A Feng Shui monthly strategy chart can be used in two ways. This is even more nuanced than a bazi strategy as Bazi tends to be Day Master specific. In Feng Shui, we can either apply the following directly to your Life Gua (a more straightforward way of predictive analysis), or we could apply this sectors to the person who spends the most time in that particular sector. This one’s for May 2023, based on the Month Replace Month Hexagram Chart.


May 2023 Gua 4 Southeast

Perseverance is the act of continuing to pursue a goal despite obstacles, challenges, or setbacks. It requires persistence, determination, and a willingness to keep pushing forward, even when progress seems slow or difficult.

For the Gua 4 individual, the Beginning hexagram in the Annual Year-Replace-Year Chart denotes the teething problems surrounding a fresh start. The arrival of the Consistency (or Endurance) hexagram in May is a message of dogged determination.

One common strategy for practicing perseverance is to focus on making incremental progress each day, rather than trying to achieve massive gains all at once. This can be described as the “1% rule,” which means that if you improve by just 1% every day, you will ultimately achieve significant growth over time.

To stay focused and maintain your momentum, it’s important to have a clear sense of your goals and priorities, and the flexibility to regularly reassess your progress and adjust your approach as needed. This may involve breaking down larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks, and setting specific, measurable objectives to help you track your progress.

It’s also important to keep taking action, even when you encounter setbacks or obstacles along the way. For the Gua 4 individual, blessed with the gift of the intellect, typically prefers mental labour to actual execution.  Instead of getting discouraged by minor hassles or setbacks, try to view them as opportunities to learn and grow, and to identify new strategies or approaches that may help you overcome challenges in the future.

Like the Consistency hexagram that sees Thunder on top of Wind, tiny droplets of water and crystals in the air bump together creating tiny sparks of static electricity. The static electricity gradually builds up, until finally… a burst of brilliance is achieved!

The 3-4 combination can cause arguments. If this is going to be a problem for you, use Fire to diffuse.


May 2023 Gua 9 South

Beauty is seductive. Like a splashy sunset illuminating the mountains, beauty can captivate our emotions, and inspire a sense of awe and wonder. But beauty can be distracting and blinding by dint of the strong feelings and sense of enchantment it elicits within us.

For the Gua 9 individual, the arrival of the Beauty hexagram is a reminder that

beauty is not always a reliable measure of value or worth. Just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good, moral, or beneficial. In fact, beauty can sometimes be used as a tool of manipulation or deception, as people may use their appearance or charm to gain power or influence over others.

The Beauty hexagram is also a reminder to look beyond the surface, and pay attention to the small fissures in the mortar that you may have been ignoring. This is the time to spot hidden weaknesses early on and rectify them immediately before the fissures turn into cracks.

Don’t be lulled by exaggerated promises of big achievements and grand profits. When an offer is before you, probe into its depths and do your own due diligence.

The 8-9 combination, however, can be used to your advantage. When the Celebration Star meets the Wealth Star, it promotes harmonious relationships and a general sense of wellbeing. More, this combination supports events that boosts wealth. Use this sector to improve your branding and plan towards events that can draw wealth opportunities your way.


May 2023 Gua 2 Southwest

Creating alliances is an important strategy for building relationships and achieving success in any professional setting. When we form alliances, we create a network of support and collaboration that can help us to navigate complex projects, solve problems, and achieve our goals.

But building relationships take effort and time. Time to get to know the people you work with, learn about their interests, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. It’s about giving yourself permission to learn to leverage on the strengths of others. But more! It’s also about allowing yourself to be leveraged. After all, you can’t be a leader if you don’t have followers.

The Alliance Hexagram sees Water on top of Earth, a meeting of two conflicting energies that somehow still flows together is like a stream hopping happily over the rocks, it’s about understanding the importance of guiding and allowing ourselves to be guided in return.

The 1-2 combination is ideal to bring you support and help. All that is required from you, is the wisdom to build these relationships. But please be extra careful with your diet. This combination could indicate food poisoning or digestive issues.


May 2023 Gua 7 West

The arrival of the 6-7 combination is not particularly pleasant. Known as the Swordfight Sha, it heralds the possibility of power struggles, conflict and scheming.

In such instances, how you respond to these external triggers becomes the key to the month work for you. The Tread Hexagram, the unchanging and eternal image of the Heaven above the Lake is a reminder to always consider the impact of your words and actions.

Discipline and self-control is called for. Being sensitive and sensible will earn you more respect than the momentary and fleeting satisfaction of ‘putting someone in their place’ or ‘teaching someone a lesson’.

Are your words kind and respectful? What about the tone of your voice? What about the syntax or context of your conversations? And of course, be mindful of non-verbal cues.

Because your Dui gua is always about the act of verbal communications, pay attention to your speech and all manners of dealings involving interacting, exchanging ideas, thoughts and opinions.

If you are at all worried about the effects of the Swordfight Sha, you could temporarily place water in the West to weaken both the Metal stars. But here’s the thing about power struggles, conflicts, and scheming. When this combination is temporarily visiting, don’t you start the power play!


