On May 10th 2020, I posted my very first article in this blog with much trepidation and anticipation. It’s been a year since! The Hidden Sun is 1! So I want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for all your support.

Alright, to be completely honest, I’m not one for dates and anniversaries. I only remembered because WordPress sent me an invoice to renew the blog hosting! Haha!

So I thought I should at least mark this occasion with a special post this week – to thank you, yes YOU, for your support over the past 365 days.

I’ve learnt a lot since that first post. There has been some sacrifices too. But I’ve gained more in return.

First, The Thank Yous!

Many people have played a part in this journey of mine. It’s impossible to thank everyone individually. But in general, I’d like to say…

  • Thank you to my friends for your kind encouragement and support.
  • To my readers. I am grateful for the chance to serve and share my knowledge. I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog.
  • To my clients, thank you again for the chance to serve. Quite a few have blurred the boundaries between clients to new friends.
  • To my boss, thank you for being supportive of this side gig.

Isn’t It Amazing What 2 Hours Can Do?

Looking into my blog analytics, I was astounded that in the past year, somehow while holding down a challenging full time career, I have managed to post 84 articles on this blog and 42 videos in YouTube. I’ve lost count of the Facebook Live #Talk3Talk4 that I do every week with my good friends Shamaine and Jonath. (Cue a bit of self-promotion: we share Metaphysics knowledge live on Facebook every Wednesday at 9:15pm MYT here. Come join us if you have the time).

Somehow, all that was accomplished, just by committing 2 hours every single day. The ancients got it right by splitting the day into 2-hour segments. 1 hour is barely enough to get something decent done. But 2 hours is just nice.

Seriously, try it for a month. But I think it’s important to list down what you have completed – no matter how small. By the end of the month, you get to look back at how much progress you would have gained. Motivation X10!!

Yes, I’ve certainly expanded my capacity within this past year. It’s gotten to the point where when I give myself a rare ‘day off’ (aka, I-heart-Yang-Goong-Disaster-Days), I find myself feeling bored! Self-punishment, anyone? Haha!

The Principle of Ying and Yang – The Price I’ve Paid

Of course, this doesn’t come without a ‘price’. Before this journey, I was a TV addict. TV-bingeing wasn’t just a thing, it was MY thing!

But since I started this side gig, the idiot box has gone silent. Actually, it broke down and I never even bothered to replace it.

But I’ve Gained So Much More

Sacrificing the television set on the altar of multiple income pipelines was a very small price to pay, I admit. And I’ve gained so much more!

I am grateful that I have somehow created a self-sustaining side business that I hope will grow exponentially as I continue to pour more efforts into it.

I am excited at how I have expanded my horizons, connected with a new group of amazing people.

Most importantly, I’ve learnt so much, not just about Chinese Metaphysics, but also about running a small business.

To tell you the truth, in 2020, my Bazi chart was full of negative stars. But defiantly, I decided to start my side gig then. Because I knew I would make mistakes. I knew I would run into problems. Might as well get them over with when times are bad, I figured. Yes, I can be greedy that way.

The Journey Continues

Of course, I will continue to post articles. After all, I’m only halfway through the 60 Pillars! This OCD Bing Fire thinks that a commitment is a commitment. It must be honoured! I look forward to sharing more insights and more value as I grow in my knowledge. I hope you will stay with me as I continue on this journey. Let’s grow together!


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