In the study of Bazi, the Bing Fire is visualized as the sun: selfless, illuminating, dependable, and optimistic.

Bing Fire individuals exudes confidence even as you give off the impression of being relaxed and laid-back, carefree and jovial. This can only be pulled off by someone with an intrinsic belief in themselves and their abilities.

Nothing keeps a good Bing Fire down. Just as the sun unfailingly rises in the East every day, the Bing Fire individual is dependable and perseverant. Unfortunately, this also means that Bing Fires have a tendency to become very habitual and routine-driven. 

The glass is always half full for the Bing Fire person. An eternal optimist, you can find the silver lining in even the darkest clouds and the pot of gold beyond every rainbow. This positivity is a double-edged sword for the Bing Fire. On the one hand, there are very little regrets in a Bing Fire’s world. You rarely wallow in self-pity because you are constantly looking forward. But this same positivity makes the Bing Fire view the world through rose-tinted lenses. This belief in the good of every one and everything, means that the Bing Fire lack the ability to probe beyond the surface of any issues.

It is a rare Bing Fire individual who will be able to completely step out of your comfort zone to go beyond the tried-and-tested formula. Risk-averse and conservative by nature, a free-wheeling, loose and easy style of business will tend to be uncomfortable for the Bing Fire. While risk-management can be learned with one mindful step after another, in the creation of a second career, it would be easier for the Bing Fire to stick to his or her basic nature.

And the nature of the sun is to give.

Social entrepreneurism where your success contributes to the betterment of society would be a good fit for the Bing Fire’s magnanimous and generous nature. There is, however, a need to build some internal barriers against those who would take advantage of the Bing Fire’s generosity. Most Bing Fire individuals radiate an almost child-like naivety, unable to realize the darkness in people. Mindfulness of this inherent trait would go a long way towards preventing the Bing Fire from being taken for a ride.

The eternal optimist who shines bright no matter what will also make a good motivator. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the various unrests taking place around the globe, what the world really needs now is a ray of sunshine to light the way. Think about what you have to offer, focus on adding value, how your product or service can bring joy or hope to your customers. Be the Bing Fire that carries a message of hope.

Bing Fire individuals are also well-respected as mentors. While others may resent the success of people around them, the Bing Fire, like the sun, rises above all that pettiness. In fact, you will go all out to unearth the true talents and capabilities of others. Therefore, a second career as a professional mentor may be right up your alley.

If there is one caution to be laid upon the Bing Fire individual, it is to constantly evaluate your plans and objectives to avoid falling into a routine.

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In our last article, we spent some time with the straightforward gentleman, the Jia Wood. Now it’s time to meet his sister, the flexible and adaptable Yi (乙).

While the Jia stands firm against the winds of life, the charming Yi Wood knows how to sway with the breeze.

The Yi Wood is visualized as a flowering plant in your garden. It may look delicate, but its roots are widespread. Pluck a flower and another grows in its stead the next day. Though not as deeply rooted as the Jia Wood trees, the Yi Wood’s roots are literally a tangle of networks just beneath the surface.

Similarly, the Yi Wood Day Master is charming and adaptive, the ultimate networker. They can get along with almost anyone. It is a rare (read: nasty) individual who finds himself unfriended by a Yi Wood!

Yi Wood Day Masters exude an elegant and sophisticated air, and are often pleasing to the eye. Usually well-mannered, Yi Wood people are also quick-witted, charming and smooth conversationalists. It’s so easy to succumb to the magnetism and allure of their silver tongue.

Like the soft growing plants that can bloom where they are planted, Yi Wood individuals are less resistant to change. You possess strong survival instincts and possess a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. It’s hard to keep a good Yi Wood down.

People are your wealth. Anything that requires networking would make an ideal second career for the Yi Wood individual or anyone who has Yi Wood in their Month pillar. You will enjoy and succeed in situations that require you to go out and make more friends, wheeling and dealing, connecting diverse groups of people to each other.

In particular, look out for opportunities to create a business that combines your personal passion with something that you have a lot of knowledge about. This gives you room for creative improvisation that will enhance the value of your services to your customers.

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In my previous series, I focused on helping you stay relevant in your organization by using your manager or supervisor’s Bazi profile. Now that you are on your way to having your job secured (of course, barring any external situations outside of your control), let’s start thinking about creating a second career.

To continue on our journey, let’s spend some time understanding the core characteristics of the 10 Stems. In doing so, we will understand the core of our personalities and start building a career that is attuned to our basic nature as opposed to bending ourselves out of shape.

So let’s start with el numero uno, the Yang Wood, Jia (甲).

The Jia Wood calls to mind a tall and sturdy tree. It is competitive (which tree stands tallest?), it is deeply rooted, it is upright and straight. It is also the most protective of the 10 Stems. Think of a tree spreading its branches to provide shade for those who choose to shelter under it.

Like the majestic trees he or she represents, the Jia Wood individual is steady and reliable. Just as a tree stands straight and tall, Jia Wood individuals can be stern and forthright. Deeply rooted, Jia Wood individuals can be rigid and resistant to change. They prefer environments where they can feel anchored.

They grow, but their growth can be almost imperceptible. Have you ever seen a tree grow without the help of timelapse camera? If you said yes, please drop me a note. I’d really like to meet the most patient person in the world!

But back to the magic of the Jia Wood individual. Trees can turn a single drop of water into branches and leaves and flowers. Similarly, a Jia Wood Day Master will also possess the ability to take a single idea and adapt it into multiple products.

Building on that, the key here is to create a single product or service that can be endlessly adapted to suit different environments or requirements. For example, a simplified accounting system that can be easily used by all small businesses regardless of their industries.

Jia Wood makes for great teachers and even better critics. As a trainer, the Jia Wood individual thrives at presenting their thoughts to people and showing others the right way (even though they can barely figure out their own mistakes). Jia Wood needs to be aware of the tendency to be subjective thinkers and learn the difference between genuine guidance from nit-picking.

Even if you are not a Jia Wood Day Master, this principle can also be applied if the Jia stem is present in your Month Pillar.

I’m sure you can tell by now that with the Jia modus operandi, the outcome may require some time before it comes into fruition. So start now!

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