Of the 10 Day Masters, the Wu Earth Day Master is rather renowned as the least pro-active. But in 2022, a special formation comes along designed to literally help you get on the move.

The Wu Earth Day Master’s reputation as a champion procrastinator is not completely deserved. Yes, you may not be the fastest of movers, but from the perspective of the Wu Earth, you will only move when everything (and I mean, every little detail) is in place. The rationale for this is simple – the Wu Earth Day Master is typically driven by the quest for safety and security.

But once every 60 years, comes a formation that will literally give you the impetus to move. And that formation is to be found in the 2022 Ren Yin pillar.


2022 Wu Earth
  1. The 2022 Bazi chart is awash with Water. For the Wu Earth Day Master, this is literally Wealth sloshing about everywhere. From the Wu Earth perspective, all those lost and rudderless people out there represent opportunities. So here’s the question: how long can you sit on your base, watching them drift hither and yonder in search of leadership? How long before you decide to wade in and start giving directions and channeling opportunities your way?
  2. To do that, there will be some obstacles to remove, for sure! Look out for the chance to dismantle obstacles that are hindering your Growth.
  3. The Ren Yin also brings you an abundance of renewable resource. In fact, the year is literally challenging you to shift your perspective on resource. It’s time to think of resource as more than just money. It could come in the form of other people and their talents, connections, time, knowledge and even things you already own that you can use to further your goals.
  4. The opportunities of the Ren Yin may seem a little drastic. But fear not. It also provides the anchoring and self-confidence you need to get moving.


But before you rush in where angels fear to tread, first you must have a solid STRATEGY. It’s time to get creative about how you match Resource to Opportunity.

This is one year where locking your talents inside your own head is not going to get you anywhere. So, be prepared to be a little vulnerable. Unleash those ideas that had been brewing inside for so long. Create a plan of action. Start doing! Move! Need I remind you that this formation only comes once in 60 years?

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single Day Master.

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