When your Ji Wei (己未) or Earth Goat Day Pillar is literally known as the Prosperity Day Star, you know we’re on to a good thing. Visually, the Ji Wei (己未) presents very much like its counterpart, the Ji You (己酉) or Earth Rooster. Both are likened to the sands of the desert. But if the Ji You represents the shifting sand dunes, then the Ji Wei is the bedrock upon which it sits.

Sure! At first glance, the Ji Wei presents as a barren landscape. But there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. So let’s dig in.


The Ji Wei pillar is imagined as the bedrock of the desert. This Earth is very dry. No amount of Water can ever satiate its thirst. This represents the Ji Wei (己未) or Earth Goat’s insatiable thirst for resources be it wealth, money, power or status.

No matter how successful society deems you, for the Ji Wei, any amount of success will never be enough. You will always be driven to create more. Which puts you in the top echelon of enterprising day masters.

Born as the Prosperity Day Star, prosperity and fortune are yours for the taking. In the next segment, I shall explain why.


The Ji Wei (己未) or Earth Goat Pillar is considered a stable pillar – rooted, produced by your own Resource element, and controlled by your Officer element.

  1. Your Yi Wood (乙) Killings Star holds the seeds of your charismatic personality. This flexible and versatile action-taking star helps you break new grounds. As a pioneer in your own field, you truly understand the need to be flexible, pragmatically changing your action in response to the environment around you. This Killings star then feeds into…
  2. Your Ding Fire (丁) Resource Star. The Ding Fire element is always progressive. Supported by this element, you are equipped with strong business instincts. You can spot opportunities very quickly and you are just as fast when it comes to taking action.
  3. The Ding Fire (丁) Resource Star then produces and supports your Ji Earth (己) Day Master and Companion Star. In this scenario, it brings the high level of self-confidence you need to go after the opportunities that come your way.

Meld the three core strengths together – flexible problem-solving skills, sharp business instincts and strong self-esteem – and the result is a Day Master who will never allow any opportunity to slip through your fingers. Better yet! When the opportunities don’t come, you create them yourself.

That is why, I’ve called this pillar, the Gift of Opportunities.

Naysayers or ‘judgy’ people would label this as opportunistic. Haters will hate!


The only time opportunities could possibly slip through your fingers is when your Ding Fire (丁) Resource Star goes into overdrive and pushes you into indecisiveness.

This indecisiveness is caused by the niggling feeling that you still don’t know enough. That you are not ready, or you don’t have the necessary resources, or you have not learnt enough. This is a very common problem with the Resource star. The only way to overcome it is to set your own deadlines on when the learning stops and the action starts.

Another vulnerability to be aware of is your native Ji Earth (己) tendency to pile on the workload. This comes from a desire to prove yourself. But if you take on too much, then you risk becoming unproductive.


Most Ji Earth Day Masters enjoy being around people. You are no different. People will generally find you friendly and helpful most of the time.

However, there is a calculative side of you that will quickly become apparent to those who know you well. In other words, there is a limit to your helpfulness.

You will always prefer the company of those who are just as resourceful as you are. ‘Needy’ people, by your estimates, are very draining. When you need to play the role of ‘rescuer’ one time too many, that is when the overbearing and controlling side of your personality takes over.

The reason for this? Again, we come back to the scenario of this dry earth where water (or money) is never enough. If it is never enough for the Day Master, then how could you possibly share too much with others?


Given what we know now about the Ji Wei’s ability to grasp opportunities, the suggestion for being Ji Wei, But Better is fairly straightforward. Train your entrepreneurial skills as early as possible. Be prepared (like the scouts)! Anytime an opportunity comes, you must be ready to jump into action.

Secondly, brand yourself! Status is important to you. The Ji Wei pillar is at its best when you receive the acknowledgement of others. Since that is the case, then learn to self-promote and market yourself as a brand.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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