking to everybody. Nobody wants to compromise.

Human-related problems are the hardest to solve, aren’t they? If things get broken, we can buy a replacement. But people working at cross-purposes is hard to resolve. If you are the one who can be the bridge and get everyone on the same page. Do you not think that you will be super valuable?

Great soft skills to have with the Horse in your Month – as a mediator or facilitator. When you attend a meeting, somehow the voices of dissent are muted. Somehow you manage to get people working together again. Isn’t that a valuable skill to have?


If you have Horse in the Day Pillar, the indications are looking at harmony in your home and personal relationships. For some reason, in 2024, you seem to feel like there is no harmony in your relationships. Everyone is fighting each other at home. Could be siblings disagreeing with each other, maybe parents with children, the family is no longer aligned.

This is where the Prison Inmate can be a threat – you feel like you have no choice but to accept this situation. And then the situation escalates until being at home is no longer pleasant.

I would love to ask you to be the active mediator in this case, but I’m also mindful of the Funeral Door and Earth Funeral. Managing family disharmony saps a lot of energy. So I’m going to go against conventional advice here, and suggest that whatever happens, look after your own personal wellbeing first. Don’t martyr yourself, please. Because you can only be a part of the solution if you are not a part of the problem.

But how to use these stars to grow? Be systematic about tackling problems in your life. Solve what you can first. One step at a time.


The Horse in the Hour Pillar is the most interesting. The Hour Pillar can represent our thoughts, investments, children, staff, ideas, aspirations and ideals.

Let’s look at this from the mindset perspective. Your ideas may be a bit too contradictory to the norm in 2024. Basically, you may be too future-forward. Others can’t keep up. They can’t accept your ideas because they are not ready yet or they don’t see what you see. Find new ways to communicate your ideas.

For investments – minimize your risks because of the Calamity Sha that may cause instability in the market. Please make sure you have capital protection in place.

From the perspective of children, teaching your kids how to cope with social pressure could be your job for 2024.


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