The easiest way to use the Tong Shu is the 12 Day Officers. In fact, this is usually the first layer of qualifier used to determine the activities suited for the day’s energy. Each of the 12 Day Officers has its own energy imprint. More specifically, the 12 Day Officers represents phases of someone’s success journey. Together, they tell a very realistic story of the ups and downs we naturally face as we progress towards our goal.

In this new 12-part series, let me illustrate the phases of the 12 Day Officers through a 12-part story.


Picture Ms. Jia, your typical hardworking corporate executive, pushing through the daily grind with lagging spirits and drooping eyelids. Deep within her, a nagging thought persists – she’s destined for something greater. If only she had the resources to make it happen. After months of to-ing and fro-ing, Ms. Jia’s resolve reaches its tipping point. Enough is enough! It’s time to take action! Ms. Jia has landed squarely in Establish Day territory.


The Establish Day phase is not really an action-taking energy. Instead, it’s exploratory by nature. It encourages us to probe, to set intentions, and to declare our desires.

Truth to tell, it’s a rather wishy-washy kind of energy. Think of the Establish Day like our annual New Year Resolutions. How many of them do we fulfil? Or are the good resolutions forgotten within a week?


Nothing is being done on an Establish Day. Since it is a day suited for a statement of intent, here are some activities suited for the day:

  1. Getting engaged or offering a marriage proposal. In the Malaysian culture (or the Malay culture to be more specific), there is a step in their marriage journey called ‘menilik’. Literally translated, it means to evaluate. The two families come together to discuss the possibility of a marriage happening.
  2. Going on a first date. A first date is exploratory in nature. Two people meeting up to test and probe the possibilities of establishing a relationship! Very much an Establish Day energy.
  3. Starting a new job or new school term. An Establish Day may be wishy-washy, but when you start a new job or a new school, having multiple options for growth is highly beneficial.
  4. Sending out resumes. The purpose of sending out resumes is exactly what the Establish Day is built for.  To explore the possibilities of working with various companies.
  5. Exploratory business transactions or first pitches. An Establish Day is great for first meetings between two business entities. If the discussion at hand is to explore working together, it would fit the energies of an Establish Day.
  6. A/B testing or any sort of testing for that matter. Establish Day energies is great to conduct market responsive tests for your next marketing campaign.
  7. Seeking medical diagnosis and testing. Establish Day energies are good for medical-related activities where you feel ‘off’ but you don’t know what exactly is wrong. It’s for exploratory diagnosis.


Again, due to the noncommittal imprint of the day’s energy, Establish Days are not recommended for funerals and signing of contracts or agreements.


Usage of the 12 Day Officers become even more targeted if you can layer in the Bazi 10 Gods into the energy imprint. Yes, you will need some rudimentary Bazi knowledge. At the very least, you must know if a day is a Companion, Output, Wealth, Influence or Resource Day based on your Day Master.

Here are some suggestions for the Establish Day and the 10 Gods:

ESTABLISH DAY + COMPANION (Friend or Rob Wealth)

  1. First dates
  2. Productive networking and relationship-building
  3. Any collaborative initiatives

ESTABLISH DAY + OUTPUT (Eating God or Hurting Officer)

  1. Intention setting, because Establish Day is a day to say “I want to…”
  2. Test marketing or A/B Testing. Basically, trying out innovative ideas

ESTABLISH DAY + WEALTH (Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth)

  1. Sending resumes
  2. Researching potential job openings
  3. Researching for new investment opportunities

ESTABLISH DAY + INFLUENCE (Direct Officer or 7 Killings)

  1. Goal-setting and planning. This is especially important if your organization had recently undergone a significant change, and you are planning to have a chat with your immediate supervisor to explore your new role.
  2. Intention setting for personal improvement such as a new fitness regime, new type of exercise, or new diet plans.
  3. Test new process or systems for initial hiccups or unexpected problems.

ESTABLISH DAY + RESOURCE (Direct Resource or Indirect Resource)

  1. Of course, if the Establish Day coincides with your Resource Day, anything related to Research and Development will sync with the energy of the day.
  2. Explore new information or expose yourself to different ideas and thought processes


The 12 Day Officers and the Bazi 10 Gods are but the first layer of date qualifiers. Within a Tong Shu are multiple layers of information still waiting to be harnessed so that you can make an impact every single day.

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