If the Wu Xu (戊戌) or Earth Dog is considered a dormant volcano, then this pillar – the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse would be the real deal. Here’s the bona fide volcano. Fiery, unpredictable, and oh so volatile!


To be honest, in my journey of writing about these 60 pillars, some of them have really tested my resolve to train the spotlight on the strengths of each pillar. I consider this, the Wu Wu (戊午) to be the hardest of them all. Why? Any information available was sparse and filled with negativity. This pillar has been described as quarrelsome, cantankerous, short-fused, and perhaps even a tad bipolar.

And yet… you cannot deny, there are many hugely successful Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse Day Masters out there! Case in point – tennis great Roger Federer; Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google; Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA and billionaire Kenneth Griffin – just to name a few.

Obviously, there’s got to be something else going on. Somehow, these successful people have turned what is traditionally considered to be negative into positive.


(1) The energy of this pillar is centred around the Ding Fire (丁) Resource star that produces both the Wu Earth (戊) Day Master and the Ji Earth (己) companion star. The Xu Branch (戌) may not be the season of Fire, but it is known as a Fire Storage. Therefore, the Fire element in this branch is seen as the ‘lava’ of the Wu Wu volcano – volatile, turbulent, and explosive.

The volatility of this Ding Fire (丁) Resource star contributes much to the unpredictable and almost uncontrollable nature of the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse Day Master. In this pillar, this star is very passionate, multi-faceted, curious, observant and most of all, highly analytical.

Unfortunately, the same Ding Fire (丁) Resource star that represents your blazing intelligence also comes with a set of vulnerabilities that you will need to turn into strengths. More on this in the next segment.

(2) Meanwhile, let’s look into this Wu Earth (戊) Day Master. Like most of your other Wu Earth peers, you would tend to be as intractable as a mountain. This Wu Wu (戊午) mountain is a perfectionist who is ingeniously resourceful and self-made.

 (3) Finally, if your Ding Fire Resource is seen as ‘lava’, then your Ji Earth (己) Companion star would be the ‘magma. This is an abundant element in and of itself. This outgoing and courageous star is the foundation of your mettle to face and overcome hardship and obstacles. The Wu Wu (戊午) Day Master will usually be a self-made man or woman. You are someone who believes that you can carve your own destiny. To you, relying on the help of others is akin to placing your fate in their hands. Unacceptable!


Imagine a mountain (the Wu Earth) trying to keep the lid on a cauldron of smouldering, boiling and bubbling hot lava (your Ding Fire). The harder the mountain compresses down on the heat, the higher the pressure it creates until… kaboom!

This scenario describes an extreme nature that is pretty hard to control. Like the mountain, you are quiet and peaceful one minute, and then all hell breaks loose the next.

That is why, the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse Day Master is notoriously short-fused. Ever seen Roger Federer having a meltdown? Hello anger-management classes!

Aside from the volcanic-level eruption, the unpredictable yet dominating nature of the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse Day Master can also literally strike fear into the hearts of those around you. You may tend to use anger as a method of control. While this may work to a certain extent, using this indiscriminately can only harm yourself in the long run.

The only benefit I can see from this ability is if you were a sportsman like Roger Federer. Striking fear into the heart of your opponent is half the battle won. But striking fear in those who love and support you? That is counter-intuitive in so many ways.


Aside from the anger issues, there are two key vulnerabilities that I must address. Knowing how impatient you are, I will address both vulnerabilities and suggestions within the same segment.

Firstly, know that your Day Master, the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse, is generally distrustful and sceptical by nature. Trust issues is something that you will always need to contend with and is also the reason why you prefer to build success with your own two hands.

To turn your trust issues into a strength, we must put you, the Wu Wu (戊午) Day Master in a profession or environment where scepticism becomes a strength. Remember I mentioned Kenneth Griffin earlier in this post? He is a billionaire investor, hedge fund manager and entrepreneur. This type of profession is perfect for the cynical Wu Wu Day Master for the following reasons:

  • You get to use that powerful analytical ability of your Ding Fire (丁) Resource star.
  • You learn to evaluate risks, inadvertently activating the Ren Water (壬) Wealth element in your chart. The Wu Wu (戊午) pillar will always crave for Water. Because this pillar is too hot, it wants to be cooled down. Only the Ren Water can handle this job. Therefore, you need to master the risk-assessing skills required to be a successful investor, trader, fund manager or entrepreneur. In other words, you need to learn how to make money by using other people’s money.

Secondly, the Wu Wu Day Master can be disorganized. You don’t delegate well (mainly because of your trust issues). But there is only so much that one person can handle, no matter how capable we are. Learning to plan will be one of the biggest lessons that you must learn on your journey to success.

To end this post, I’d like to share another interesting nugget of information. In Chinese Metaphysics or astrology in general, a common advice is to seek for spirituality in order to gain balance. This advice does not apply to you, the Wu Wu (戊午) or Earth Horse Day Master. Spirituality is not for you. Exposing yourself to spiritual practices will literally feed the strong Ding Fire (丁) resource star and inadvertently cause more problems. So please stay as practical and solidly grounded as you can be.

In Master Kevin Chan’s blog about this pillar, he mentioned that William Shakespeare is also a Wu Wu Day Master. There really is something to be said about the propulsive energies of this pillar that creates extraordinary success, isn’t it? I rest my case!

As always, a final caveat. Without the ability to see the full chart, I must stress that the suggestions in this article are broad recommendations based on a single pillar.

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