Imagine you are walking along, and suddenly, you find your path blocked by the biggest and rockiest mountain ever! After an understandable bout of cussing, what are you going to do?

Bust out a sledgehammer and start chopping through the mountain? Too difficult!

Start setting up dynamites? You carry dynamites when you’re out on a walk?

Try to climb the mountain? Possible, but arduous.

How about making a tactical retreat and then re-approach from a different angle?

The Retreat hexagram is a call to get back to basics. In a negative sense, it can be called ‘quitting’. But quitting is not necessarily a bad thing. Are there some negative parts in your life that you can call it quits in 2023?

Could it be a toxic relationship? Could it be a way of thinking? Certain habits? Netflix? (lol!)

A time of retreat is not a time of stagnation. Because retreat is not giving up. During more war-like days, when armies retreat, that is the time for healing the injured, getting fresh supplies, and creating new strategies. Retreat is conserving energy so that you can better position yourself for future moves. Therefore, retreat is a time for strategy and self-improvement.

The arrival of Star 8 into a Star 9 life also brings the promise of happy events that promote better emotional health. Therefore, the Retreat hexagram can represent a calling to get back to your roots and focus on what is the most important fundamentals in your life.


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