Meet one of the most competitive of the 60 pillars – the Xin Wei (辛未) or Metal Goat. You wouldn’t use a scalpel to chop down a tree, neither would you use an axe to perform surgery. The Xin Metal (辛) may be seen as small and delicate, but by no way is it non-lethal. A scalpel, used the right way and in the right hands, can cause massive impact.


On the surface, the Xin Wei (辛未) or Metal Goat is not a very ‘attractive’ pillar. It is described as newly unearthed metal or antiques. The surface has been dulled by time, perhaps even caked with the sands of time. It will take an unerring eye to discern the true value hidden deep within.

However, the nature of the Xin Metal is to shine! Being seen as faded and nondescript on the surface can be extremely frustrating for a Xin Metal Day Master. Nevertheless, this infuriating situation is exactly what gives the Xin Wei its biggest strength – the gift of competitiveness. If you are a Xin Wei Day Master, you would never shy away from competition. Instead, you thrive on it!

I like to think of the Xin Wei pillar as Aladdin’s Lamp. It looks dull, but when you rub it, a genie pops out! Let’s check out the genie in the bottle!


Just like all the other Xin (辛) Day Masters, the Xin Wei (辛未) or Metal Goat Day Master has got charm, wit and people skills in spades! This Day Master is further supported by its own Resource Star, giving you the strength to withstand pressure and competition.

  1. The Xin Wei (辛未) or Metal Goat also sits on a Wood Storage, which in this case is one of your Wealth stars. This star brings about a sharp shrewdness that helps you quickly and accurately gauge individuals and circumstances.
  2. Your Wealth star then produces your Ding Fire (丁) Influence star where lies the core of your action-taking abilities. In your case, this future-forward Ding Fire is extremely ambitious and it also represents your drive to attain wealth and fame.
  3. Finally, the Ding Fire (丁) Influence star produces your Ji Earth (己) Resource star that gives you an instinctive grasp of group dynamics. Given your innate people skills and analytical abilities, this is something that will give you the competitive edge.  


This segment, how the Xin Wei (辛未) or Metal Goat presents and its vulnerabilities, is best illustrated by using the example of a famous Xin Wei Day Master – Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay, the Xin Wei or Metal Goat Day Master

Externally he is not classically good looking. Agree? Yet there is something captivating about the raw energy that he emits. Because all Xin Metal Day Masters inherently like attention, the exterior ‘unattractiveness’ of the Xin Wei pillar could cause problems with self-image issues.

Additionally, when the Yi Wood (乙) Wealth star and the Ding Fire (丁) Influence star is ticking overtime, the two elements working together can create a Xin Metal Day Master who is very forceful and domineering. Just like Gordon Ramsay. We’ve all seen him in the popular series Hell’s Kitchen. Given a position of power, this is pretty much how a Xin Wei behaves – zero tolerance for laziness and fools.

Gordon Ramsay has found a way to make this image, and these vulnerabilities, work for him. If, however, you find these traits to be the very characteristics that are holding you back, the solution is simple – you will need to learn to be more accommodating of other people’s foibles and shortcomings.


Becoming Xin Wei (辛未) but better is easy. For this Metal Day Master to shine, we need to use the Water element, which represents your Output element. Try to find a career, business or a life that centres around travel. When you experience more of what the world has to offer, when you open yourself to other cultures and perceptions, that is when your Day Pillar will begin to shine bright.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

Want to find out if you have the Xin Wei pillar somewhere in your chart? Plot your Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/.


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