Formless and mysterious, the Gui Hai (癸亥) or Water Pig is the most enigmatic of the 60 Pillars. Pictured as a mist rising from the half-frozen lake in the depths of the night, or a dark body of still water on a moonless night, the pillar that is also known as the Black Tortoise Day is one of the hardest to pin down.

Let’s try to ‘experience’ this pillar together. Come for a night stroll with me into the woods. No, we’re not bringing that lantern. That’s for wusses! But try not to bump into too many trees along the way. See that lake? It looks dark and cold, doesn’t it? See the mist rising from the half-frozen waters? That’s Gui Hai!


Being unconventional is an integral part of the Gui Hai’s identity. You tend to keep people guessing. But don’t get me wrong. You don’t strive to become incalculable. It’s not done intentionally. You just are!

The formless nature of the Gui Hai (癸亥) or Water Pig is such that it gives you a bit of a chameleon-like magic. Like the water vapours that you represent, the shape of you changes to suit your environment.

On the outside, the Gui Hai (癸亥) or Water Pig, youngest of the 60 pillars, seem to be the weakest. But don’t be fooled by that soft exterior…


  1. The formlessness of the Gui Hai (癸亥) or Water Pig pillar comes from your Gui Water (癸) Day Master. As explained, this element is seen as water vapours. Think of the clouds or the mists that changes shape with the slightest puff of the breeze. What this element has got, above all else, is the gift of subtle influence. That’s your superpower. You change minds in the most imperceptible way. Just like how droplets of water will cling to people when they walk into a mist, everyone you encounter will leave your presence with just that little bit of your influence still clinging on to them.
  2. Your Ren Water (壬) Companion Star is known as the Goat Blade. Sounds scary? It isn’t, really. This is the wellspring of your strong desire to live life on your own terms. This is what gives you that competitive edge and rebellious streak that defies conventions. It gives you the courage and ambition to take bold action. It elevates your desire to always be the best in everything that you do.
  3. Both the Gui Water (癸) and Ren Water (壬) produces your Jia Wood (甲) Output Star. This is the end energy of this pillar and it is a very important element. The straightforward and honest nature of the Jia Wood is the anchor that stabilizes your pillar. Without it, there may be too much formlessness. This star gives context to your rebellious nature. It gives you the courage to voice your unconventional ideas and the charisma to carry it off.

With so much Water in a single pillar, the Gui Hai (癸亥) or Water Pig Day Master is seldom impeded by obstructions. You are always able to find the way out – no matter how tightly you have been cornered.


However, so much Water can also bring some vulnerabilities. Health could potentially be an issue. The Gui Hai (癸亥) Day Master tend to be particularly susceptible to illnesses. So, looking after your physical health must be one of your top priorities.

Additionally, when your Ren Water (壬) Rob Wealth Star is vibrating at a negative level, you also tend to become easily suspicious, envious, and covetous. It’s okay when you use these feelings as a motivation to achieve your goals. It’s not so okay if you constantly give in to them without turning those feelings into action. You may end up bitter, discontented, disgruntled and begrudging.


The first impression you give would be just a tiny bit cold and aloof. But despite that, you have the gift of getting along with almost everybody. Like I’ve said, you’re a bit of a chameleon. Everyone finds it easy to get to know you. But most people would find it difficult to truly understand you.


Becoming Gui Hai, But Better is simply to ‘disperse’ some of that abundance of water in this pillar. How to do that? Easy! Incorporate an element of teaching, coaching or mentoring in everything you do.

In other words, I’m asking you to use your Jia Wood (甲) Output Star by sharing knowledge.

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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