Witty, resourceful, bursting with energy, the Ji Hai (己亥) Day Master has one physical attribute that wins against everyone else. Consider it your superpower. It’s your voice! Ji Hai Day Masters are usually blessed with an enthralling and mesmerizing voice. But of course, you are more than just your voice.

Care to know more? Read on…


Externally, the Ji Hai (己亥) presents as a very idyllic picture – endless waves, lapping gently against the golden sands; coconut trees swaying elegantly in the breeze. Picturesque, isn’t it? 

The Ji Hai Day Master is certainly blessed with a potent combination of both beauty and brains. Like the beautiful picture that the pillar presents, you, the Ji Hai Day Master, possess mesmerizing beauty along with a warm and exuberant personality. Looking at the picture alone, you would most likely think that the Ji Hai Day Master is one who is good-natured, easy-going, someone who goes with the flow, maybe even a little lackadaisical.

To a point, you would be right. But did you know, that beneath that romantic exterior lies a very capable Day Master with the gift for planning and hard work?

Let’s talk about your strengths…


Ji Hai Bazi
  1. Let’s start with your Ji Earth (己) Day Master. Like all Ji Earth, you are resourceful and productive. If I were a hiring manager, I would be delighted to have a Ji Hai working for me, especially a young Ji Hai Day Master who is just starting out in his or her career. Why? Because the Ji Hai is malleable and teachable. In other words, unlike the more stubborn Day Masters, the Ji Hai Day Master is open to external suggestions and therefore, will continue to expand and grow his or her potential exponentially.
  2. This trait of being teachable is amplified by the presence of your Jia Wood (甲) Officer star which at once ‘controls’ and ‘combines’ with your Ji Earth Day Master. This star is particularly important in the Ji Hai pillar. It creates the stability you need to become more self-confident. At the same time, it represents the opportunity for your hard work to help you gain authority, status, and recognition.
  3. If the Ji Hai sounds very pleasant so far, hang on a second. Never discount the fact that this nurturing and compassionate Ji Earth sits on an innovative and forceful Ren Water (壬) Wealth star. This star holds the most influence when it comes to the planning skills of the Ji Hai. After all, the Direct Wealth literally governs planning and execution!

Planning skills is one of the cornerstones for success. And here’s the rub. Not everyone does it naturally like the Ji Hai. Many of us are visionary big thinkers. The Ji Hai, on the other hand, makes big plans and turns those grand schemes into smaller rational and realistic steps – all thanks to the Ren Water Direct Wealth that you sit on.

4. Despite the absence of any of your output stars, the Ji Hai Day Master can also be very creative. This comes from the smooth interactions within the Hai/Pig branch itself where the Water produces the Wood. In your case, this represents your Direct Wealth producing your Direct Officer, which translates into a powerful imagination, and the energy to go after your creative goals.


But what about your vulnerabilities? Each of your strengths mentioned so far, will have a darker side. After all, that’s the concept of Yin and Yang.

Firstly, your vaunted malleability. Along with that easy-going attitude comes the tendency to be a people-pleasure.

Next, the presence of your Jia Wood (甲) Officer star may be important to create stability in your pillar, but at the same time, it could cause you to create too many rules for yourself, and ultimately, impending your own growth.

Finally, while the Ji Hai is usually even-tempered, you do have some trigger points – particularly when things don’t go to plan. This is especially true at a time when your Ren Water (壬) Wealth star gets out of control.


Generous, confident, and honourable, your personal brand is that of someone who is steady and even-tempered. Aside from resourcefulness, the Ji Hai pillar holds a great deal of integrity. So you start off on the right footing as the first impression you give is of someone who is trustworthy.

On the flip side, the Ji Hai pillar tends to try to be everything for everyone. If you are aware of this trait, it can be kept under control.


Being Ji Hai, But Better is almost a no-brainer. Since you have been given an outstanding gift in your vocal cords, doesn’t it make sense to get some vocal training and build up your vocal image? Our voices and how we speak literally carry an image of us. You have been given a natural advantage in this area, so I’d use it to the max.

Lastly, strive to use your planning abilities to create work-life balance. This is something that is particularly important for the Ji Hai. Why? Because the golden sand of this beach is constantly in danger of being eroded by the sea. Therefore, this Day Master needs time for self-care. Otherwise, you end up over-exerting yourself.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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