“Keep walking through the storm, your rainbow is waiting on the other side.

Heather Stillufsen

Congratulations! The arrival of the Advancement Hexagram in the Star 3 life promises steady growth and natural progress. Things are moving apace. All you have to do, is participate. So, just keep walking!

It’s not the time yet to look for new directions. Instead, update your internal road-map and plan for step-by-step progress. Progress made through the Advancement Hexagram can be a little slow, a little more gradual. It’s not one for flashy results.

The Li (Fire) at the top, producing the abundant Kun (Earth) at the bottom, is akin to the heavens creating situations that will ultimately benefit you.

However, there is a snarky line in the Secrets of Xuan Kong that reads: When Fire sees Earth: stupid and stubborn clots will emerge.

Therefore, do try not to be a stupid and stubborn clot! It’s one thing to deal with stubborn fools, it’s another to adopt an egoistical and recalcitrant stance. The arrival of Star 2 into the life of a Life Star 3 is sometimes known as the Bullfight Sha which brings about senseless and needless arguments or disputes.

There is a calling to rise above the pettiness. After all, you can afford to be magnanimous. You’re the one who’s making progress!

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