Quirky and eccentric, the Indirect Resource profile is often known for their insights and wisdom. The external image of a unique intellectual matches a naturally curious bend in which creative exploration is key.

Oprah Winfrey is a great example of a successful Indirect Resource profile. She mashes her unique insights with her vast source of knowledge into a very successful talkshow that has helped earn her billions.  

Recognizing Your Indirect Resource Boss

The most unique clue about an Indirect Resource profile is their minimalist lifestyle. By this, I mean that they try to live a baggage-free life, free from an over-reliance on external stimuli. Your Indirect Resource boss would be open to all sorts of mental and creative explorations.

While other profiles may walk around with blinders on, the Indirect Resource is constantly absorbing information from all around. This is where those unique insights are derived. At times, all this sponge-like absorption causes the ‘too much information’ syndrome, leading to anxiety.

At healthy levels (like Oprah), a high-functioning Indirect Resource profile can turn weird into a personal asset. At unhealthy levels, however, this eccentricity could run away from them and become a liability.

At work, your Indirect Resource boss would prefer to work on a strategic level. He (or she), will always try to understand the project at hand from every angle before deciding on a particular tactic. He will also be a very independent character, preferring to be self-sufficient instead of relying too much on other departments or individuals for support. He will also need to be autonomous in order to function at his best.

As a leader, the Indirect Resource boss tends to fall into the task-oriented category. His philosophy would be to just get the job done, with very little concern about the feelings of his team members or the relationships with others. This style makes him ideal in high-pressure situations where impromptu strategic planning needs to be mapped out and carried through fast. Certainly less ideal when the work requires input and participation of others.

Your Indirect Resource Boss Under Pressure

Like his Direct Resource counterpart, when under pressure, the Indirect Resource profile may resort into thinking mode. All thinking but no action. When the pressure becomes unbearable, Indirect Resource profiles are most likely to turn to sardonic humour to deflect the problem.

How To Deal With Your Indirect Resource Boss

With an Indirect Resource boss, it would be best if you can also be as independent as he is. While he is always open to new ideas, he dislikes double-talk and long convoluted embellishments.

Multi-task for him. For the Indirect Resource profile, one of their biggest strengths can also be their biggest weakness. They can bring supreme powers of concentration to bear on a particular problem (a strength), but at the same time, this level of focus means they will lack the ability to multi-task (a weakness). If you can take on the multiple tasks and brute practical work, thereby leaving him free to play at the strategic level, you will automatically become indispensable to your Indirect Resource boss.

Collect information. Collecting information is almost like a lifelong obsession for the Indirect Resource profile. They are great at conducting research and deriving unique and out of the box creative solutions from data. To be invaluable, be the source of information or data for your Indirect Resource boss.  

Note: If you’ve missed my first post for this series, plot your Boss’s Bazi Chart with this free resource (registration required) Key in the name, gender and date of birth. You don’t need to key in the time of birth. That information is not relevant for this purpose. Scroll right down to the bottom to find the profile.

In all this, I must stress that you cannot ‘fix’ another person’s chart. Only the owner can do so, if he or she wishes to. The strategies offered here are designed to put you in a position that either complements the strengths or fills in the blind spots of that particular profile.

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