May 2023 Gua 6 Northwest

When Chastity meets Military Arts (5-6 combination), the situation feels pressured and unsettling. There is stress caused by uncertainty and a lack of direction. Or perhaps even a vacuum of leadership.

Now is not the time to bulldoze your way through by using overly aggressive strategies. Instead, the Small Livestock hexagram, Wind on top of Heaven, represents a time to focus on the small details. Like tiny puffs of wind slowly gathering the clouds together, this is the time to pile one small success on top of another to achieve the momentum you need.

It’s a time to take ownership and accountability for your actions and decisions. In essence, be proactive and do what you can within your sphere of influence. If you are working in a team, be mindful of the need to keep everyone apprised of your progress. Just because there may be a vacuum of leadership does not mean that you must necessarily work in a vacuum.


May 2023 Gua 1 North

It’s a year of reinventing yourself for Life Gua 1 individuals. From the Reform hexagram in the Year Replace Year Hexagram Chart, to the Not Yet Accomplish hexagram in the Month Replace Month Hexagram Chart, it’s like the universe is telling you unequivocally that ‘you ain’t done yet, bro!’

The Not Yet Accomplish hexagram is the last of the 64-spoked wheel of evolution, signifying that life is never ‘done’. We are all perpetually work-in-progress.

The 9-1 combination is excellent for professional and career advancement. With the right applied action, it offers recognition for your talents and contribution.

So how are we going to use the opportunities presented in May 2023? Firstly, the 9-1 is a Combo-10 which suggests networking and partnership opportunities. Seek for opportunities to share your knowledge, ideas and thoughts.

Secondly, this combination is also good for academic achievements, suggesting a good month for some strategic upskill and research. Start by assessing your current situation and identify bodies of knowledge that will help you grow. Then, seek out resources such as classes, mentors or even online learning platforms.

That which you have learnt, remember to share. Knowledge sharing is one way we create a support system for our own growth.


May 2023 Gua 8 Northeast

Success, as you define it, is close at hand for individuals with Life Gua 8. In May the 7-8 combination brings you the gift of Influence!

Success is earned, not given. But after you have done everything in your power to shift the mountains and the seas to your favour, you need that one last factor to provide you with a final nudge – the support of other people.

The Influence hexagram look very much like a tarn – Dui (lake) on top, Gen (mountain) at the bottom – again, two conflicting energies that have somehow found a way to coexist in harmony. This is a reminder that no man is an island. No one truly stands alone. We all need others in some capacity to thrive.

This 7-8 combination is great to expand your sphere of influence by seeking to expand your social and professional networks. To take what you have already accomplished, and use it to build a larger strategic network. And as you do, stay open to the force of attraction by keeping an open mind and staying receptive to the opportunities and experiences that come your way.

On a lighter note, the Influence hexagram represents the power of instant attraction. Love at first sight! Boy meets girl, start the romcom!


May 2023 Gua 3, East

The Advancement hexagram from the Year Replace Year Hexagram Chart promises a journey of steady progress for Life Gua 3 individuals. Things are moving apace. All you gotta do, is participate!

In May 2023, you are visited by the Returning hexagram, symbolizing a turning point in your journey. It’s message? Something needs to end so that something new comes into your life.

What could be the thing that needs to end? As the 2-3 formation is also known as the Bullfight Sha, perhaps lingering, unresolved tensions and fractured relationships. Or more specifically perhaps, your passive-aggressive approach to dealing with conflict.

This may be the time to resolve what you can, let go of what you can’t, and carefully develop new relationships that can serve you better.

The 2-3 combination (Combo-5) also represents unimpeded motion. It’s an exercise in neuroplasticity, asking you to focus on the next step forward, instead of dwelling on something that no longer serves.

As you advance with confidence, remember that things may sometimes take a turn for the worse before the situation improves. That final argument before a breakup is always the most painful. That uncomfortable interview with your boss prior to your resignation can be awkward. But better things are awaiting. Ultimately, the 2-3 combination is a reminder to face down the unpleasantries while keeping your eyes focused on better things to come.


May 2023 Gua 5

Bruce Lee may have famously said ‘Be Water’. But for May 2023, the message to Gua 5 individuals is to be like the wind.

As an authoritative Gua 5, flexibility may not be one of your strong suits. But when the 4-5 Literary Arts meet Chastity, complications from outside meddling could be one of the possible outcomes. In this, your reaction to external provocation is key. Would you react with diplomacy or through a brute show of power?

It’s about finding common ground and learning to consider matters from the perspective of others. It’s a willingness to negotiate, to sacrifice some short-term benefits in return for long-term gain.

Learning to change direction and speed quickly like the wind can help you navigate unexpected changes and challenges more effectively. It’s the ability to allow things to unfold naturally and be more open to hidden opportunities. Exactly what the Wind Hexagram is all about.

In many instances, soft influence shows more strength of character than direct confrontation.


Simply, stand in the middle of your house. Face the door. Use the compass app in your mobile device and turn to look for the relevant sector that you intend to use. Once identified, just do the activity related to the objective.


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