Put on your sunglasses, folks. Things are about to get hot, hot hot! Legends have it that the Greek God Helios, the god of the Sun, drives a horse-drawn carriage through the sky. It is the perfection depiction for the Bing Wu (丙午) or to give it a more common name, the Fire Horse. Radiant in your intensity, fiercely independent, and brilliantly creative, stand by for a lot of superlatives in this post.


Yours is a Day Master that literally sits on its own Goat Blade. As scary as that may sound, the Goat Blade brings a lot of gifts to the Bing Wu, key of which are your strong will, blazing intelligence and boundless energy.

Additionally, the Bing Wu is also one of the Six Elegant Day Masters, which makes this pillar highly attractive to others. In short, people are literally enthralled and captured by your brilliance.  


To summarize the Bing Wu into a single sentence, it would be easy to say that this is a pillar that is driven by the compulsion to achieve greatness. Like the self-sustaining sun, this pillar has real drive and power to back up that desire.

When the Bing Wu is at a healthy level, the Bing Wu Day Master is someone with a great zest for life. You are funny, charming, adventurous and compassionate.

This appetite for all that life has to offer comes from the Ding Fire (丁) Rob Wealth star, the source of your ambitions and competitive nature. Like the sun, you simply can’t help but shine brightly for all to see. It’s virtually impossible to ignore a Bing Wu Day Master.

The Ji Earth (己) Hurting Officer stars adds to the originality of the Bing Wu. This is the seat of your creativity. Now at the most basic level of Chinese Metaphysics, the Fire element is always weakened by the Earth element. But in this case, a Ji Earth Hurting Officer star literally adds to the passion of the Bing Wu.


Because of the sheer brilliance of the Bing Wu pillar, you may exhibit a tendency for aggressive perfectionism. Driven by all that passion, time and time again, you may willingly or perhaps even unknowingly, shoulder all the responsibilities. You have high ideals that you intend to live up to. Consequently, you become very hard on yourself.

When in a negative frame of mind, your optimism becomes pessimism; your perfectionism turns over-critical and compassion may sour into suspicion.


A Bing Wu Day Master can easily come across as a domineering personality. In part, this could be due to an unrecognized desire to stamp your personality on others. This pillar can be relentless. Add the magnanimous nature of the Bing Fire into the mix, and you get someone who is intent on ‘helping’, whether or not that help is needed nor appreciated.

This domineering tendency may manifest through bullying tactics and perhaps even attempts at emotional blackmail.

I realize that this segment can be easily misconstrued. Please understand that my intent is not to belittle. But I feel it is important to know how others would perceive you. This recognition and awareness alone can help smooth your relationship with the world at large.


Let’s be honest here. The classical texts are not kind to the Bing Wu Day Master. Why? Because this is an original free spirit that bucks at rules and restrictions. However, these same traits can create an inspirational leader if all that positive energy and enthusiasm is harnessed towards your ambitions. Towards that end, I have a couple of suggestions as follows:

Suggestion 1: Tamper some of those domineering traits through learned diplomacy and tact. I’m mindful, though, that you may not be open to this suggestion. But at least, think about it!

Suggestion 2: The Bing Wu is governed by powerful emotions. So powerful, in fact, that they may cause inertia just when you need some drive to propel you ahead. Learning to detach from those emotions and to view them objectively could save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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