I’ve always viewed coaching and Bazi consults as flip sides of the same coin. At the end of the day, we just want to shift the person from a disempowering mindset to an empowered frame. Would you agree?

When I was studying for my Associate certification with the Malaysian Academy of Corporate Coaches, one of the key things we were taught to identify quickly is the current mind frame of the person sitting in front of us.

But here’s the problem that is commonly encountered among coaches and Bazi consultants alike. Sometimes, people just plain don’t know what they want. Or they find it hard to articulate their current condition. ‘No, it’s not this. Maybe it’s that. I don’t know.’

While sitting through a long discussion over disempowering frames, it suddenly struck me that Bazi can be the shortcut to identify some of the more common frames, even as the conversation meanders from one sub-topic to another.

Of the eight disempowering frames, here are the three I encounter most frequently and the possible indications from a Bazi perspective:

“I… I… I…” (Significance == Friend Star Overly Strong)

The problems brought on by a Significant Mental Frame exactly matches that of a Friend Star that had become overly strong. The person becomes the centre of his/her own world. Everything is about him/her. Everyone else exists to serve him/her. Even the smallest obstacles or issue becomes a huge personal affront. When I see a Friend Star that has become overly strong, I know I will have a significant mindset on my hands.

“I’m not ready…” (Delay = Missing 7K Star Or Resource Is Overly Strong)

When the Resource elements are too strong in a Bazi Chart, there is a distinct possibility that the person feels that he/she is never ready. This mental frame could also be indicated by a missing 7 Killings star, which translates to a lack of impetus to action.

“It’s Not My Fault…” (Blame == Harm Relationships In The Bazi Chart)

Blame is a defense mechanism. It helps the person preserve their sense of self-esteem by avoiding awareness of their own flaws or failings. These days, we call it projection, denial or displacement… but essentially, it’s playing the blame game.

A blame mindset exactly describes a Harm Relationship in the person’s Bazi Chart. As in coaching, this problem is fixed through awareness and ownership.

If you feel ready to take action and shift to a more positive frame of mind, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

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