The Ji Si (己巳) pillar can be imagined as a slab of jade that is formed from the slow movement of the earth. Like the jade that came into being through high temperature and pressure, a Ji Si individual is one who understands their true self-worth in the face of life’s trials and tribulations.

This self-understanding endows the Ji Si pillar with the gift of endurance, the ability to reject society’s pressure to conform. This brings about a rare independence of mind and spirit and a Day Master who is both resourceful and daring.


The first thing we note is that this Ji Earth Day Master is being produced by its own Resource star, which is the Bing Fire. From this single star, comes the charm and energy of the pillar as well as an enduring quest for knowledge. For the Ji Si, knowledge = power!

Next, we note that this Day Master is rooted in the Wu Earth companion star. This combination gives you resilience, determination, and tenacity.

Finally, we see here, an important output star that brings magnetism, ambition and eloquence. This is where the native charisma of the Ji Si really shines – this ability to influence through speech.


Ji Si Day Masters tend to have little support from their families. It’s not that your family doesn’t love them, no… instead, you may be like the kid who has to hustle to get scholarship to top schools and then becomes a success through your own efforts.

In other words, success comes from sheer hard work!

You may need to also watch for the tendency to become a little too materialistic. If you find yourself spending more than you can earn, it’s time to pull the hand brakes and learn some financial management skills. Now of course, this applies to all Day Masters, not just for the Ji Si.

And finally, there are also indications of a tendency to self-sabotage. For all the endurance that this Ji Si pillar has, strangely it has a hankering for instant results. When the instant results don’t show, be mindful that the Ji Si Day Master has a tendency to become impatient and domineering.


The key to making this pillar shine lies in these two elements right here – the Resource and Output star.  These two MUST be activated. So that’s where my suggestions are:

1. Never stop learning. The more knowledge you have, the more eloquent and influential you become.

2. Make sure that there is always a dose of variety and adventure in your life. It’s the same as point number 1 – the more you experience, the more knowledgeable you become.

3. And finally, this pillar craves security. Side note: the earth guys are always about security. Therefore, learning financial literacy is a must!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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