When you find yourself caught in a maelstrom, the first thing to do is not to panic!

The arrival of the Consistency hexagram in a Star 6 life can be a little unsettling. It brings about a rapidly changing external environment coupled with an internal feeling of helplessness. Yes, it’s a feeling much like being sucked into a whirlpool – helpless! You see the world changing around you, but you are locking yourself into a position where you cannot move.

The Consistency hexagram is a lesson in adaptability and flexibility. We can stay true to our goals, while changing our methods. That’s the message from the Consistency hexagram with Zhen (Thunder) at the top, and Xun (Wind) at the bottom.

Consistency is achieved through constant motion. It’s not a state of inactivity. This hexagram is encouraging you to be flexible in your approach to life, but always with your eyes firmly on the goal. There are many paths to reach a destination.

But what if you have not decided on your destination? The arrival of the Consistency hexagram will require that you dig deep to tap into your own sense of purpose and find your anchor. 


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