Setting up Feng Shui for apartments can be both easy and challenging due to the limited options in an apartment or condominium setting. Unlike houses, where renovations are more feasible, apartments often come with constraints on changing layouts. There is a limit to what we can do. However, with the increasing popularity of apartment living, it’s essential to consider Feng Shui principles to create a harmonious environment. Here are some tips to set up great Feng Shui for your apartment:

Apartment Logic #1: The Front Door

While many Feng Shui practices focus on the landform outside the front door, apartments and high-rise condos face unique challenges as their doors open to corridors. Despite this, the front door remains extremely important as the ingress and egress point of the unit. It significantly influences the flow of energy (Qi) into your home. At the most basic, it’s best not to have two opposite unit doors directly facing each other. This arrangement can lead to unstable Qi and potential conflicts between neighbors.

Similarly, we try to avoid apartment units where the bedroom doors are directly facing to each other. This will impact the harmony between the occupants of the two bedrooms.

Apartment Logic #2: Front Door facing the Balcony causes Wealth Leak

In high-rise units, it’s common for the front door to directly face the balcony. This can lead to a wealth leak, as Qi enters the apartment but quickly exits through the balcony. Some suggest building a solid divider in front of the door to block the Qi, but this may darken the Bright Hall. A simpler (and cheaper) solution is to use a curtain to block the part of the balcony door that is in line with the front door.

Apartment Logic #3: Balconies are important for Feng Shui

From a Feng Shui perspective, balconies hold great importance in the Feng Shui of your apartment or condominium unit. In apartments, balconies are considered as a secondary Qi mouth. They allow practitioners to tap into incoming Qi, facilitating easy Feng Shui setups. If your balcony faces a beautiful green mountain, it enhances the positive energy even further. Do consider this when you are next in the market for an apartment or condominium.

Apartment Logic #4: The proximity to the lift is important

The lift area represents the Yang sector of the building due to constant traffic. Living closer to the lift lobby makes it easier to draw in energy.

Apartment Logic #5: Emergency staircases

Emergency staircases are essential for safety. As long as they are not frequently used and the doors are usually closed, any impact on wealth or energy will be minimal. However, being aware of this can help you stick to your budget more effectively.

Apartment Logic #6: Avoid garbage disposal units nearby

If possible, avoid having a garbage disposal unit near your apartment, as it can negatively affect the energy and overall harmony.

Apartment Logic #7: Avoid lopsided buildings

For stability, it’s best to avoid buildings with irregular shapes or units that have significant missing sectors. It’s best to choose a unit with minimal missing sectors. From a Feng Shui perspective, square is best. Yes, we’re boring that way!

Apartment Logic #8: The impact of the floor number

The suitability of a floor is determined by matching your personal Life Gua with the floor number. Contrary to common beliefs in some cultures, there’s no need to avoid the number ‘4’ in Feng Shui. For instance, if your personal Life Gua is 9, the fourth floor can be a viable option, as it creates a 4-9 Metal He Tu combination symbolizing power and authority.


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