The Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon is like a bright sun over a green-cloaked mountain. It’s like the morning sunlight that gently caresses your skin with the promise of a brand, new day. Like the far-seeing and far-reaching morning sun that shines its light across the land, the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon pillar has vision. This pillar wants to matter. Its biggest gift is its ability to nurture. It literally holds the ability to create a whole new world.


The Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon carries all the most traditionally prized profiles – the Eating God, the Direct Officer and the Direct Resource stars. In the olden days, this trio is like the gold standard for a ‘good’ life. Now please remember that for the ancient masters, the definition of being born to a good life means someone who is born to a scholarly or even noble family (Direct Resource), has the opportunity to gain in stature (Direct Officer), and will never lack of food and sustenance (Eating God).

In the modern interpretation, we see this as a Day Master who will always have support from the people around you (Direct Resource), has the leadership skills to harness this support and the creativity to make your own opportunities. Still gold standard? Yep!

Obviously, the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon has been blessed with a good blend of talents. So… how do we make it work?


The flow of Qi or energy in the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon can be a little complex. So please bear with me!

  1. We need to start with the Bing Fire (丙) Day Master. Like the ever-giving sun, the Bing Fire (丙) Day Masters are renowned for their visionary, magnanimous and generous nature. No doubt about it, you are a giver. And we’re not talking about giving on a small scale. Oh no! This is a pillar of grand gestures. When you give, it’s on a grand scale!
  2. Your Bing Fire Day Master simultaneously produces your Wu Earth (戊) Output star as well as your Yi Wood (乙) Resource star. Let’s talk about the Wu Earth EG first. Here is the base of the creativity that allows you to see a myriad of possibilities. Thanks to this resourceful Wu Earth (戊) Output star, you are literally a gold mine of ideas! The trick is to develop a willingness to bring those ideas into the light of day as opposed to of keeping them buried deep inside.
  3. Your Yi Wood (乙) Resource star is the seed of your knowledge. This represents your talent for gathering information. It also makes you a natural at creating a vast network of talents at your disposal. You are always curious about people. What makes them tick? What are their dreams and aspirations? Some might call you nosy. But hey! To nurture talent/market, we must first find said talent/market. Agree?  
  4. Speaking of talent, we come to the Gui Water (癸) Officer star that can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage to you. We’ll talk more about the disadvantages in the next segment. On the plus side, it adds diplomacy, loyalty and thoughtfulness to your personality. This star kicks in when you are in ‘nurturing’ mode. To flourish, plants need both sunlight and water. To nurture a talent or market, we need both a vision and gentle discipline. It’s akin to saying, ‘Here is what can be. Now this is how you get there.’

Feeling Lost? Just A Little?

I’ve tried to simplify the strengths as much as I can. But what’s to do? This is a rather complicated pillar. So let me give you a clear example in the form of a famous Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon Day Master – Steve Jobs:

  • Was he a visionary? Certainly.
  • Did he have a vision of what could be? You bet!
  • Was he not a goldmine of ideas that changed the world? Yes!
  • Did he have the knowledge and the ability to bring talent into his orbit? Again, yes!
  • Was he able to nurture a market that became die-hard fans of his ideas? Did he know what made them tick? Did he know what would excite them? Yes, yes and yes!
  • Did he not hold up a vision of what could be before the world and created a horde of loyal followers? Definitely!
  • Was he a nice guy? I’m not sure… which brings us to the vulnerabilities of the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon.


The Sun Trapped In Heaven’s Net is a classic moniker for the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon pillar. The ‘Heaven’s Net’ literally refers to the unpredictable nature of the Gui Water (癸) Officer star. Remember how I said earlier that this star is both a strength as well as a vulnerability?

Without conscious awareness, this Gui Water (癸) Officer star can turn moody and restless. If it gets too strong, the natural sunny nature of the Bing Fire (丙) Day Master becomes hidden from view. Like the sun hiding behind the clouds.

The end result? You, the Bing Chen (丙辰) Day Master may find yourself plagued by constant relationship problems. Awareness is the first step to change. So if you deem this to be a problem, then be aware that you have the tendency to behave like tropical weather – sunny one minute, thunderstorms the next.

By all accounts that I’ve read, Steve Jobs was not an easy man to work for. He had been described as tempestuous. Natch!


If having smoother relationships is your goal, then the Bing Chen (丙辰) or Fire Dragon Day Master simply needs to learn the art of compromising. It’s not about compromising on every single thing. But you need to learn what you can be flexible about, and what cannot be compromised.

Back to the example of Steve Jobs, he was uncompromising about his vision.

Therefore, if, your goal is to create a lasting impact like Steve Jobs, then you will need to consciously allow your Gui Water (癸) – Wu Earth (戊) combination to happen. This combo creates an internal fire that burns so strong, it literally changes the shape of the world. How to do that? By developing faith in your own vision and ability. Like Steve Jobs, by having the fortitude to march to the beat of your own drum.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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